How do you feel about fantasy hair colors?

Apr 25, 2013

    1. I wasn't able to find a thread like this; I apologize if this has already been made before! If it has, feel free to delete it. :sweat

      Anyway, how do you feel about dolls with fantasy hair colors vs natural hair colors? Do you own both, or do you prefer one over the other?

      For me, I tend to prefer natural hair colors for my dolls. I've always wanted to get a doll with a more adventurous color, but I always end up going for a natural tone instead. I think part of the reason is because I like the range of styles for natural colors better than those of fantasy colors.
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    2. I think it depends on the doll. The most "fantasy" color hair any of my dolls has is white and I consider it fantasy because it's not an age thing.
      Personally I prefer natural colors, one of my dolls came with a pretty pink wig but I immediately switched her to a blonde one. It's not that I dislike fantasy colored wigs, my dolls' characters and outfits just don't go well with fantasy colors.

      Some dolls REALLY pull it off nicely though. I love it when owners dress up their dolls in colors that compliment their fantasy colored wig, like all pastels or a palette. It's really pretty.

      I think it also has to do with the quality. I dislike how cheap fantasy colored wigs look on a doll, regardless of how gorgeous the outfit or the doll, it just looks bad to me. (I suppose there are cheap good ones, but the high shine very fake low quality ones are what I mean and I guess everyone gets what I mean..?)
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    3. I like both
      I could see myself buying wigs the same style but different colors just so my doll could "dye" her hair :D
      That's probably because I myself have done horrible things to my hair. I bleached and dyed like crazy.
      I think the only hair color I'm still missing is green so I see no problem with my dolls wearing wigs in all colors of the rainbow ;)
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    4. I love fantasy hair colors! I especially like a lot of pink and purple wigs. If I could, I would dye my hair to pink or purple but I am not able to do so because of real life stigmas and the fact that I would have to bleach my hair to get it to take the color how I would want it to.

      I envision myself having lots of doll wigs even if I don't have very many dolls. I am planning on even learning how to make wigs so I can make my own fantasy wigs exactly like I want them to look. Right now my favorite is rainbow hair.
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    5. I like fantasy hair colors but my girl tends to stay in her natural colored wig most of the time
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    6. I like both, I mean I myself have dyed my hair pink and another time blue so I don't mind having my doll with normal or fantasy as long as she looks good :)
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    7. I prefer natural colours, but I do push boundaries with some of my characters (for example, I have one 'redhead' whose hair is really more of a wine/plum colour, and a 'black' haired doll whose hair is actually a very dark purple). I do have one doll with completely unnatural hair, though. She's a purple-skinned Migma, so striving for a 'natural' hair colour for her seemed a bit futile :XD: So I indulged my desire for crazy fantasy wigs, and got her a dark blue wig which I think suits her perfectly :aheartbea

      I don't yet have any characters with 'dyed' hair, but I do have one who is bald, so her wig is meant to actually be a wig, rather than a wig standing in for her characters 'real' hair.
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    8. My dolls are cosplayers. So when themselves they are natural (ok, some of their characters dye their hair in interesting fashions) - but I've got all colors of wigs for cosplay :D
    9. Usually, I prefer natural hair color for my dolls because they're all human and most don't have the personality types to have fantasy colored hair. However, I'd LOVE to have a long blue wig for Sixx! He'd have a wig in every color if I could afford it. :D
    10. I quite enjoy them since they bring a lot more options to the table then if I were to stick to natural. I currently have one with orange and am waiting for some pink fur for another. :3 I do equally enjoy natural colors too though,especially the browns.
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    11. It really depends on the doll, but I do like fantasy hair colors. I have a doll with blue hair, one with olive-green, and another with rainbow dreadlocks. I do tend to put the weird hair colors on my dolls that have fantasy parts, skintones or faceups. I have an Iple Ashanti and she's so realistic sculpt-wise, I felt that she should have realistic eyes and hair. My favorite fantasy-color wigs come from JPopDolls--they have all kinds of gorgeous, multi-dimensional colors.
    12. I love unnatural colors! They're my favorite. I tend to like pinks and purples usually. My girl currently only has more "natural" wigs, and her current one suits her pretty well, but I'm planning on getting a pink or purple wig for my next girl.
    13. I love unnatural colours as well! I tend to lean towards more natural wigs for my own dolls, but I'm always oogling over other dolls with green, pink, blue, purple, rainbow and all the other crazy colours you can find out there!
    14. I like both :)! So far I only have dolls with natural (if a bit unusual) hair colors but I think fantasy colors are really cool too.
    15. I own both.
      When it comes to natural hair colours, I prefer colours that are not too striking... Something more on the pale/pastel side is better. I wouldn't buy a wig with unnatural colours that are too strong or dark.
      But when it comes to natural hair colours, it's the contrary: I prefer the darkest wigs... Anything blonde or too light won't do ^^"
    16. I love fantasy hair colors! I have characters who dye their hair so having the wigs work for me. I also have fantasy dolls who have unnatural hair colors but for them, in their world, that's normal for them!
    17. Both - the majority of my dolls have natural hair colours, but 2 of them are pure fantasy:

      The 1st is fairly subtle; a male doll with wine red coloured hair (that many women tend to dye their hair to at the moment I don't think I've ever seen a natural auburn that's quite this red). The 2nd is a less subtle pastel blue. She's a nekomimi, and tends to wear blacks whites and greys with blue accessories and shoes
    18. I fall into the "love fantasy colours but dolls usually wear natural colours" boat.

      I'm collecting a few more fantasy coloured wigs though (ruby red, pale turquoise, grey etc) that my newest girl (F60 Lishe) seems to rotate through. She seems to look good in anything XD
    19. I like both! Right now, all I have is natural colors for my dolls since that is what the character calls for. But I'm sure there will come a time when I have a doll with purple, green, or some other crazy color hair! Crazy fantasy hair colors to me say more adventurous :).