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How do you decide?

Oct 23, 2010

    1. Seeing as I have a job now and things are remarkably steady, my partner and I have been discussing getting our Dollfies, finally. We tossed and turned on the size issue though: should we get smaller, cheaper dolls, or save up properly for the bigger size? Obviously both have their pros and cons, but we just couldn't pick!

      We finally decided on a set that we liked, in a MSD size - Bluefairy Choice Tommy, for anyone interested - but now.. Now we're reconsidering AGAIN, especially as we're working on their characters and aren't sure if the cute face/bodies of the smaller dolls are appropiate. So now we're looking at SD sized dolls instead, with so many lists and links flying about that we're all up in the air about it!

      So, tell me, how do YOU decide? If you're torn between two equally attactive dolls, both are perfect, its just the size... What sways you? Is it something as simple as price, a certain look about a bigger doll, or what?

      ... Or is anyone like us and just totally unable to decide!
    2. When I first got into dolls, choices weren't as overwhelming as they are now, and I still found it really difficult! What I did was just look at as many dolls as possible, and saved all those who's faces I liked. Then I started looking back at that group, looking for owner pics, searching for information about the bodies, about the company..shifting, as it were. Then eventually I chose. I didn't regret my decision at all, and I do have to say that whole process went pretty quick as it was almost love at first sight with Chiwoo, I just wanted to know more about the company and the doll before making the final decision.

      So, what I would advice is to first go with what you like. Don't think yet about price, about size, about characters, just pick out everything you like, and then start shifting based on more rational thoughts. In my experience, in the end I tend to go for dolls I had that 'right' feeling about straight away, but they also met the requirements I had for that certain doll/dolls in general. With soooo many choices, it's really hard to choose! Don't rush into it either, just take your time <3 And well, if it turns out you don't like the doll you ordered, you can always sell it and it will give you info on what you do and don't like. Sometimes it's a bit of a trail and error, too.
    3. When I first got into BJD it was a total toss-up for me, too. My first love was a Volks SD Kun, at first the price was really shocking and I figured I'd get a smaller doll since they're cheaper (MSDs & YoSDs about $200 cheaper). Though over time, I realized the prices aren't that big of a difference and threw that out the window as a way of deciding. I've learned price is a silly reason to decide to get something or not to get something, but size and facial features are very good reasons.

      Anyways, once I started looking at other sizes it was a couple MSDs (Volks Toppi & F-18) that really drew me in and I figured they'd be perfect, so I bought them both at the same time. I figured they'd be a good compromise between all the sizes and I'd see what I liked from there if I didn't like the MSDs (although I was soooo sure I'd like them, which is why I bought two :sweat). Ironically, they were both more expensive than Kun and both ended up being the wrong choice for me... I found out I didn't like the MSD size and the faces looked too old for my characters, plain and simple. But it was a learning experience and I'm still glad I did it, that was a valuable lesson.

      Another thing to remember is, even if you get those dolls and you end up not liking them, you are not stuck with them for the rest of your lives! :lol: You can resell them and still get the ones you want. You might take a bit of a loss, but you'll have spent that money to hold them in your hands, look them in the eyes and find out they're not right instead of always wondering.

      Now I've received my first YoSD today and I have to say they are just the perfect size and look just young enough yet just old enough to fit my characters perfectly. Now I know, YoSD is the size for me. It took me a couple tries, but I think I've nailed it now. If you think the dolls you're looking at are too young are old for the characters you have in mind, they probably are! ;) If you can get past that because you really like the sculpt regardless, than do that. But if you think now, even just by official pictures, that you can't get past that, then they aren't the right dolls for you.

