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How do you decide on a doll´s birthday?

May 23, 2006

    1. Since a lot of us here give their dolls birthdays, I was wondering how everyone decides on the day.

      Is it the day the doll arrives at your place?
      The day a floating head gets a body?
      Is it the day the doll is finally finished just the way you want him/her, with the right eyes, wig and face-up?
      A random day and month?
      A date that has meaning for you, or for your doll´s character within their story?
      Do you choose a particular star sign that suits your doll character´s personality and pick out a day within that phase?

    2. For myself I just went by the day of arrival. Perhaps if I ever get a doll that I base after an already existing character I'd stick to that. Picking signs that match your dolls personality is fun thought though... it almost makes me want to rethink Kyo's birthday ^^; But I think I'll still leave it as his arrival date instead =3
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    4. I don't have a doll yet, but I've already decided that his birthday will be on the day he becomes 'complete'. I feel that a doll with no eyes, no face-up, no wig, and just in parts is very much like an embryo. And when it gets its features, then it's 'born'.

      Weird, ne? :3
    5. I picked out zodiacs for my dolls... no exact birthdays yet, I want them to have meaning within their story, so still deciding. :) Poor Enigma and Rain... we don't know when they were born or their Zodiac. XD
    6. I use the day she arrived. It was special then and it will always keep it that way.
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    8. umm... i chose my boys birthday on the day that i ordered him ^_^ but mostly becuase it was a nice date anyway =3
    9. For me, it's the date of arrival.
    10. Tighe's birthday is his day of arrival. When the box was in my hands he was born.
    11. Day of arrival for me too. But I guess if I bought the body and head seperatly, it would be when his/her head arrived because to me, it's the head that holds the personality. =)
    12. The day the doll arrived, and in one case the day the body arrived.

    13. for me, i chose the day my boy arrived ^^
    14. For Izzy it was the day she arrived. But August's birthday came differently. His name comes from the month he was born, August, but he actually arrived in March.
    15. When he gets out of the box, his box-opening day = birthday...

      This topic is quite interesting since I'm quite confused myself when my boy's birthday is going to be.

      So I said he'll have two birthdays.

      - box opening at Baltimore
      - arrival here officially with me.

      HEE. An excuse to celebrate twice. XD
    16. I don't think it's weird. That's the day I go by too. When I finally find the right wig, the right eyes and their perfect outfit, that's their birthday to me.
    17. I think I've decided... Roo's birthday will be the day I first see/hold/touch/open hs box :3 He's arrived on the sunny shores of Los Angeles, but I'm not there to greet him :'D So I won't see him for at least another week, and possibly longer if my mom refuses to mail him out here. So when I get my hands on him, that's his birthday. Right now he's just in stasis X3

      It'll be the same for all my other dolls ^^ Their birthdates will be when I open the boxes. Their birth-years vary, depending on their life stories.
    18. This is exactly how I feel, too :)
    19. My boys birthdays are both on the days they arrived. My girl, however, will have her birthday whenever her body gets here and I attach her head to it.