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How do you decide which doll to buy next?

Apr 12, 2017

    1. I've been looking at a lot of different doll companies lately and I see so many dolls I'd love to have that I can't decide which ones I like the best. One day I'll like certain ones and then another day, I'll see others I like as well or better. It's so hard to decide. How do you decide?
    2. Usually limited editions/dolls being discontinued have higher priority than regular sculpts for me. The regularly obtainable dolls usually get pushed until a good event comes up.
    3. If the doll isn't limited I reccomend thinking it over, if you can't get a certain one out of your head after a month or two it's a safe bet you should bring it home :)

      Right now I've been dreaming of a Iplehouse Yui for months! I'm so glad Iplehouse has the full choice system so i can take it slow and save for her~

      I like to take my time, Draw or photoshop my top picks and think about their characters or style. I Always browse owners photos because of how different they can be from the company website. ^^
    4. Firstly, its really important for me to know that I am 'in love' with the sculpt/doll whether it is limited or not. I usually purchase my next doll when I see that it will fit into my style of characteristics and the theme that I either really like or it is a theme that I was searching for. I know there are just so many companies out there where you might be seeing 'similar' types though when you look closely, every doll has its own and different characteristics. Even the slightest thing could set a different aura around the doll, and that is the most fascinating thing about this hobby <3

      long story short, it does not matter whether it is limited or not for me, but it is important to see and think if I really like it. (something like love at first sight) :)
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    5. I completely agree with Yuna-ki. When a doll stuck in your head for months you will eventually bring her/him home. I also like to look at other owner's dolls on google to see if I will still like the doll. Right now I'm dreaming of Iplehouse FID Yur and Raffine. LOL
    6. For me it's really just what happens to be eating at me when I have the money. I save "doll money" but I'm never 100% sure what I'm going to get with it until I see the doll and have enough money for it at the time. (Unless I'm saving up for a specific preorder or sculpt that is absolutely my favorite.) I do have a wishlist I generally stick with though; I rarely make impuse purchases unless I see something that I absolutely adore that's limited, like others have said. If I like something non-limited enough that it stays on my wishlist for a decent amount of time, then the chances are I'd love it if I bought it, so it doesn't really matter when I get it, if that makes sense. Basically, wishlists are your best friend. :3nodding:
    7. I like making lists to decide who to get and when to get them. I thinned out my wishlist to make it all easier for me as well. I personally don't like having super large collection because its overwhelming to me, so this thought has helped me to make my wishlist smaller.
      Its good to be honest and realistic with your finances as well. Sit down and decide what you can afford this year and make plans.

      I have a "doll fund", so I only take x amount each month from my paycheck and put aside for doll things. Therefore I have to calculate which dolls I can afford to buy and finish in said year. I normally buy non-limited dolls at the end of the year, if I have doll funds left or if there is a good event I can save money on. I prioritize limited and soon to be discontinued releases first.

      From the non-limited wishlist a plan for each doll helps me too. There are dolls on my wishlist, for example, where I have the style and face up planned out and some where I'm still unsure about things. So the planned out dolls will be bought sooner.

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    8. Usually just impulse..
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    9. I like to look at a sculpt. Like to see it blank, then the factory default face-up, and then if I am lucky enough,
      I stumble upon the same head that a talented face-up artist has done.
      That fact usually seals the deal!!!
    10. I got into doll collecting and purchasing because I had a couple projects in mind.

      I try to stay focused on certain projects or goals for a doll. For example, I hope to use mine to practice photography, art and crafting. I want them to be in the same stylistic world and the same general scale. I try to stick with the realistic looking dolls. I have had my next doll picked out for ages and I am waiting until I am a bit further along with other projects before I pull the trigger.

      This keeps me from going on a spending spree and getting things that don't fit with my goals or current projects. An example of why I do this is this.... I had a few dolls and then fell in love with several of the Doll Chateau offerings. I wanted several of them. They do not fit in with the dolls I already have or the projects I have in mind, so it would be like starting a whole new project or collection (stylistically). I am hoping that by staying in the same creative realm.... the clothes, wigs, heads, and accessories will be interchangeable. To add a whole different family and style of doll would have been a fortune and taken time and money away from the current ideas.

