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How Do You Feel About "Character" Dolls?

Jun 21, 2017

    1. (Apologies if a thread like this already exists! The only ones I found in my search were marked to be archived!)

      How do you feel about dolls either pre-made or customized by their owners to be existing anime/tv/book/etc characters? Would you ever buy/customize one? Which character do you love enough to pay for a fancy resin version of? If you already own one (or a few) which characters are they?

      They're honestly pretty hit or miss for me...some I think are a little corny but others I'm blown away by! Personally the idea of finding the perfect sculpt/body/etc to bring your interpretation of a favorite character to life very appealing but not...totally reasonable? I really enjoy making my own characters out of blank dolls and would probably only shell a few favorite characters if I won the lottery or really felt like I completed all of my own original doll plans. That being said....I REALLY want to customize dolls into both the child and adult versions of Dio Brando and Jonathan Joestar :D I think that their designs would transfer to doll form beautifully and I would love to take pictures of them together!
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    2. Take a guess :P

      As a side note, I'd love to see some JoJo dolls. If you ever make a Dio, please show me!
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    3. @Levi Ackerman Haha when I saw your username in my notifications for this thread I was like "...Yeah I bet I know how Levi Ackerman feels about this subject" :XD: IOS Levi was actually one of the first BJDs I saw that got me interested! Levi is honestly such a visually appealing character...I'm not even into AOT anymore and I still draw him every once in a while because I just love his face.

      If I ever do make them, I'll definitely spam pictures on every corner of the internet <3 I've seen a couple of gorgeous Dios and a Ceasar around the community that are reallyyyyy making me want to just take that plunge already :sweat
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    4. Haha, yeah, I probably would never have actually bought a doll if I hadn't found Levi for sale. He's absolutely one of my favorite anime characters ever, and I think IOS did such an amazing job translating him into a BJD. I'd love to see some of the Dios (and a Ceasar!!!) that are out there. I'll do some Google-fu, but if you know of any good ones to refer me to it would be so cool to see.

      I also don't know if you like Naruto at all, but I saw a really cool BJD of Sasori in his puppet form which I thought was really clever. So, yeah, I love character dolls. I'm always excited to find pictures of more :D
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    5. Here is one of the Dios (only one I can track down again right now ;A; ) aaand here is the Ceasar (with a bonus Joseph that I totally forgot about :D)

      I've never sat down to watch Naruto because I'm intimidated by how long it is but I'm familiar with the character! What a cool idea! I love seeing dolls/action figures of characters with actual jointed bodies in their canon because it translates so well.
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    6. OMG, that Dio is amazing. The Caesar and Joseph are really nice too, but that Dio is gorgeous. In exchange, here is that Sasori. And in case you like One Punch Man, I just saw a pretty cool Genos here.
    7. @Levi Ackerman He really is! His owner took such incredibly dark and dramatic pictures of him too, they suit his character so well! Sasori's joints look incredible! I can't tell if they're drawn or actually carved/modded in but he looks exactly like his 2D counterpart *__* That Genos is top notch too, I really love how they did his faceup!
    8. I understand the appeal of them, but they aren't for me. And, honestly, sometimes the fan customized dolls end up looking better than the official release of a character doll.
      But in either case I like making dolls into my own characters, and there is a loose story/world that links all of them together. Perhaps a character doll will work for my little world, but it doesn't cater to humans so I'm not sure if that will ever happen
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    9. I'm a real sucker for character dolls. Generally I stick to the 1/6 scale ones for them though, because they're less expensive and more readily available so you can have a bunch of them instead of having to pick and choose a little more. Not to mention since 1/6 scale dolls are customizeable too you can still get that faceup/customization rush! :lol:

      Not to mention all of the official BJD character dolls tend to overwhelmingly be in SD size, which means I can't buy them since I don't care for SD size (too big!).

      I love looking at all the other people's creations though. I'd love to see a thread dedicated to all the cool character dolls people have made or have seen around!

      @Levi Ackerman That Genos is freaking cool. The fingernails showing up through the paint sets off my OCD a bit though lol. Especially since it seems they've gone to the trouble to modify the hands in other ways.
    10. I say go for it! But I heavily prefer fan made than pre-customized, and in that way it feels like you've created something unique. Sure, some people's versions won't appeal to everyone but as long as it appeals to the owner then they're doing it right.

      I've got lots of plans for character BJDs, and ironically I had decided that the 1/6 scale would be best for most of them (just tonight actually). I'll probably have a select few in larger sizes, one day...far off into the future...