      In short: When stuck between two seemingly perfect dolls in different sizes, I go for the one that would best suit my characters and/or the one that would better fit the look I am going for. Since I like over the top cutesy types of dolls, YoSD size are great for me. If you like real punky types, SD is probably your best bet. It depends on the look you're going for.
    4. Have you gone to any meetups in your area? That will be a good way for you to get an idea of the size you're comfortable with. :) It's also a good way to get to see different companies dolls. If you're wanting a more realistic msd size doll, take a look at Iplehouse. ^_^

      I don't buy dolls to be characters from a story I've done, so I don't have as many requirements for a doll as you might. If it's a matter of two dolls that I like equally, I'll stop looking at them. The one I think of more is the one I go for. For example, I really like Iplehouse's SID Lee. I also like the look of their limited SID guy Denzel. If I had the money to spare, I'd get Lee just because he's the one that's in my thoughts more.
    5. The first time I saw BJDs in person was at an anime convention, so I was able to see a lot of varying sizes. I simply decided right there I liked the 60+cm dolls better than the small ones. The clothing seemed to fit a lot nicer on the larger sizes, and they also looked a lot cooler sitting up on the table next to tiny dolls.
      So.. That's how I decided size. xD
    6. My dolls have to fit specific characters, and the characters from the same story line (which is most of my dolls) need to be in scale with each other. This gives me a lot of criteria to help me narrow down choices. Some characters just have one sculpt that seems to work, while others may have several. If there are several dolls that can work, I keep their pictures open on my desk top. Every time I sit at my computer I see them next to each other, and usually after a few days one or two will begin to stand out more than the others.

      If all things are equal, then price can be one of the deciding factors -- being able to go with a lower cost option is great, but I won't sacrifice fitting a character for it. If I'm leaning towards a pricier option, I do tend to check the marketplace -- I've gotten some really good deals there, and if nothing else it allows me to save money on shipping. I also make a lot of hybrids so I can get just what I want.
    7. In the end I ended up making my dessision based on the body. From what I'd read one of the dolls I wanted had a really weird body and was difficult to find clothes for. Whle the MSD sized doll I wanted could most clothes from other doll companies pretty well. Also one was double jointed and the other was just single. I really liked the other doll's face though so maybe one day I'll buy him too.
    8. I just browsed around until I found a scuplt I loved the look of. He happened to fit a character I have (just by chance), but even if he didn't I probably would have gotten him anyway. Really, I'd usually just go for a doll that appeals to me and then work out the character.
    9. For me, my goal was getting my parents to buy me an SD-sized BJD from Volks. Unfortunately, my mom was set on never paying for a $600 doll from anywhere... so, my dad suggested I find a cheaper doll.

      Well, I've never seen an SD sized doll priced much less than somewhere between $450+, so I had to expand my search to MSD sized dolls, which are cheaper. And I remembered Dollmore had dolls, which were cheaper...

      But I made a list of all possible dolls that I could reasonably save for. And I went over the list and looked at which ones I liked best, and when I rested on the best one, that's what I set up to save for.
    10. When I first got into BJDs, I had never seen or been near one in real-life. So I wasn't really sure what to expect.

      However, when I was deciding at the time for my first two dolls (the plan was to have two..so much for that) I ended up making a list of pros and cons. Here's what I came up with;

      MSD Size:
      Pros - Space efficient, less expensive, less fabric needed to sew for.
      Cons - Less mature, less of a variety of clothing/accessories/etc, harder to keep in scale

      Pros - Wider variety of sculpt, clothing/accessories/etc, easier to keep in scale, more mature.
      Cons - More expensive, Not as space efficient, more gender specific with pronounced features
      (for me this was somewhat of a con.. I like a little bit of androgyny to my characters)

      I'm sure there's more that can be added, but this is just what I can remember off the top of my head.

      In the end I ended up going with MSD sized, because I wanted to make sure it was something I could definately get into before shelling out a minimum of $500 (the SDs I would have gotten..were at least that) and because the pros outweighed those of cons for me.

      I didn't have alot of room, or a lot of money to spend. However, I managed to find some mature enough minis to fit my characters, and actually afford more of them~ What was once a couple has now grown into almost seven dorries. And less of a variety of clothing means I'll just have to get off my butt and make them myself xD

      Just remember however not to let the factors be the only deciding thing. I found dolls that were pleasing to me in mini sized, but others wouldn't agree. So if you love a bigger doll, then save for that doll - Don't settle with something you won't enjoy as much later just because it might be cheaper. Love the doll before anything else or it's really just a waste :)

      The only other thing I can think of is to try and find someone near you that has similiar or the same sculpts/sizes you were looking at. I didn't have that chance when I got into dolls, but I would think it helps alot!

