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How do you display your dolls?

Oct 2, 2011

    1. I've noticed that a lot of BJD owners keep their dolls in their closets, under their beds, etc, mainly to limit the amount of sunlight/artificial light they're exposed to. I don't own a BJD yet - I'm pretty sure I'd like to get a purple Resinsoul Mu in the near future. For now I'm a collector of the Tonner Harry Potter dolls, which I hope to have a nice BIG display stand for in the future that will fit them all.

      When/if I buy a BJD, I would want to display him in my room. I'm not the type of person to buy something that expensive, only to store it out of sight. I'm also a huge fan of doing themed displays with fake moss, backdrops, props, furniture, etc. I like to create a whole little world for my dolls - I think it just looks awesome. And I love to futz around with stuff like that. Especially fake moss. I HAVE A FAKE MOSS FETISH! :doh To me a doll is for displaying. That's half the fun.

      My question is, how do you display your dolls? Has anyone found a good way to maximize their enjoyment of their dolls without exposing them to the elements? Sometimes I feel being a doll collector is frustrating because they're so expensive, and yet so delicate in some ways. One of the hardest things for me when it comes to BJDs is the whole face-up thing. Previously I had just assumed face-ups were permanent. I'm the type of person who will buy a doll, give it ONE look/personality with ONE outfit and ONE face-up, and never want to change it. So the somewhat fleeting nature of face-ups is a let down. I've also heard people say not to leave a BJD in clothing or a wig for a long time, as it can cause staining. Argh! That doesn't bode well for my display hopes.

      I'd also be curious to hear if anyone owns a bjd with a fantasy skin tone (grey, purple, green, etc), and how such resin looks when it inevitably ages. I know resin typically yellows with time, but I can't picture what a yellowed purple resin would look like!

      I have so many doubts when it comes to finally taking the plunge and buying my BJD. I guess I'm just afraid the way I want to use my doll won't work, or isn't ideal for BJDs. Thoughts/tips? :...(
    2. First off...congrats for your future Mu plans! :)

      There are quite a few separate threads and areas in the forum that address/discuss the questions you have-the search option is a great help for finding discussions about things like how BJD are displayed, fantasy skin tones, staining etc :)

      *personally, I'm using a converted computer armoire right now to house my BJD-when I want them 'on display' I open the doors, (which are solid), when there is direct sun or I'm away, I close the doors and they're safe and sound-I've found it to be a pretty good solution :)
    3. I leave my boys sitting/standing on my bookshelf - it's cute, simple, and doesnt take up much room (I am not a fan of 'displays', tbh). I only have one window in my room so it is easy to find a place where direct sunlight doesnt hit them at any point of the day. As for clothing stains... I dont really give it much of a thought. I always have my bjd dressed and have yet to have any real issue with staining. And even if I did I cant imagine I'd mind much since it'd be covered with clothes anyway/could potentionally be removed.
    4. Mine are all sitting out. All 63 of them. Some are on a bookcase but some are on my dresser, some in the floor, and some on the chest in front of my bed. I don't worry about it. They're mine and if I want them out, they'll be out.
    5. I plan to have the little cubby just to my right in my computer desk set up like a little room for my dolls. I already have some furniture in there! One of the benefits of tinies, I guess! It's an area that's out of direct sunlight, and they're nearby so I can fiddle with them as I please. :)
    6. Mine are in my closet behind blackout drapes, yes, but they're also 'on display' in that they're all standing around looking smug or sitting on chairs poking each other or some other nonsense. I see them every morning when I go to get dressed, and they make me smile.
    7. Mine have their own shelf but with six of them now there's not enough room for them to do anything but sit. I wish i could make a cool display but i just don't have the space.
    8. I have mine all around my desk, this way I can enjoy them all the time and change them up. I do open the blinds in the morning, but have them closed later in the day when the sun comes in. Once I debox them, they stay out with me.
    9. Mine are all sitting fully clothed, have a wig on and wear shoes. One of them is wearing a black dress too but it's fine since she's fully sealed. They are on top of or sitting by my giant stuffed animals. I have a full sized bed so they don't get crushed at night. Sometimes they sit on top of my dresser. No issues with sunlight since I have blinds.

