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How Do You Feel About Your Collection Right Now?

Sep 12, 2018

    1. I'd like to hear your thoughts about the current state of your collection!

      As for me, It's been two years since I started collecting and I can't believe I have 3 full dolls and a 4th on the way. Of course, it was so fast that only one of my dolls has clothes, and only two of them have faceups (one being a floating head).
      I had hoped to sell off a body I'm not using by now, but because I go back and forth between my house and my dorm in another state, I've never been in one place long enough to keep the sale up on the secondhand marketplace.
      I don't bring my dolls with me to my dorm, so I only get to spend around 4 months of the year with them. For me, I'm dissatisfied with how little time I have to spend with my dolls, and I wish I had more time and resources to make things for them. Otherwise, I don't really mind that they have no clothes! I just love having them so much. :blush:aheartbea That part is why I'm so happy to have as many dolls as I currently do!
      There's no doll that I purposely bought in my collection that I don't want to keep anymore. For a while, I was having doubts about my first doll, but I love her now more than ever and I think a faceup will really help solidify that.
      I'm looking forward to the future when I can get bodies for my two floating heads and sell off the things I'm not using. I feel like that will be the benchmark for me to really start working on the dolls in my collection; making clothes, wigs, etc!
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    2. I'm comfortable with my current crew. I have more floating heads than I'd like, but most of them were extras included in a doll I was already purchasing, not something I set out to purchase. I only have one floating head I purposely bought by itself and/or I didn't already have a body for. I'm at 9 full dolls and 4 floating heads at the moment. Only issue I'm having is that I bought one of my dolls for a character that would need a lot or modification, but before I even started on it I felt overwhelmed and didn't go through with any of my plans for him. I'm still a bit iffy about selling him, but at the same time he's just been sitting there without a character for weeks. He's also very realistic and the rest of my crew is sort of half way between realistic and anime, so he sticks out. >.<

      I probably need to have a cleansing of dolly clothes some day soon, but I'll get there when I get there. Making individual listings sounds like too much effort a lot of the time when you have a busy schedule.
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    3. Hahah precisely today it's a bad day to reply for me, because there's a head I ordered stuck in customs and they're asking me impossible things to get her! Maybe they'll send it back and we'll have to figure out what to do next. So my answer is.. Extremely frustrated! :doh
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    4. I'm pretty happy with my crew over-all.

      There are, as always, a few of the gang who could really use new faceups (If I could ever settle on who I wanted to send them to! :lol: ), and there are a couple of props and costume pieces that I'm eternally in search of, and there are one or two elusive sculpts that I may or may not ever actually find... I still have to figure out what I'm going to do with that spare, grey resin Soom girl body that didn't at all match the head I'd bought it for, too... But those are minor issues in the grand scheme of things.

      All in all? I'm fond of all of the dolls I have, and nothing about any of them is seriously vexing me or making me question rather or not I want to keep them in the collection.
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    5. I feel....I feel.....
      I have no dolls yet still. TwT

      I'm still waiting for a job so I can get the money to get at least one...:(
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    6. Um, I think I have too many dolls. I have 16 with one on pre order. I am also burned out with finding wigs, outfits, and shoes. My crew is complete, as in no new bjds. As for accessories, I’m not finished, but am taking my time. I’ve been collecting for 8 years and need make a some tough decisions regarding the hobby.
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    7. Optimistic. I have six whole dolls and a few heads + two spare bodies, with some in the process of being reshelled. While all my dolls are in various states of incompletion, (I can never truly say ‘done!’ I guess) there is enough satisfaction with what I have accomplished to keep me feeling great about my collection and the hobby overall. I have some ambitious projects planned and a few skills I want to learn and improve on in the future, and I’m having a great amount of fun sewing and making props for future photostories. The persistent subconscious dialogue and parallel universe just outside my own is really jiving with my RL right now balance-wise; I think I’ve hit a healthy rhythm.
      #7 Havra, Sep 13, 2018
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    8. My collection is not nearly what I want it to be. I just got into the hobby little less than a year ago and got my first doll back at the end of June. I have plans for several more and am saving up for my next one. but I cant put much towards them each months so it is slow going. The other thing that is bothering me is how my crafting skills aren't even close to what I want them to be for what I want to make. I am working on that at least though. I make at least one thing a week, so hopefully Ill get where I want to be soon.
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    9. I love my dolls and I always find myself looking for more, but I don't spend enough time with the ones I have to justify another. I have way too many clothes as I make them all the time and too many wigs for sure. I think it's the creative possibilities and challenge that drives my quest. My lifestyle is changing in retirement and very soon I will be in a smaller home so I really need to wait and see what life holds.
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    10. I'm pretty good right now. I have three full dolls and two floating heads. I need two bodies, but for that I need to save up the money and for one of them to go into production so I can get the price. And I think I will finally do the mods I've been putting off. The other two have okayish faceup and clothes, so they finally feel decent enough to really photograph, not to mention one of them was only completed about a month ago. And one of those heads is one I've been putting off, but finally took the plunge. I feel like stuff is finally coming together. But with my job ending soon and the next one still an unknown, I'm going to have to pull the brakes in a bit, so time to pile stuff on on the interim.
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    11. I'm pleased with my dolls. School's crazy at the moment, but I have some stuff set up to do with them in a couple of weeks. I'm annoyed with myself for picking out a doll over the summer that's going to take foooooreeeeeeeveeeeer to come, but I'm also absolutely thrilled about the character I have in mind for her.
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    12. my dream is to fill my room with dolls, but i only have 3 right now and due to the fact that I am still in school and applying for post secondary currently, I dont even have a lot of time playing with them and customizing them :C
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    13. I'm pretty happy with my current crew, but it's incomplete. I make lists of things each doll needs and I'm about halfway through completing those lists (mostly clothes and accessories at this point). I want to reshell Meghan within the next few months, but that will depend on when I can come up with the money, and when I finally decide between which new sculpt I want for her (torn between Luts Senior Delf Grace or Dreaming Doll Mature Judy). I have a DearMine Classic line doll on the way/in the works who will need some things.