      Good luck~
    11. I've only ever wanted the big dolls. I find painting and sewing on anything smaller than 60cm very frustrating. I also prefer my adult characters to look mature and I like having a range of body types to distinguish one from another based on more than just the head. And the range of larger dolls from 58cm to 80cm has allowed me to get everyone in the right size/scale.

      You might not know how you really feel until you take the plunge. I know there are quite a few people who have started with one size and been perfectly happy then years later decide they wanted to redo their whole cast in another size. Some sold off their whole collection and started over again. Others have the same character in multiple sizes!
    12. Usually my doll choice would be swayed if one is a limited or promo version or a special skin color. I pounced just in time to get a fullset tiny for half the price they go for now and put off his big sister for a little while longer because she's a regular stock. Now I'm just waiting to see if the big sister's company will do an Xmas promotion.

      Size wise I'm more partial to minis because they don't take up as much room, I have 3 minis that get out and about quite a bit. I have a pair of 70s that are small child size and very heavy, it makes taking them out for pictures quite complicated. I never want to buy anything bigger than a 60 again.
    13. usually over time and imagining the character and what theyd wear I settle for one. I have done this afew times. Then when its home I usually have a feeling, that its the right doll or its not quite right and sell it on and buy the other. I have had the first one feel right but over time it fades and I get the other to find the second one is actually the right one.
      I think the fact you can sell the dolls on or maybe swop if youre unsure.
    14. All of you are making sense - I think we only 'settled' on MSD-sized because we were looking at prices, because unfortunately money IS one of the big deciding factors for us. Once we started looking at SD-sized ones, we saw that they actually fit what we wanted a little more, which was nice. I was a little iffy about the fact that I couldn't find any masculine looking MSDs, so the SDs were a bit of a better fit.

      Now just to find a girl the same size for my girlfriend!
    15. Aww, I love Blue Fairy~!

      But for real, get the doll you really really want. Don't get one just because it's cheaper-- get the one you want! Yes, SDs are a bit more expensive, but if you buy a smaller doll you don't like, then you'll have spend about $400 on the wrong thing!

      On Leeke World, the wig and shoe prices are pretty much the same, whether you're buying for a 26cm doll, or a 65cm doll. Also: you don't have to buy everything at once! Other owners might kind of freak out here, but... your dolls *can* hang out naked for a little while! I'd suggest maybe getting the "right" wig and eyes early on, but then you can take your time, make more money, and try to determine your dolls' styles.

      (As far as no masculine MSDs: it's pretty much true!! Also, most MSD clothes are very child-like, so if your doll is supposed to be 20, he'll be stuck wearing short pants and ruffles! Sadly, female MSD clothes are also very child-like, and there's a LOT of Lolita... which kind of sucks when their characters don't match!)

    16. I think we're getting all our wigs and such from one company, so we're just looking forward to giant boxes of delight. And yeah, the MSD age thing was a factor as well. I want my guy to look like a guy.

      Now, finding non-Lolita/Punk historical clothing for men... THATS a challenge!
    17. I'm actually dealing with this myself. XD I don't have a doll, but I do want to start a doll family. However, I've been stumped for the last couple of months to choose which should be my -first- doll. As it were, price did affect my decision slightly at first as I was not aware of layaway payments (an amazing thing that is). But with price not as dire, I decided to go with finding one that appealed me to the most on look and size like how a few others have done. I personally like smaller sized things in general so the MSD + smaller worked for me though they seem to be more on the cute side? Hehe. Either way, good luck on finding the ones you're looking for!
    18. I actually decided on getting a doll by his head mold rather then his size. I was purely focusing on finding a doll I actually liked rather then seeing what side I would agree with. After I stumbled upon the crobi site and looking up his size right before I went to my first doll meetup did I find out that he was the perfect size for me. MSDs are nice because they're easier to handle, but they're harder to pull up into your arms and snuggle. xD I prefer dolls you can hold and carry, not to mention they're easier to sew for.