      Don't be afraid. While they are delicate in some aspects, they are very tough and it'll probably take incredible negligence to destroy a bjd!
    10. I worried a bit about that. Then I bought a hybrid with a not 100 % resin match of body and head. If he yellows, he yellows. Period. I see no sense in shelling out several hundreds of euros/dollars just to have him in his box all the time. So right now he is sitting on a table waiting for his knightly armour. There is direct sunlight about half an hour in the evening. If he falls apart from this - then BJDs would be a complete fail material-wise.

      We have a big garden, so when his outfit is finished (and he is strung tightly - he can't stand at the moment), I will take him out in springtime and hope to take some nice photos.
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    11. I plan to keep my dolls on my bookshelf when I actually... get them. I don't have many books, so it mostly becomes a display shelf for my various things XD it's in a corner of my room that's mostly shaded by all the other stuff in that corner, but it's still right next to a window so I'm sure SOME light will get in there. In all honesty, I don't care ._. I'm not gonna shell out $200 and then keep my doll in it's box forever, especially since if I can't see it I'll probably forget to play with it XD
    12. I think if you plan on having your doll stay as one character, it doesnt really matter if there are small stains from the wig and such. I didnt even realize that this would happen when I actually ended up taking off my boy's wig for the first time. It ended up not mattering much either way, any wig I put on him covered up the marks either way. I also dont plan on selling him any times soon. If you plan on buying and selling dolls more, then you'll want to be more careful.

      My dolls are currently in my room sitting in various spots looking at me as I look at them. They dont really get too much light, but they're not in their boxes either.
    13. In the front of my bed is a chest iv made into my doll area. I put some stuff on it for the dolls to sit on and Ill leave some of their nice things out (like little perfume bottels) to make it seem a bit more like their home :) Its the first thing people see when they walk in and I think its lovely. The window in my room is blocked so sunlight does not hit them at all and the lighting is pretty dull. I dont mind them yellowing but so far they seem as good as new. Of course I haven't even had them for a year :sweat
    14. I haven't got much room where I'm living at the moment, but my two BJDs sit on my desk beside my computer generally. Not so much on display as just in eye view so I can admire them :P They are by no means out of direct sunlight, since my window is right next to my desk and I keep them clothed and wigged at all times ^^'
      When I move, I plan on having them more officially on display.
    15. I'm making payments on my first bjd....I plan on having them out on display always. I've coveted them so long that I want to see them daily. If they yellow, they yellow. All items get old....But you have to enjoy them first!
    16. We're a pack of immature idiots, and the dolls have furniture all over the house. There's a little table in the breakfast room, sofas and chairs in the living room, wing chairs in the library and my husband is talking about designing a darn doll shower! Needless to say the dolls are all over the house and I've given up trying to keep them out of the sunlight. I'd rather have to Oxy Clean and re-faceup than have them stowed away where we can't see them and play with them.
    17. Currently about 1/2 of mine are sitting on my huuuge desk. the others are in carriers or boxes or in pieces getting cleaned. Though within the next week I should have my doll cabinet finished - its an old TV cabinet from craigslist that I'm repainting and I will have the dolls and their furniture set up in there, with plenty of room for their stuff in the drawers just below where they will be displayed.

      I have previously had them on a bookshelf and on/in my dresser (the non-uv protect ones would spend most of their time inside the drawers, safely away from my bright window)
    18. I only have one right now and she stand beside me on the computer table. I will get her a chair to sit on one of these days.
    19. Right now, my house is too small for another closet, so they're stored in a cupboard, behind closed doors to protect them from my cat. But I'm moving out soon - tomorrow actually - to a slightly bigger appartment and one of the first things I'm saving up for is a cabinet large enough to display the dolls I have and might get in the future.
    20. well, as for displaying your dolls, they are not that fragile. I mean, if you keep them somewhere out of direct sun light, i.e. not by the window, the yellowing will be similar to that in the box. I kept my three babies on my bookshelf. There a single layer especially for them. I bought velvet flowers and pretty fabrics and made a background for them. It's been for over two years now, and they still look pretty and fresh.

      As for the face-up, I have to say it really depends on how well you do it. Normally you suppose to have layers of MSC on the face-up to keep them from staining or wearing down. But from my experiences, pastels face ups WILL wear down after a few years no matter how careful you keep them because of the adherence of the pastels are weak no matter what. Air brushed face-up are much better. As long as the layer of MSC is sufficient, they can be kept for several years and still look fresh and good (volks' face up is good example). So if you really want to keep a face-up for a long time, get it down using air brush ^^

      As for clothes, as a matter of fact I let my boy wore a black shirt for half a year and nothing happened ^^