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How do you fall in Love?

Dec 13, 2008

    1. Regardless of the slightly* odd* title- this is about dolls XD

      So my question for discussion is this:

      How exactly do you fall in love with a particular sculpt? Do you just see them and think: YES!
      Or does it take awhile?
      Do you need to see a ton of pictures first? Do you change your mind alot? Or do just need to see him/her/it in person?

      My own stories about my current obsessions with different sculpts a pretty confused, convoluted and generally run around in circles, so I'm pretty curious about what happens with other people.

      ((I'm really sorry if this has already been posted!))
    2. I've known immediately when I've fallen in love with a doll. Before I bought my first one, I did a lot of research and had narrowed down my choices to 2 or 3 different dolls that attracted me. But then I came across Silvia on the Iplehouse site and my mind was made up. I ordered her that same day.

      It was the same with the other three I have as well. I knew right away.
    3. Usually it's pretty immediate, but sometimes a certain doll will either really grow on me, or I find that it will work really well for a particular character. I like looking up owner pics, because they tend to give a better idea of what the doll really looks like.
    4. The moment I saw a doll for the first time, I immediately fell in love with him. I came across a picture of DoD Lahoo being used as an RP character picture...and he looked like Yazoo from FFVII: Advent Children [my obsession at the time]. And from then on, I've wanted him. Although, sadly, I haven't bought him yet =3=;;. Hopefully this February I'll be able to bring home my "Mail Order Husband" as my friends like to call him lol.

      But yeah...for me, it's usually love at first sight. Company or user photo lol.
    5. for my first doll, the DZ CLOUD, I fell in love instantly, funnily enough, with the original images of him, which now, I look at, and cant stand.

      The second doll I had an immediate love for was the soom namu, I just....love his face so much, and hes so versatile.

      Then there was B&G afra.......I stumbled upon him somehow, I cant remember how, but as soon as I saw him, it was instant "I want the doll in the picture" love.

      Other dolls iv'e had include, the DZ mo, which......I just couldnt love, the soom sabik, which I loved, but he was just too big for me, and the Luts El, which I felt that, I love everyone else's, but when I had one....I just couldnt feel it.

      right now though....I'm sort of slowly warming upto certain dolls....which is dangerous, because I....cant afford it! XD
    6. I fell in love with Ivan and Kirill immediately. o3o I was sure from the moment I saw them that I wanted an Ivan (and possibly a Kirill later on). But some dolls have grown on me, too - I used to say I didn't want a Tiny, but all these Pipos Baha pictures are killing me with their cute... xD;
    7. Ohh god I know!

      I was always scared of the animal dolls!, then I was like...."bunny doll!" and immediatly bought a pipos curo XD

      I never wanted a girl doll, but now I want an msd sized girl.
    8. Little bit of column A, little bit of column B in my case...
      I took one look at Williams and was like "Oh, YES!" Others grew on my quite slowly, like my Sch. A, Dex. I looked around a lot, actually, before realizing what sculpt he was supposed to be. :sweat
    9. The eyes do it for me.
      DZ Megi had cute eyes and he grew on me.
      DOT Tender Shall...is gorgeous. I wanted/still want that doll so much. The only other thing that helps me like a doll more is the lips. Size of the doll sometimes is a issue as far as immediately liking it.
    10. Like Landlocked Mermaid, I looked at a lot of dolls, but none really caught my eye too much. I mean, I saw a lot of really good-looking ones, but I didn't feel any "pull" towards them. Then I got to the DollZone site and saw Shoyo. Instant love. I bought two in one week.
    11. I knew for the first doll. O.O....I MUST HAVE HIM! Then like 8 months later, I got him (limiteds >.>) and another at the same time, I wasn't planning on till about a week before he came out again. Some have grown on me, like Breakaway. At first I didn't like him but know I can't understand why I felt that way.
    12. It's different with me sometimes. With my first doll, I just saw him and knew, ordered him and that was that. With my second, I keep going back to look through pictures, thinking, looking again, hmmm...
    13. The first dolls I created (1970,) had the faces of my favorite male heart-throbs and my gal friends I enjoyed hanging out with. My gal pals were elated to see that I made dolls of them as I also copied their outfits which I saw them wear at school. Later, I made pets for their dolls.

      Now, the Dollfies, I can own figures that resemble my favorite characters from anime & manga. It is fun to select the wigs - hair color and style, eye color, body and head, hands, feet, to have the character(s) of my dreams. The clothing & accessories I can make. It is alot of fun. I love it!
    14. for me it's the love at first sight :P The second I see the doll,I how I feel about it. Then I constantly think about the doll,and fantasize about how would it be to actualy own it. I try not to look at the pictures of other dolls,because then I would maybe found a doll that I also like....it's frustrating sometimes
    15. Love at first sight for me. When Soom put up the teaser pictures for their Sep MD Topaz I knew that I wanted her. When the ordering period arrived I did it (still waiting on her but she'll be amazing I know it!) A couple other dolls I'm planning on getting and it was all love at first sight on them. I have seen a few that I like but I either say that I'll get them eventually or probably not ever.
    16. here's what happens to me...... *cruising through the gallery* hmmmm, that looks interesting, let's see what that is, click......OMG i have to have that! squeeeeeeee!
      i guess you would say my response is pretty much immediate.
    17. For the most part it's love at first sight. :) Definitely so with my Camine (Rosencrantz). As soon as I laid eyes on his photo on the DoD front page I knew that he was my dream doll.

      Peter (CustomHouse Meoloo) a bit of a different story. I decided that he would be my perfect Peter Pan so I kind of fell in love with him indirectly; because I chose him to embody a character I love, I loved the doll. It wasn't as strong as with Rosencrantz, at least, not until I got Peter's current eyes in. That's when I finally, truly clicked with him. He felt complete at last and I finally fell in love. X3
    18. I might be the odd one ^^|||
      I fall in love with Cristal not really at the first sight but from her story (damn you Volks, you always have character settings that I can't resisted!!!)
      Same thing happened with Eden, but I always feel that Eden is actually a pretty girl dress as a boy... XXXD
    19. I have to look at a ton of other dolls before I decide.
      Usually the doll that I decide on is an instant reaction over the dolls I had previously looked over, I give myself a good week or so to think on it.
    20. Let's see.... For a while I was looking at Bobobie Ariel, then Mei, (Both MSD girls) and then JS released Elfdoll Polaris on pre-order. I fell in love! :3 So, I cave in and bought her, and she's currently here, in her box, waiting to be opened on Christmas. :P 13 days! w00t! xD
      So yeah, I changed my mind. A LOT before Polaris came out. But when Polaris came out, I was like, nope, that's the one! :sweat
      Heheh. I'm just waiting for her clothes from Dollmore to get here~
      (Her wig arrived on the same day!)