How do you deal with... time limited preoders?

Feb 8, 2017

    1. Ok, here's the situation...I'm just curious how do you guys deal with time limited pre-order dolls, and that doll just blow you away like totally and you want it badly, but your wallet just denies it (even with layaway).

      I would think most of us will just have to suck it up and let it pass regrettably and hoping that one day it will miraculously show up in the marketplace at the right time and at the right price for you to snatch it. But there's also chances that it will hardly come by if not at all, then you'll be left wondering and yearning for that doll for only God knows how long...

      how do you deal with this, will you just pass and move on or will you get out of your way to try and bag it during the sales period regardless of how broke you are at the moment? (talk about will power or impulse buying :sweat)

      If you choose to pass, how do you deal if you realize you want it even more after the sales is over?
      If you choose to brace yourself and do whatever it takes to bring the doll home, how do you cope with your financial (remember the situation actually doesn't allow you to afford a doll at all)?

      As for me, I maxed out my cc and ended up ordering it anyway, deal with paying later...I know it wasn't the smartest thing to do but can't help it...*guilty*:sorry
    2. I actually have a bit of trouble with that too.
      If I know I have no money at all then it's fine. But when I do have money and I see a limited doll and I keep looking at's hard to say no to it.

      Sometimes I wait till the last minute of it being out and decide then.
    3. Thankfully, I don't really have a hard time with this. If I don't have the money, then I don't buy the doll, period. If I never get it, then that's too bad, but there are tons of other non-limited dolls that I love. It also probably helps that I basically have to have a character before I buy a doll, so it's unlikely that I'd become so attached to a doll during an order period that I had to have it right then. I might be tempted if it fit a character I already have, but then again, I'd never buy a doll I couldn't comfortably afford. They're not necessities to me. (Of course, this also leads to a lot of "oh man am I making a huge mistake" when I buy any doll, even ones that I'm completely obsessed with and can easily afford. Pros and cons all around!)

      I also find the search for that one perfect doll secondhand kind of fun and exciting, so that isn't really a problem for me either. I'm really super chill when it comes to dolls, so I don't stress over anything much. :3nodding:
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    4. I unfortunately always have to let them pass due to a lack of funds. It isn't fun, but I have to
    5. This is exactly what I did with the doll that I'm currently acquiring--my grail doll. A Soom Sweet Witch, sold out when I had first discovered BJD's (not like I'd be able to afford it back then anyway, in college). I've been hunting for her ever since, carefully putting away a little bit at a time and hoping/praying/kowtowing to the powers that be that maybe, just maybe, I'd be able to get her one day. And you know what? I'm in the process of paying her off :D
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    6. I actually have this problem a lot since this year, lol. All companies suddenly either discontinue the molds I really wanted or new dolls get released for a limited time that I didn't even know I wanted and I have zero money because I just bought a second hand Rexy U_U
      I pretty much try to make myself feel better by making plans for future dolls of which I really know won't be sold out soon so that at least helps me a bit.
    7. Thats the worst feeling ever! I try to be positive, just replaying this in my head "You will find her/him on the secondhand market one day". And I usually just let it go. Just got one of my grails on the secondhandmarket:dance
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    8. I feel you completely!

      I justify limited purchases because I know if I wait I'll end up paying more for the doll later. But this also lead me to maxing out my credit card last year.

      I finally paid it off beginning of January and now I already have another limited doll on it. :sweat

      I guess I'll never learn. It sucks that BJDs are both my stress relief but also can be a source of stress. I hope now that my collection is really fleshed out I'll be able to resist more limiteds in the future!
    9. It depends on the circumstances for me. When there is no way I could afford them I just have to sigh and be content with gazing at the pictures. A few times with a limited it's been more like "it's expensive, but I love it and I can afford it." There was a Soom limited that I fell in love with and could no way reasonably afford, and I found a doll that looked like a smaller version of her and wasn't limited. She also cost less! Bonus!:)