      I also second the need for a Character Doll Thread! Though I'm also a big fan of original characters - that's what roped me into this hobby!
    11. I am trying to gather all needed items to shell my OC from my own story into a doll and am happy that I will own a perfect body in the near future.
      It's kind of a big love I feel for my OCs, since they're my babies. While writing for that story and drawing them you really get attached to them.

      I can't wait to complete my guardian of the sun Sol'rah. My beautiful lady.
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    12. I have no problem with characters dolls, heck three of my four planned boys are character dolls. I have given some serious thought as to how I might shell my own original characters but its so much harder to find a doll or sculpt that seems to suit them. My main female OC Ashera is a strong warrior woman and tribal leader and I can't for the life of me find any body or head that I feel capture her essence.
      Bottom line is I'm just so much more picky when it comes to my own characters. I want my dolls to eventually be done and I'm a little scared of never being satisfied with my character's vessel. Falhen was a little easier to shell because my idea of him was fairly loose and I could change it to better suit the doll.
      I don't feel like I could do that with Ashera. So for the mo I'll be making my three character boys and Falhen.
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    13. Ocs I love, but much like I have always found it a little er... weird in rps for people to play canon characters (I dunno, I never could understand why you'd want to rp as a character someone else created but I guess it's like interactive fanfic right? Just never was something that appealed to me. I prefer original content I guess.) but at the same time I can understand a desire to have a doll of your favorite character and if they made action figures of my fave characters from various things i'd totally buy them... sooo...

      I dunno.

      I personally wouldn't do it because i'd rather spend the money on an oc which is more personal and special to me, but I guess I get why if you LOVE a particular character from a show you might really want a toy of them.

      On the same note, those minimes you can get, on one hand they're much like the hot toys super realistic figures and people seem to like those and on the other I find them ever so slightly creepy because you're using someone's likeness in many cases without their knowledge and permission and that feels a little... violating to me. Like, do they tell these famous people they're sculpting their face/head? Man imagine stumbling upon that, it'd feel so weird seeing people playing with a doll with your head. Especially a hyper realistic anatomically correct one ahahaha. Gosh that'd make me uncomfortable. (especially SOME of the things people do with their dolls and take pics of, yeesh)

      There's also I think a degree of Cosplay to the whole thing. And I can totally get behind cosplay for dollies hahah.
    14. Oh, I feel you! It's not very easy to find a perfect body and/or head sculpt to fit the OC. I got SUPER lucky when I browsed through different threads and just asked for what body sculpt the shown doll was. Can't wait to work on that beautiful body, I was looking for it for so long and am kind of surprised my seeking journey has been ended just now.
      My Sol'rah is a tough lady as well, which made it very difficult to find a pleasant body for her. I'll define her body by blushing it, since you can get a lot of contouring done just by blushing.
      Maybe that's some nice idea for you, too?
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    15. Erhm, its a good idea but my problem with Ashera's kinda opposite to that.
      She's fit and toned in my mind but not overly ripped. I picture her as a small, powerful, curvy and healthy African woman. That specific body type is hard to find in the dolls. Find a body with good wide hips, the legs and arms are too skinny. Find a body with good powerful arms and legs but can't stand the steroid fueled abs.
      I have the same problem with male bodies too. A lot of them get too toned and ripped for my liking. I actually considering modding a few torsos and filling in some of their rib, back and abdomen definition because it just seems too much for the characters they're shelling.
      I know, I know, pick pick pick pick picky am I!
    16. Actually I´m thinking to buy Doll Chateau BJD and make Cibo from the Blame! :) So yes, I would like to make an anime character and pay a price for DCh sculpt :)
    17. I think character dolls are so cool!

      Especially for people who can do a whole custom doll, including the face up, wig, and clothing.

      I really want to get into doing custom character dolls for people! :XD:
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    18. I love character dolls!! I shelled three of my boys based on my favourite Japanese amine and I also got a IOS Ciel (in Erithacus Dress Ver) that is an official character doll. I really hope to see more official character dolls because recreating the clothes or accessories etc. for a a particular character by yourself is difficult and time consuming...
    19. If you browse through the latest doll profiles here on DoA you'll find an absolutely stunning and super detailed AND well-made Prompto Argentum characterdoll. I was entirely buffed. So crazy! So good!
    20. It's not really my thing. It's probably more about the number of dolls that I have and their price than anything. I like to redress mine occasionally, whereas for a character doll I'd leave it the way it came.

      I'm not one to shell my dolls either, I just dress them the way I feel like at the moment, which is usually to match a photo that I want to take.

      If I had a whole bunch of BJDs I probably would have some characters that could just sit around looking pretty.

      I've got a bunch of Pullips, Nendoroids and anime figures, so there are plenty of other character dolls around my house.