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How do you format your doll family profile on DoA?

Nov 18, 2017

    1. I haven't ever seen this discussed before, but it is something I find really interesting. When I look at people's profiles on Den of Angels everyone always has such interesting and creative ways of listing their resin crew. I have seen lots of different ways to organize the lists, such as by doll size, skin color, company, date acquired, alphabetical by doll name, by individual doll families, individual storylines/universes, the list goes on and on!

      So tell us, how do you format your Den of Angels doll family profile?

      Also, what information do you include in your doll family profile? I have seen some people include gender, faceup artist, fullset/basic model, and all sorts of additional information to describe the dolls they live with. How do you describe your crew?
    2. I usually use high quality photos from my last shoot. I write out a identical "bio" for each character that includes age, birthday, personality and their general life and place in thier story. I make sure to have a good eye catching cover photo and to describe as much detail about the dolls aesthetic's as possible ^0^
    3. I list the names of the dolls, size, head and body sculpts. Mine are in three groups. I list dolls on order too.

      Group one is minimees and others' characters: that's dolls of famous people or well known characters.

      Group two is my characters: the dolls of characters from my novels.

      Group three is randoms... Those that don't fit into either if the categories above.

      I have one doll who is both group one and two: Teo us a character from my novels, but he's also a minimee sculpt of Iker Casillas since that was how I always pictured Teo's face!

      On their individual profiles, only my characters have info. Minimees are not characters to me, they're just dolls that look like people. Randoms don't get profiles: they don't have characters either.

      On my novel characters profiles, I just put the basics on aesthetics: they're all given face ups, wigs etc made by me.
    4. Mine is really simple - it's the order I received them in. :lol: I do separate the full dolls from the heads, though. Funnily enough, having that list has helped me many times when I was trying to remember when I received a doll. I do try to list skintone, whether or not it was a fullset, or things like that, mostly for my own benefit.
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    5. I group my dolls by manuscript, since I'm in the hobby to shell characters I've written about for years. The headers I use in my DOA profile aren't titles but rather intended to offer viewers a one-word snapshot of the style to expect from the dolls listed.

      For each doll, I include company/studio, size, sculpt, gender (or lack thereof), and arrival date. If I'm waiting on a doll, I'll list status (IE: layaway, incoming, etc.) then update the arrival date once they're delivered. The groups are listed chronologically.
    6. Pretty much whatever doa doll profile required, I’ll provide as much info as I can.

      I constantly update my boy’s photos since he’s my first doll
    7. Mine are mostly in the order I received them. The earliest ones may be a little out of order due to the fact I already had a few home by the time I joined.
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    8. I have mine broken into several categories (Delf, Doll Chateau, Minis, and Teenie Gems). They are listed in order of arrival with Name, Sculpt, Resin color (if special), and Arrival Date. Nothing fancy, but it works for me.
    9. I group my doll family into two categories: Anthros and Humans. They're so different in aesthetic and scale that I kind of view them as separate collections.
    10. Mine are listed by size, from my Granado down to my Pukifee. I'm not sure why I did that, in retrospect. Below my list of completed dolls, I list my floating heads.

      I use this format for each doll: Name "Nickname (if any)" -- Maker Sculpt
    11. On the list on my profile, I split them into two groups: human or pet/fantasy. From there, I go in alphabetical order by the character’s first name. Character name is all caps followed by the sculpt (and body if hybrid or it seems important) and the symbol for their gender.

      On the doll profiles, I just fill out the questions.
    12. I used to go by order of arrival, then alphabetical order of their given names, then companies... Nowadays I have them separated into their individual sub-stories. I even include a key in my profile to help explain which story is which!
    13. Mine's actually broken down into two different parts these days, since I have absolutely no clue anymore which of my "assorted creatures" are currently on-topic here and which aren't.

      The actual "Doll Family" section includes the more human-like dolls that I feel confident are on-topic. It's divided by company, with the dolls listed individually under each manufacturer's heading, in Name-Line&Sculpt format (The doll's line is only mentioned if I have examples from more than one of the company's general size ranges... Both MiniFees and LittleFees, for example... and they're sorted by size in descending order). I also tend to mention it if the doll's head is on a bod that's not typical of its type. A girl head done as a boy, say, or a hybrid with a head from one company and bod from another.

      For instance, the Volks section of the list looks like:

      Doll Named A-SD17 Sculpt Name
      Doll Named B-SD13 FCS Number
      Doll Named C-YoSD Sculpt Name not-standard-gender
      ... and so on

      Any company that I have two or more dolls from gets a company heading of its own.
      The doll companies that I only have one doll from are all listed together at the bottom of the list under (Etc) in Name-Company&Sculpt format.

      The second half of my collection list is at the very bottom of the Profile page. That's my Menagerie, and it includes all of the weird little animal and event dolls that might or might not actually be on-topic here anymore. (It just seemed safer to me not to include any of them in the "main" list given the uncertainty over their status-)

      The format of that part of the list is basically the same as the main collection's, though there's no sorting by size under any of the Menagerie headings.... and, again, any company I have two or more dolls from gets its own heading, while the only-one-of companies are all listed together under (Etc).
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    14. I actually just re-did my doll family on my profile the other day!

      I separated them based on collection - the "Spooky Squad (also "Creepy Crew") is the main group and then the fandom inspired dolls (both of which are OCs in pre-existing worlds).

      Within those groups they're arranged by who I got first.

      I also have a charahub page where I'm working on getting photos and bios for all my characters written up! (:
    15. You had me looking at mine and it's grossly out of date! :lol: Mine is arranged by size and then in the order I received them, only listing the company name, model skin type possibly. I used to list the doll's actual character name as well but there aren't enough characters for me to do that anymore so I had to simplify. I changed my actual computer file list of my dolls and organized my dolls by company under each size.
    16. Mine is really simple. I list my big girls and then the DD on separate paragraph.
      I don't particularly have them in order for size, but I use doll name - company/sculpt name - face up artist. Face up artists/face paintings make or break a doll bonding with me, so I list them because I think it's important to me :)
      I wish I had list them in order, but it's too much work to sort them now and my collection rotates pretty often.

      And then I list the ones I'm still waiting on on the bottom. Cause they are technically mine, but not in hand yet ^^
    17. On my profile, I list company, then alphabetically by sculpt, mainly since I only have dolls from a few companies. Any other info would be in the Doll profiles, but I haven't set mine up yet. I keep meaning to, but things are busy...
    18. I list mine by company alphabetically, and then the head sculpt name by order of arrival. Since a majority of my dolls are hybrids, I don't bother including bodies since they're from a lot of different companies and I tend to switch their heads and bodies fairly often. I do put more details like companies of bodies, wigs, and eyes; faceup artists; dates of acquisition; and sometimes snippets of their characters/stories in their Doll Profiles.
    19. I go by narrative group, then roughly in the order in which I bought/completed them (roughly because I've had several orders of multiple dolls, and because I sometimes don't remember who showed up when). I keep the floaters separate, as I don't really count them until they're complete; similarly, dolls on order are separate because they don't count until they arrive.
    20. I've had to rearrange my LIST of dolls a number of times. Now that I have so many, I don't bother with grouping them by family or friends--it's by SIZE and then alphabetically by COMPANY.

      Individual Profiles--no organization at all. I just post them when I can.