      I guess the reason I share this is that say that setting goals keeps me on track. The list of things I want in life is miles long and setting short term attainable goals keeps me sane and wealthy enough to buy food.

      Goals could be as simple as a diverse collection, many dolls, a few quality dolls, a certain style, investments, or who knows what. This is all just for fun and entertainment, so don't lose track of what makes you happy. Focus on what will make you the most happy.
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    11. I prioritize my wishlist based on the character the doll is meant for. If the character I intend to shell a particular doll with is dear to me, it's pretty high up there. For example, the next two dolls I'm saving up for (a New Territory Liuli and a Spiritdoll Liana) are going to be the MC and her primary partner in my story, so I've been kind of OBSESSED with that project. However, there are also other factors, such as what I have presently in my collection. When I purchased my current girl's body, it came with a head I didn't have plans for, but I've learned that I hate having a floating head, so I've honestly been debating between doing the aforementioned plan or buying a body for this doll first (a Resinsoul Tang body, I've decided in recent days)

      Also, weirdly, limited sculpts sort of stress me out to think about, so I've kinda just avoided looking at them as potential wishlist items altogether...
    12. I put their pictures on a dart board and see what I hit.:evilplot:

      :lol: Just kidding...If a new doll pops up and it's limited, or a limited sales period, I usually jump on it. Otherwise, I wait for an event and buy the doll I like the most from that company. All of my dolls so far have been either during an event or a limited sales period.
    13. I love all these suggestions! I am having a hard time deciding on my first true bjd doll and these suggestions have given me a direction, sage advice, and so much to think about. Between DC and DZ and some days it's one girl and some days another ( Medusa, Alma, Vita2, or Mirai to name a few) . I have been back and forth so many times. I just wanted to say thank you.
    14. I save the sculpt photo and it information by size, and let it sit for some months to see if I still like the doll after all this time, I want to love it! If I just find pretty or like, I will move on from it pretty quick. I even did this with limited and got it after one year or more of it being sold.

      Another is see if the sculpt inspire me a character idea, some do and others despise being pretty don't. Usually if it happen is on the first time I see, the ideas just start rolling. So I know I will probably get them.
    15. I look at dozens of sites, carefully consider which size and sculpt to buy to fit a specific character that I have in mind...and then get completely blindsided by a new release from some other company in some other size, and having nothing whatsoever to do with my character - and I hit the 'buy' button before I even know what I'm doing. It's all very scientific...much like falling in love :sweat
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    16. Thanks for all your replies. They have helped immensely. I ended up making a data base of the dolls I like so when I get the money saved, I can then look through the data base and decide which one to get.
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    17. Keeping a database/wishlist is actually a good idea! I also surf around for owners' photos to look at the doll's potential to help me decide one doll over the other if I am still unsure.

      For me, I have a normal and a priority wishlist and dolls in my priority wishlist are the ones that I will get if I have the chance to and they are the ones I am more likely to get next. Whichever dolls come home first depends on whoever get re-released first or has a promotion/event going on first. However, my dolly plans get derailed all the time with new releases LOL. Like others said, if it isn't limited, I'll sleep on it for a bit and if I still love the doll after a couple months then he coming home the next time there is an event (I usually wait for an event for non-LE :lol:). If it's an LE, then I need to decide if I love the new doll enough to justify getting it first over the ones in my priority wishlist.

      Good luck with choosing! :)
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    18. I pick the next doll on my long wishlist xD
    19. Funny, I actually have a wishlist. Or as I call it, 'The Coming Home Queue'. It's my collection of dolls whom fit the ideals for my characters. Whenever doll fever comes round the bend I consult this list, but, uhh.

      I feel like my doll collection just consists of impulse buys LOL. There are specific sites I go to and various dolls in mind but often times my wandering eyes stray then, for goodness sake, I buy a doll that has been no where near my wish list before. OTL This is what I call, 'The Calling'.

      Because even if I have a doll on a list, if it doesn't call for me at the time, I refuse to buy it. It's turn must come before it joins my posse (often times that leads to said doll going out of stock ;A;) OTL.
    20. This community can make it a little hard! I thought I only loved Lati but now I'm saving for a Fairyland Littlefee and I see that I am stalking and admiring so many other BJDs I see here on DoA.

      I'm sure in a few years I will a very varied BJD family!