How do you feel about body blushing?

Jan 24, 2016

    1. I have only one doll with another on then way, and the first one has a professional face up, which is so pretty. I want to do a body blushing on her as it looks strange with the blank body paired with the realistic face. The new doll coming, is bare, and I bought her that way to be able to practice face-ups and body blushing. I like how the details are brought out with the blushing, and really like it on the hands and feet. I was first attracted to the realism of bjd dolls on Pinterest with the body blushing. I do like freckles, nails done, and maybe an appropriate Tatoo if it goes with the sculpt. I have not yet experienced working with body blushing, so my opinion might change with time. With blushing, I find myself attracted to more detailed hands and feet.
    2. I don't really like body blushing it cracks and clips and it look bad when that happens so I prefer without body blushing. But I still will buy a doll with it and just clean it off it I don't like it.
    3. I love the look of body blushing, but I hate the upkeep! I scraped my boy's body blushing 5 minutes after finishing it!

      I think the only body blushing I will do is freckling. Because one of my dolls is a man with freckles and it looks weird to have a very freckled face and then a body with nothing. But I will probably skip the reddish blush on joints next time.
    4. Body blushing on a bjd is pretty much to the taste of the owner. Some bjds look amazing with body blushing and some look great without.

      Personally I love body blushing even if it is annoying to protect. :)
    5. I think body blushing looks great, and I personally like it. It adds more realism to the doll, which I like. I have yet to own a doll though, so I have no experience with the upkeep, so maybe my opinion will change once that happens!
    6. Some dolls seem to need it, others do not.

      I try to avoid a lot of blushing. It really does easily chip and scratch, and wear off in areas. I had some company blushed dolls that pretty much got scratched the moment I lifted them out of the box! So, I think it can look great, but also be better if you don't play a lot with your dolls, since moving them around and changing clothes can really do damage!

      I do like hand blushing (even though those are easily worn parts), because hands are nearly as important as faces, and if you have a very detailed doll with intricate faceup, having totally blank hands can look odd to me. In other cases, it's not necessary.

      Mature male chests that are realistic... bother me a bit if the nipples aren't blushed, just a little bit. It just looks unnatural. On tinies and minies--no! Not into pointing out stuff like that!

      Of course blushing is important to me if there are fantasy parts-- hooves and tails and such. They should have some details of some kind. I had a cat with light tabby stripes at the front of the head, but the company left the back totally blank! I HAD to blush to match!!! It looked bad to me to have blank parts showing like that! (no wig on that cat). And right now I'm painting hooves and the feathers/hock hairs that are molded above the hooves... I just HAVE to do this. I'll try and use matte medium to protect from scrapes and chips because those areas get knocked about a lot, but blushing just has to happen!!!

      If I've got a regular humanoid who is wearing clothes a lot-- I don't see the point of blushing under that.
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    7. I like the look of body blushing, and tried it out through company blushing... but I found I can match what they do at cost of chalk pastel. (Had to blush additional hands to match their work.) I do notice it scuffs easy, but it is such an easy fix, I think I may go ahead and eventually blush all my dolls. Especially my white skin boy since he puts ghosts to shame. I would like to find better methods for joints though. I heard clear glue helps? Not sure about that.
    8. I think body blushing is wonderful and adds something magical to the doll who have it but I don't love it on my own dolls as I'm very hands on with my dolls and the blushing tend to chip off quickly no matter how I try to preserve them.

      The most I can tolerate is probably upper body/arms blushing. Definitely no full body blushing, I'll be afraid to play with the doll then.
    9. full body blushing is always super tempting but super easy to mess up and chip when posing your doll if anything I think hands and nipples look a little strange without blushing it looks particularly odd in pictures of dolls touching their face with a completely colorless hand but that's just me
    10. It looks cool, but I feel it's only necessary if you doll is going around without their shirt.
    11. I dress up my doll so much and enjoy re-positioning her and generally handling her a lot, so I personally am not interested in body blushing because it'd make me feel uncomfortable about handling the doll. I'd feel like I have to be careful all the time and I'd worry about the blushing too much...
    12. I'm planning to blush my boy's body, except the only thing I really dislike about the concept is the overly blushed dolls. I find it annoying haha.
    13. I'm planning to blush mine a little. It'd just seem weird having a detailed face and blank body. Also, blushing the skin when I'm drawing is always my absolute favorite part, so I don't think I'll be able to resist!
    14. For me I'm not a huge fan of the shininess of dolls when they're not sprayed with sealant on their bodies, so the matte look and depth of body blushing is really nice. But personally if I were to go and buy my doll again, I would have ordered him without blushing and just put that extra money toward something else for him, because at this point with how he's always dressed and handled so frequently, he really didn't need it. It also started wearing away from minimal handling and posing, so at this point I don't really care if it gets chipped or rubbed off anymore. I'm a pastel artist already so chances are if it starts looking terrible, I can wipe him and redo him myself. :)

      It does look nice, and it gives a better realistic look to dolls, but as my doll is more of a companion to me than a photo model currently, I could have gone without it just as easily.
    15. It bothers me too to see a blushed face but a blank and pale body (also especially un-blushed hands!!)... so as long as the doll wears enough clothing and you basically don't see it that's fine but otherwise...... it can ruin a photo with an otherwise beautiful face-up.
      I blushed only two full bodies so far, way too lazy to do them all right now but I'll do it eventually.
      I love how the blushing really breathes life into it whereas before it looks like a body made of wax or something.
    16. I enjoy a little bit of body blushing, just to make the face look a little more alive and detailed. I don't like it when it's overdone though. For me, it should be light around the face.
    17. Not a huge fan, but only because body blushing chips so easily that it looks nice for the first few days and then becomes a headache after that.
    18. I personally love body blushing, but I refuse to shell out all the extra money the companies charge for doing it. I'd rather do it myself, and it's not that hard to touch up the small chips and nicks that come close to the joints. I do the full body blush because I feel like it's a bonding experience with the doll. I get to see their every joint, and I get to bring out the natural beauty of their body. As to a color palette, it depends on the doll's skin tone. I used a pinker tone for my DL Brian (Xander) and a more tan/sepia tone for my DF-H Bei Lie. It also depends on their hair. I noticed that when I put a silver wig on Xander, it made him look way too pink. However, he looks good with darker wigs, or even a blonde mohair wig I have. With Bei Lie, he has a redheaded wig and tan blushing fit that better.
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    19. I think it always looks really nice, but personally, I'd just do the hands, and any other bits that aren't clothed.
    20. I decided not to have my first doll body blushed but did get a face up. When she arrived I thought I should have done it!! Never mind, next time. I was so amazed at the wonderful face up I just wished I'd ordered body blushing.