How do you feel about body blushing?

Jan 24, 2016

    1. Both dolls I have didn't have body blushing as an option, though they both have faceups. I'm fine with that though, I'd probably be too nervous to get near them for fear of chipping the body blushing if I did get it.
    2. I prefer leaving my doll bodies unblushed. I really like seeing it on other dolls, but for me the effort needed to keep the blushing looking nice is too much. @[email protected] Sculpt etc. doesn't matter, honestly! I'm just lazycakes.
    3. A lot of sculpts (like the Iple boys) seem to have such lovely details you don't have to. But it does look awfully nice when a doll has it--just giving that extra realistic touch.
      I'm going to try my hand at it--at least simple version to start with. The unstringing and re-stringing process is more daunting to me than doing the actual blushing though.
    4. I think it's very beautiful but also very fragile
      I will be afraid to manipulate my doll and to damage the body blushing
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    5. That's why I need to learn to do it myself. So I can touch it up when needed.
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    6. I think body blushing looks really nice. However, only two of my dolls have it. One was a practice because he was my cheaper sculpt and he stays clothed most of the time. My other doll was the one I was practicing to do the blushing for. He spends a lot of time shirtless or with an open shirt so to me it looked better to have him blushed. Lastly, I plan to do blushing for a doll based on Ruvik from The Evil Within since he has burn scars all over his body.
    7. I think body blushing can be beautiful and can make a doll look so warm and alive. For me, it's just too much work for something that won't likely last very long.

      I have one exception. I really want to blush my little 1/6 doll. I gave her a ton of freckles with her last face up, and now her body looks stark and featureless in comparison. Since she wears a lot of tanks and short sleeves, I can't use clothes to hide it.
    8. When it is done right it is beautiful. My dolls stay fully dressed though so it would be pointless. I do want to get them all manicures and maybe some blushing on their hands.
    9. i like it ^-^ for one the sealant helps prevent staining and yellowing to a degree ^-^ and it looks so pretty it just gives them a deeper sense of realism and for me its part of the process of bonding with my dolls granted so far i've only done it with my two tinies however i just finished sealing one of my msd's to give him a body blushing ^^ i just think it really brings out the sculpt and makes them much more 3-dimentional.
      i understand why some poeple dont like it since it can so easily wear off and chip and then needs to be whipped and redone hover i personally really really enjoy the process of giving them face ups and blushing them ^-^ its a fun and artistic like painting or drawing ^-^ and it allows me to truly make the dolls "mine" as it were by customizing them by the body blushing and face up ^-^
    10. I like the realism that it can add when done well. However, it's not necessary, and many of the molds are brilliant enough that natural light and shadow will suffice when capturing an image, thus illustrating details one might blush.
    11. Mine typically aren't body-blushed, though I do have a few with blushed hands or fantasy parts... Why aren't they? Because I keep my crew clothed and I don't like the way blushing tends to wear around the joints or the way the sealant can pick up stains from clothing.

      The only one of this gang with full blushing is Dakwa, my mermaid... Who I knew was never going to wear a single stich of clothing. :lol:
    12. I LOVE body blushing! It brings a lot of dimension and depth to your dolls sculpt.

      Though the stories of it flaking off are a draw back :( You'd have to be prepared for maintainence or staining of clothing if it's not sealed properly.

      And I guess if the doll is always fully clothed it might not be fully appreciated.

      Sooooo it's all at the doll owners discretion at the end of the day~ ❤
    13. I tend to avoid body blushing because, like others have said, it's likely to wear away over time. It would discourage me from touching and handling my dolls. If a sculpt has fantasy parts, though, such as clawed feet or feathered wings, I would likely do body blushing on the parts that I think should have it, such as claws, which I'd like to make a different color than the skin/fur color. I would also try to stay away from painting near the joints.
    14. I'm not really a fan of it to be honest.
      I think it can look really beautiful on certain sculpts but most of the time I prefer it without.
      And I wouldn't be able to deal with it chipping and stuff!
    15. Body blushing is great, if done right, but it's so often not that I prefer to leave them blank. Better a plain look then a bad finish.
    16. I love the realism you get from body blushing dolls but OMG i wish they lasted longer. The most painful thing for me is when i see body blushing tearing unevenly at the joint areas. I like reds, pinks, beige and for veins - blue/greens. I love adding moles and freckles to the body too. Makes them stand out more to me and adds skin texture. Doll sculpt definitely matters. I would totes blush an iplehouse EID/SID or a Granado but I wouldn't blush a Fairyland. Realistic dolls should definitely be blushed.
    17. I think it is entirely personal taste: many people love it but except in certain circumstances I don't feel the need for it
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    18. I feel body blushing brings a doll "to life" so I'm going to blush them when I finally get a sealant!
    19. Except for parts that will always be clothed or have minimal detail, I definitely prefer blushing. There is a chipping risk, but I find that the very subtle blushing still looks good and wouldn't be as noticeable if it was slightly damaged. I find using the sealant for the blush helps with texture too as it bothers me when a doll has a matte head and a shiny body, but that is my personal preference. I would always do full sealant on a doll even if I didn't blush though to prevent stains and help with yellowing.
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    20. I am seriously pro-body blushing. I find it's really fun to do, and relaxing compared to the faceup process itself, where I have more fine lines to worry about and where everything will be super visible. I just think it looks so flat to have a body totally blank once the face is done...

      I figure, if it chips, it chips, and if it starts looking bad, it can be wiped, but I'll still get enjoyment out of it, and since I do my own, it's not an added expense/time spent shipping a doll off to someone and waiting. And since I have mostly boys, two of whom are fond of shorts, or sitting around shirtless half the time, it just makes them look that much more complete.

      I don't have a set palette, but the dolls themselves do-- Pete is very pink in faceup and body blush as he is in all things, with pale blue veins carefully added in in a few spots, and just... rosy joints, some slight defining here and there, or where it seemed like the skin should have a bit of color, but just very pink overall. With Vince, I started with a peach base for all his blushing and then worked in a little bit of red and a little bit of brown, and just worked it until I had a more slightly rosy neutral that suited him better. And then with Billy, it was mostly adding just little bits of rosiness over joints, and then freckles across his shoulders and down his arms/hands here and there, to match his face. Vince is the only one who really has warm undertones going on with his blushing.

      I'm looking forward to doing Marigold, since half of her is going to be interesting... her upper body will probably get a medium/neutral peach-heavy blushing, with some warmer pink... and then if I can manage it, I'd love to soften the transition from her lower half, so it's not such a stark line between deer and elf. But she's more a special case.
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