      Sometimes, I think my crew is too big and I'd like to greatly downsize, but when I do actually feel ready to part with one, I end up finding another I want, so maybe my crew size is pretty good for me? They all do have decent faceups, clothes, wigs, shoes, eyes, accessories and props, so it's not like they're sitting unfinished or forgotten.
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    14. I gotten my grail doll and shelled the core characters that needed to be shelled over 7 years. Only one young chap is not overly attached to his shell and is willing to be reshell if and when a suitable shell comes along.

      I'm not actively looking for more dolls and are using the existing crew to justify not buying more dolls by making them cosplay characters from medias that hold my interest at the moment.

      Number 8 is coming by the end of the year and I'm not sure what to do with her as I don't have a special role for her.
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    15. Honestly, I'm feeling really good! Most of my dolls aren't remotely complete, but pretty much everyone has an outfit and a faceup. I have 8 full dolls, one floating head (who's body-fund is over a third collected!), a full doll, a floating head, and a permanent floating head in the mail. I'm also excited to make Bad Decisions and get two more dolls before the end of the year! I think one reason I don't feel like I have too many things going on will dolls is a combination of accepting that I'm not able to get my dolls perfect (and that's okay!), learning how to do faceups (and not absolutely hating them!), and also getting my room in working order. All my dolls have their place and their own space, it looks good, and it's not cluttered. So I'm really happy about that part! :XD:
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    16. I've had just my two dolls for awhile now. There are things that I want to buy my current dolls like wigs, eyes, and shoes. Once I move where I can have more room, I want to make my own doll clothing and display my dollies in their own cabinets.

      I definitely want to have a big collection one day. I'm hoping by 2020, I'll have a little more than 10 dolls.
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    17. I feel overwhelmed. I only started this hobby a few months ago and right away pre-ordered two expensive MSDs that haven’t arrived yet. My idea was to learn sewing historical costumes for these dolls.

      In the mean time, I bought two YOSDs from the second hand market for fun and I was completely unprepared for how much I adore them. I’m also taken aback at the enormous number of wigs, eyes, and accessories I needed to buy in order to find the right ones for these YOSDs.

      I’m scared of going through all this again for the in coming dolls. In fact I have serious doubts of whether I’ll still like these MSDs when they come. If I can make up my mind to sell them right away it’d be easy, but I don’t want to give up my original plans yet so quickly... should I keep them around just to wait for my taste to settle down? It’s a lot of money for something I might not love.
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    18. I need to make more for my crew since non of them can be considered "in character" yet and some don't even have a faceup:doh I just don't know why I happen to always fall in love with sculpts that are no longer in production or are nowhere near any second hand markets (ringdoll frankenstein and dark norman:doh)
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    19. Guilty. I have 4 dolls and a creative slump, so decided to wipe them all clean and start again. Now one is finished and looking pretty, but one is not even strung, and the other two are lacking clothes x) so much to do!

      @D795 I don't think you have to rush with selling them right away. You don't have to keep them either, but take your time when they come and see what you think ^^
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    20. I don't know. I set myself a limit of 10 BJDs, and I am already over that. Right now, I am at 10 big dolls, and if I am honest, I am planning on an 11th one (trying to justyfy him with body sharing. But let's be honest - as soon as has his elaborate outfit, wig, etc. of course he will get his own body).

      All this starts to get a bit overwhelming. I wanted to be able to interact with all of these, and right now as I am starting a gigantic action figure collection. Sitting in a glass cabinet and just looking good (at least I hope so). Not really what I wanted, so I have to get used to that thought.

      In the end, I think I will manage it. Of course many of them are missing something, but first I want each one of them to be complete.
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