      I agree with Yuna-Ki, that since my collection is pretty "complete" (is a BJD collection ever complete?), the temptation to buy more limited dolls gets weaker. (However I just got the shipping notice for one I ordered in November. :dohAnd she's the second limited Mini Gem in a row. :doh)
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    10. @NekoMida I am experiencing something really similar to it. When I finally decided to get into the hobby (last December) the doll I wanted the most was a limited edition BJD from Dollclans. It is a rather old doll but broke my heart. I'm not really saving up in the hope of getting it though xD but luckily I found another doll I loved just as much and purchased it.
      I'm really happy you eventually found yours :)
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    11. @YellowRaven which doll you want from Dollclans? They are opening a pre-order now, basically all the boys are back, except for Benkel. ;)
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    12. I just have my heart broken and long for them. :/ It really sucks but is my only choice as I do not have a full time income, only part time. In particular the collaboration Dollfie Dreams break my heart because they get bought up and resold for like 2x the original price usually! One day when I have a full time job I am going to have a special doll fund waiting and ready for when limited releases happen.
    13. @Elvenrose it was a limited edition of Vezeto and damn it xD I was so happy for the news! until I realized I have no money for my second doll yet.
    14. @YellowRaven

      Thanks a bunch! I know you'll find your dream boy soon. It took a lot of soul searching but she was the one I always came back to, and she is completely worth the wait.
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    15. @YellowRaven Dollclans has an official dealer (Ardeurdelamour) which seems to have some Vezeto head in stock, at least that's where I got my Vezeto back in December 2016. You can buy him anytime whenever you decide to get him later.(provided he's not sold out at that dealer too) Just the head tho, but it's still Vezeto ;)
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    16. Most of the older, Missed-Out-Ons and Sold-Outs that I couldn't buy the first time around have (eventually-) shown up on the marketplace. Nothing's impossible, so just keeping an eye out can absolutely land you the proverbial "one that got away" if you're patient enough...

      That said, if you're really serious about getting your hands on something elusive, the single most helpful trick I've found is simply to keep a reserve of money set aside specifically FOR THAT PURPOSE. That'll allow you to pounce on a potentially rare opportunity when it finally does present itself. You won't have to hesitate, rearrange a budget, try to scramble to sell another doll or any of that. That's a huge advantage. You might not have been able to afford the doll the first time around, but with a set-aside reserve? You won't find yourself in that situation the second time. XD
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    17. I let my heart break and pass. Back in the fall, Stacy's Pink Ocean had the SIO2 Ragdoll and both Pathos Tale msd twins for preorder, but I just didn't have the funds. I was devastated because I wanted both twins and Ragdoll, so I had to talk myself out of it like my mom used to do back when I was a kid lol. Like, "you can have one, but not the other"; twins or Ragdoll but not both. But then I had to pick one out of the three :aeyepop: I'm still pining for Ragdoll and Luo Na, but when I start missing them too much I just put more effort into my customization plans for the dolls I have and will have.

      I get you tho, cuz technically I shouldn't have gotten *any* of those dolls, but can you blame me? They're gorgeous, the three of them lol. @Brightfires that's a great idea I definitely need to put into practice :sweat
    18. @Elvenrose thanks so much for the info! I'll save the link :D I might actually be able to buy the head this summer!
    19. I internally rage at my limited funds, feel sad, then move on. Over the years there have been so many, it doesn't bother me much anymore. I've even seen some of them in the secondhand market, and decided not to get them. Yes, I REALLY want them, but unfortunately you can't always get what you want, unless you have the funds. There is one right now that I am so sad about not getting. Oh well, it's not like I don't have any dolls, or things I need to make or buy for them.:XD:
    20. I am the most horrible impulse buyer but I just try to keep in mind how limited my space is and whether the doll can potentially share clothes/accessories with my current collection.

      It's super tough. However, if it's really a doll I definitely want, then I try to connect with the dealer or even the company directly and make an offer of the largest first payment I can make and a payment schedule plan. This may not work with all companies, especially the big and in-demand ones, but you may luck out with smaller companies. I've tried this with some success, depending on the dealer or the company, when I am looking to see if certain sculpts can be modified from large eyes to dreaming eyes.

      Other than that, sometimes, it just means making the minimum mandatory payment on the layaway with the longest possible time period. And use that time period to try to gather the funds for the minimum required payment for each month - by selling items, working extra hours, borrowing money (if you can avoid this, do).

      I do admit that I struggle with this. On the one hand, it's a sculpt I love. But on the other hand, if it means sacrificing so much to get it, sometimes that makes it more precious but sometimes it makes the doll repellent to me. But I do try to fully commit to the purchase and have a good idea of where to get the money when I am that determined to have it. If not, then I look at other dolls and console myself with other sculpts.
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