How do you feel when a buyer listed the doll you sold?

Apr 27, 2017

    1. I sold a doll to someone quite cheaply because I needed the funds. When the buyer received the doll, she seemed happy about it and said the doll looked awesome. After a month, she listed the same doll for $200 more than what I sold to her. I'm not upset about that because it's now her doll. But I get a sense of guilt for selling to her a doll that she maybe couldn't bond with. I don't know.
    2. I usually would feel a bit sensitive about buyer selling my dolls (or any other items) at a higher price than what they got from me, but I Guess I will have to deal with that feeling myself since it is their doll now and it's their choice to resell it at whatever price they want as Long as someone is willing to buy from them. Usually to prevent myself from feeling this way, I tend to sell my dolls at it's market value (even though it might take a longer time for it to get sold) so that the chances of resellers taking the advantage of making a profit would be slimmer...

      As for your case, I personally feel that you don't have to feel guilty about selling her a doll she can't bond with! :) Buying dolls is usually like a kind of gamble I Guess; you won't know completely if you are able to bond with your new doll until you've received them. She bought a doll she couldn't bond with but made an additional $200 profit from the resale, so I Guess things isn't so bad for her either. :)
    3. I feel also a bit upset, when dolls I sell are fast sold again for even more i asked.
      But I can understand. I also bought some dolls second hand and realised after some time I could not bound after all. Actually this takes much longer for me since i first try other outfits, wigs and eyes.
      I try to get what i payd for them, sometimes a bit lower but i newer ask much more then what i#ve paid.
      I wonder how some people can sell dolls even more expensive while my sales are being ignored even with lower price..
      Even 2 limited Souldolls wouldn't sell.
      Selling dolls is really a pain..
    4. How do I feel? If the buyer sell it, it's fine, it's not my doll anymore. But when selling for a price higher than what the person paid for from me, I'd be miffed. I had this happen once when I sold a doll and did a fantastic job on body/face up painting job and for just $5. But to find the person selling it for $50 buck more on top due to the whole paint job I did... that's where Full Stop happens. It is not right for the person to "profit" on a job I, as in me, did.
      So, if it bothers you that the person is selling it for higher price, maybe you could contact the person to ask why and see if she can sell it for the price she paid.
    5. Omg yes I couldn't understand how some people manage to sell my dolls at a higher price than I did while my listing barely got noticed at all too! It happens all the time, I listed my doll at a market value and nobody wants it so I gradually drop the price overtime. Someone finally buys it off and sell it for a way higher price than I did and it gets sold within a week or two...kinda irks me though, so now I don't drop my price at all and just wait for sales instead :/
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    6. I sold a doll to a person who I became friends with, and she is selling all the dolls I sold her now. She was nice enough to offer them to me first, which was sweet of her! I'm sad they'll be losing a home with a friend, but I don't begrudge her the sale of them since they do belong to her.
    7. "She listed the doll for $200 more than she paid....." I don't think bonding was an issue, she just got a good deal and capitalized on it. Sorry for my attitude! I've been in this business too long! LOL!
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    8. It really doesn't bother me. If I sold it, either I got the money I wanted for it or I got the money when I needed it. If someone else is willing to put some time or effort in I didn't, or even if they just know how to sell better than me, then more power to them. I figure we both made out pretty well and got what we wanted. Win/win situation all around. As far as feeling guilty for selling a doll they didn't bond with, it was their choice to buy it. I didn't force it on them. Therefore, I have no reason to feel bad. I try not to feel guilty for other people's choices.
    9. You got the price you asked for it, so there is really nothing to be upset about. If i listed a doll for an amount and got it, that is all i can ask for.
      Now on the other hand, If i listed a doll for an amount and someone haggled and talked me down talking about how much they want the doll, how its a dream doll, how it would be a huge favor,,, then turned around to profit,.. then i would be mad.. Especially if it was listed so fast. To me that means they only bought it to try and make more off of it.
      Things like this are why I wont sell a doll until Im sure I dont want it. Then i really dont care what the next person does with it.
    10. Normally, I don't care at all, and usually don't even know if my old dolls have been resold. Once it's out of my hands and I've gotten what I wanted from it (money, trade), it's no longer my doll and I'm totally detached from it and don't keep up with it anymore.

      The only exception I can think of would be selling a doll for much lower than I wanted or trading for something I really didn't want because a friend talked me into it, only to sell it for more immediately. Scalping dolls, especially from friends, is kind of rude in my opinion, even more so when you've played on their emotions to obtain that doll and sell it within a week of getting it.
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    11. "GET DAT MONEY"
      Honestly, once I sale a doll, it's not my property. Let them do whatever they want lol.
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    12. I feel similarly to the majority here. Once the doll is sold and out of my hands, they aren't mine anymore and the new owner can do whatever they want with them. If they re-sell the doll for more than I did, well, good for them! Capitalism isn't my strong suit anyway. :p
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    13. I guess I'm being an oldie and thinks that people will adopt a doll and give it more love than I do. Like I said, I sold the doll cheaply, gave the buyer accessories and even paid half of the shipping cost using express post because I wanted the doll to arrive to its destination safely.
    14. If I knowingly sold a doll under market value to make a quick sale, I would not be surprised to see the new owner sell it for full market value later on. If they have time (don't need to make a quick sale), then they should be selling it for market value.
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    15. Never sold any. Can't relate. LOL. But I have sold other types of dolls and they are out of mind when they hit the PO. :sweat
    16. I tend to forget who bought a doll from me about 90 seconds after I hear it arrived safely (unless the buyer is a personal friend), so the odds are I wouldn't even realize it was the same doll being sold again. The real danger would be my falling back in love with the doll after seeing fresh pictures, and deciding to buy it from Seller Two.
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    17. I think so to..
      It can happened that here are bonding issues but selling it for so much more.. think I'll feel a bit angry. Not about the 200$ more but to be lied to
    18. I also tend to forget who I've sold things to. I think if a buyer immediately sold a doll after receiving it from me would sting a bit... But hey, that's life. I can't tell them what to do with the things that they now own.

      Ouch. You were super nice to do all of that! :( I don't think I'd be willing to pay half of the shipping for someone. I can see myself giving some basics like eyes/wig maybe basic undergarments if I have any extra-- or a discount on other stuff I was selling, but not shipping ( mostly because shipping from Canada gets super expensive really fast :doh )
    19. Selling a doll means accepting that the buyer can do whatever they want with it, including selling it (or destroying it even).

      That said, I can understand feeling a bit odd if they raised the price by $200 after a month - but that's mostly because that seems like a sharp increase to have so quickly, not because of the sale itself. It makes me wonder if they actually got that asking price for it?
    20. I did a part-sale part-trade of an LE doll I couldn't bond with to a friend I know IRL, taking a doll in the trade I was ambivalent about (though I still have him and love him now) because it was the only way she could make the deal work and I knew she'd give the doll a good loving home. I know she's sold all of her dolls now, including that one, because of finances. It doesn't bother me at all. I care more about her wellbeing than the doll.

      The only other time I sold anything was an event head, who went to a popular face-up artist. I was excited that they showed me what they did with him, but didn't go looking to see if he was resold or at what price.