How do you feel about body blushing?

Jan 24, 2016

    1. It's not for me. I prefer to have my dolls clothed as much as possible, so it would be a bit of a moot point as I'd never see it anyway. Not only that, but the upkeep wouldn't be worth it as it drives me insane how much it chips and I don't have the skill to do it myself so it would feel like quite a bit of money wasted. Perhaps I may someday blush some of their hands once I start taking more photos, but it would be a very light job. As it is, only one of my dolls has body blushing and that's because I bought his body second hand and it came with it. I never bothered to take it off and since I never see it I haven't thought much about it.
    2. I love body blushing, but I've stopped bothering with blushing the whole thing. I'll do selective blushing depending on where skin is exposed. Even then, it's relatively minimal.

      Body blushing wears off and chips too easily, and it ends up looking more cheap than complete. For me, it's not worth the effort. I'd love if I could find a way to not make it chip and wear, but that's impossible because it's just the nature of MSC when it's handled or rubbed against.
    3. The only dolls of mine that have it I got second hand. I tend to fully dress my dolls so not much would be seen. I might want to learn to do hands someday, but it is not a high priority for me.
    4. I love the look of body blushing, but since the only thing I have right now is a floating head, I don't have any experience with it yet. I'm certainly going to give blushing her body myself when it arrives and if I find I like doing it, then my future dolls with have it as well.
      I think it makes the dolls look more complete, I absolutely hate the look of a nicely done face and a blank body, thought that is just my personal taste.
    5. I'm still really unsure about body blushing. It's definitely not something I could do myself as I have zero artistic talent and I tend to have shaky hands. I couldn't see myself commissioning body blushing, either, as sending my entire doll off in the post is not worth the money or risk for me. My partner is interested in learning to do some of the more fiddly things that are a part of the bjd hobby, so maybe one day I'll get him to try some body blushing. At the moment, I think I'm only interested in having my doll's nipples blushed as unblushed nipples look quite unappealing to me.
    6. Body blushing really brings a human-like quality to a doll.
      There is a distinctive difference between Doll Chateau's blushed dolls and non-blushed dolls.
    7. It's not my thing either. My dolls are all dressed well and mostly it's just their heads and hands that are uncovered so it would be a bit pointless to invest in body blushing. However, there would be a few occasions where I'd consider it, fantasy styled dolls especially. Where their feet are hooves or some such and they wouldn't be wearing shoes.
    8. A couple of my dolls have body blushing, as it goes well with some faceups. Some have a character that needed it, like one doll that is Nessie, I've blushed her some scales on her body.
      But a lot don't, as I use them as models for my sewing.
    9. To me the level of realism that body blushing adds is worth the possibility of damage to it. It ups the ante for involvement. I don't leave my dolls dressed all the time and when handling them or dressing them I love the idea that their bodies are more realistic less like a blank toy. I could probably do without full body blushing and would be fine with a basic genital and belly button coloring and perhaps a little shading around torso. To what @Catslane said I have three DC dolls and two were blushed from DC and the other wasn't but I had it done. So much better.
    10. I like to body-blush all dolls but I have two SDs, and 1 MSD who are not body blushed just because my sister is pregnant and I don't want to spray MSC even if it is outside, those dolls are the newest ones. I will have to wait until I move out because even after the baby is born, I really don't want to have any kind of toxic fumes around the house. I can risk my health but not my little nephew's health.

      All the others are body blushed, I love to do it and I love looking at them like that. It feels more real, especially on white dolls. I don't mind if it wears off because I like to give a full body wash to each of them every 1-2 years, I feel like they don't yellow as easily if I do this^^

      Btw, I would never pay for body blushing. I can easily do it so it feels like a waste of money for me to pay for it. I prefer to dedicate 1 day to do it myself and it helps me bond with them better.
    11. Although it does make dolls look more polished and natural, I think if you're someone who likes to pose your dolls or play with them... they're not exactly the best idea since it'll rub the blushing off.
    12. It hasn't been very long, but I haven't had a problem with chipping yet, and I'm constantly moving the joints/posing. I think some of the advice I was given on here (clean parts thoroughly before work, seal many many times, etc) has gone a long way to making it extremely durable. Body blushing on my doll is holding up to a lot!

      For me, I have to have it. Bodies are as unique as faces are. However, even if I didn't need to put things like freckles on dolls, I think I'd still blush. Hands especially look very strange without colour variation, given how complex they are irl.

      I think, having done my own/being comfortable with doing it myself, perhaps I worry about it less since I know that if it does all chip off then I can do it over. Since dolls - of any kind - need maintenance anyway, it doesn't seem like much more to renew body blushing just as I'd renew face-ups. :D

      I suspect that's easier to say when you do all of it yourself though. I can see why body-blushing (and maintenance in general) might seem like a mountain if you have to set aside the cash and send off your doll for it.
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    13. I don't have any dolls yet (they're on the way), but I don't plan on body blushing. While I like the look of it, I think it will be too much for me to care about it chipping. I like to be able to move around its joints freely. Although, I would love to blush just the hands. Sometimes the hands look very flat, especially if it is white skin. It just looks very flat.
    14. Maybe it's just because I like to handle and pose my dolls a lot, but I think the only body blushing I'll ever want for my dolls is the fingernails, toenails, and nipples. Body blushing anywhere else just wears too easily and looks awful even when there's only a tiny chip, in my opinion.
    15. It is ok, but I would just a soon not have it as it wears badly when changing clothing for what I have seen of others dolls. I think I have very, very few dolls with body blushing, and I don't body blush those I do face ups on.
    16. I like it, but I think dolls look good even with out it : ) I'm currently working on my first body blushing ;) body blushing surely makes the doll look more alive!
    17. I only have one doll with full body blushing. It is beautifully done and does give her a lot of life. Her hands especially look so much better than the ones I have that are not blushed. But the blushing does chip and has to be taken care of as many have pointed out. I don't mind the chipping on my doll as it's mainly around her hip joints so it doesn't normally show. However I don't think a full body blushing is something I will spend money on in the future unless I have something very specific in mind for a particular doll/the dolls character demands it.
    18. no body blushing for me! i think it looks great on some dolls when done correctly/not too heavy-handedly, but i wouldn't want it for my own. personally, i think it makes them look too real. i would rather my doll look more like a doll—shininess and all! ^^
    19. Body blushing's something I find really appealing - I like being able to see a slight pinkness & natural liveliness to the skin, and freckles are super cute! But I probably wouldn't pay extra for it since it'll be covered up most of the time (on human dolls at least, I think it's absolutely a necessity on "furrier" fantasy dolls).
    20. I prefer body blushing but for some reason only few places from which I was ordering my dolls do offer this option. Even custom make up artists not always offer the option.