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How do you decide when to buy a new doll?

Feb 17, 2018

    1. Hi guys. My resin family is growing quickly and my wishlist is growing even faster! I was wondering how you guys decide when to buy your next doll? I've told myself I need to stop buying until some start arriving but I have a hard time resisting some of these sculpts ;P
    2. Usually I decide based off of availability, if it is a limited doll or an event doll I attempt to purchase during said event. For those who are not limited...honestly, I try to wait for an event anyways. If I can get a bit more of a deal (Be it clothes, discount, whatever) I feel a bit better about spending so much money. Granted, if a company says "We're discontinuing this doll" I'd probably jump up and buy it quickly before its discontinued but I try to do my best to at least wait until an event, even if it means slightly longer wait times.

      As for secondhand, I wait until I feel its so much of a deal I wouldn't prefer to buy it directly from the company. Even if its limited or rare I wouldn't pay more than new price plus shipping. While the "deal price" varies depending on company, what it usually seems to sell for secondhand, and condition it seems to work for me. I've never really felt sad I missed out on a secondhand doll because I didn't spend more for it.
    3. Money and want. If my bills are taken care of, food is in the pantry, no car repairs are needed in the foreseeable future, and I have the cash available, then I'll consider a new purchase if there's something that has caught my eye. As much as I wish I could just drop $x hundred when LEs come out, I'm on disability, so I don't have that kind of liquid cash sitting around. I have to plan and budget.
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    4. Yeah right now its when my necessities are taken care of, and what money is there left over. Sometimes I save it, sometimes I spend it, sometimes I do both. But currently there's a never ending list of things I want to get for my current doll, there's not much money that I'm putting aside to save up for an entirely new doll.
    5. Just most everyone else, it depends on my budgettng skills on whether or not I buy a new doll. I’m in the process of doing a lot of research too since I dislike floating heads and prefer to buy whole dolls and their CoA for authenticity and insurance reasons. I tend to look for dolls I can customize into a character too (working on the family members for a certain half pixie I currently have) and I make a lot of doll clothing I also sell so I take that into consideration as well. I really like events too, but if it’s one of those ‘buy at a certain amount and get this percent off shipping’ then I’m not as interested as, say, an event with a new doll, and a percent off of their fullset or something along those lines.
    6. Honestly I go by feeling - when do I feel I'm ready for the next Doll? When that happens I'll start saving so I'll buy the doll when I have the funds ready. It's always good to wait to see if there'll be any events coming up but how limited the doll is.
      But I won't buy another doll until I have whoever I just ordered home and settled in. It's probably best to just wait until everyone arrives so you don't feel overwhelmed when they get there.
    7. I actually go by if its rare or not and if i want the doll that time. If im low on cash and i really want it still, i just do a layway. I usually tend to buy dolls that are limited or that im afraid might get removed from the company. Newer dolls that are not limited tend to be held about a year or so before i actually get it.

      It totally depends on your priorities i guess? Hahahag
    8. i want new dolls all the time :) but it depends on money and also on my past experiences, when i realised that i can't have too much dolls, this also means it's easier to focus on saving money. think it's quite normal to order new doll before other orders are delivered - especially when you think about long waiting :P
    9. I wait on money and sales. After Christmas I had an extra fat check and spent it on my first SD sized BJD. I have a second I am eyeing for Layaway and a third I want to buy for my finance as a wedding gift. He was all excited till he saw the price so after Con and wedding stuff is handled I am buying him the huge dragon bjd.
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    10. Do I want it enough to shell out the money for it? Do I have the money? Can I get it cheaper second hand?
      If the answers are yes, yes and nope - I'll buy it.
    11. I usually stalk my favorite sculpts while saving so that when a sale comes up, I can buy them for a reasonable price. I only really impulse-buy if there is a limited sculpt I want. Most of my purchases are planned just for the right occasion.
    12. Preorder dates have a big impact on when I order dolls. Most of the sculpts i love are artist dolls and are only available through preorders. Luckily I got in on time for the current Twigling preorders. The next preorders I'm stalking are merrydollround and Pasha Pasha! I want to have a wide array of sculpts in my collection. Right now I have focused on purchasing dolls that complete characters of my story, but I also have my eye on some just because they're so darn pretty!
    13. I have a wish list. I save all my extra money (birthday, Christmas, etc ..) Also I save some money from my salary, first I pay all the bills. When I have enough money, I decide which doll I can buy.
    14. I think the brand is more important. If you like that style, I guess you will continue to collect the similar ones.
    15. I came a cross 3 dolls I absolutely love. So I sold a head and another doll, so I have funds and place for some new ones. I think in my bed 1/4 collection I only want a handful. So not more then 5. :D And the one I Sold i didn't had any connection so it was easier to let her go. :D
    16. If I have the money, there's a doll I want, and it's available at a reasonable price, and if it has a place in my crew. I've set myself a limit (19 full dolls, pets don't count), so I have to be under my limit. I know I'll get overwhelmed and not enjoy a large number of dolls, so if there's one I'm just pining over, I have to decide if it's worth selling any of my current dolls to make space. On top of this, I like my crew to all fit into one story, even if distantly connected, so anything that's the wrong scale or proportions or aesthetic is out. As much as I adore some mature minis and tinies or some humanoid fantasy dolls, they really wouldn't belong in my collection of 1/3 human characters and I know I'd end up not liking them as much because of it, so I just admire those from afar and get excited when my friends buy them. :P
    17. For me, i just bought my first, and I don't want to get anymore till I have received her and got a feeling for her. Then i will get my second. Though it is sooooooooooooooooooooooo hard not to. I am not known for my patience and a three month minimum wait is killing me. Anyway. Once I get a feel for the hobby I will probably pick my next doll, then save up for them, and buy them when I have enough.
    18. My crew is pretty set. Originally, I had set myself a limit of 10 SD+ dolls, which I now officially broke with Captain Rex. He is just worth it to me,as he can also portray additional characters from Star Wars. Whenever I see a new sculpt, I always ask myself "What could he do in my crew?" If I find no answer, he, she or it is out.
    19. I'm limited by space and set 'families'. There's the Zamora family, the Lennox Family, the Akanes and the Chandlers. Those families consisting of the dolls in my current collection, not counting my tinies who are just The Witchy Borrowers.

      Honestly I think my limit currently with the room I have is close to being met. I could have room for one more MSD buut it would depend on who they are. Yo-SD's I'm a bit more free handed since Yo's don't need a ton of space. With tinies, it's either being part of the Borrowers crew or being a very very young sibling or another type of magical creature.

      After I get the current doll I'm waiting on I'll probably not be buying for a good long while since I wanna enjoy the dolls I have first and foremost. Then if and when I decide to take the plunge THE I can start plotting.
    20. when you love the sculpt and it fits for my oc :)