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How do you get over the fear of modifying your dolls?

Mar 25, 2016

    1. We all know that the beauty of these dolls is that they were made to be customize-able. But what about some modifications that are a little more permanent than others? Do those mods make you nervous? Do you avoid doing them on rarer or more limited dolls? Or do you not care at all and just do it?

      I have 2 dolls that are no longer made and pretty unpopular as far as I've seen that I've been aching to dye tan. However, I'm extremely afraid of doing it! If I mess them up I have no skills in how to fix them, nor would they be possible to replace. One of them also has a really pretty face-up that I'm sad about wiping haha. I know that they feel incomplete this way and I should just suck it up and DO it, but I'm afraid of winding up with two streaky, patched up dolls that are chipping everywhere!
    2. I'm facing that same dilemma with my (currently floating) Elfdoll Yuan head. Elfdoll discontinued all their BJDs years ago so she's not replaceable ... she didn't click for the OC I bought her for ... but she does look like another OC. Who is an alien and would require facial mods. :sigh
      Not helpful, I know. But if you figure out how to get over it, do let me know. :sweat
    3. I drink booze and lots of it! That eases the fear! Seriously though, the point to me of this hobby is to experience imaginative play. Much like in real life that sometimes entails taking chances especially if the dolls are no longer doing it for you. You could start with one and see how it goes. Or you could buy something cheap to experiment on. But if things go awry you just change their characters to zombies or something....and scare your other dolls....
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    4. Yes. Alcohol and zombies. And the realization that none of it will matter in 100 years, so do what matters to you now.
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    5. Do it. It doesn't matter if it's a cheap standard doll or rare LE. It's your doll, and you need to make it your own to please you. I have two limited/rare heads and both have pierced ears. One of them, I did myself. The other was already like that when I bought him secondhand. There are people in the hobby who do restorations and do a great job of it. Best case, your doll ends up being exactly what he wanted and you're happy. Worst case, you mess up and regret it, and send it to a restoration artist to fix it.
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    6. Well, I jumped in head first. When I started the hobby I didn't know my doll was rare and dumped him in boiling water with dye. It turned out okay so I decided to dye my dollshe hound tan. He turned gray, so I decided to paint him tan instead. Which involved multiple coats of varnish, that turned out to be vulnerable to moisture. So I've been working on getting him back to resin. At one point, around the time that he was discontinued I remember panicking that I had ruined him until I had the revelation that I could fix anything I screwed up or pay someone else to do it.

      I think it really depends on how you view the dolls and this hobby. As an artist I want to experiment, as a collector I want to preserve. It's why I'm still hesitant to modify my Volks Michele to fit the character it is supposed to be. It's definitely easier when the doll isn't rare.
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    7. I haven't. Still terrified of ruining them. I have very limited funds, so I can't really afford to replace or restore anything that I mess up. That being said, I've never really been too interesting in any crazy or extensive modifications.
    8. Can't you first try with dolls that you don't care too much or is more readily available or try it on some extra parts? I would never modify the doll unless it's pretty much ruined from yellowing or I don't care about it at all.
    9. I actually wanted to modify my DZ Virgil and was terrified since he was my most expensive and couldn't easily be replaced if something went wrong. To get over my fear, I decided to do the smallest mod first and give him a little nose ring. Since it was nothing more than a small piece of wire and elmer's glue, I figured it wouldn't be that bad. Once it was done, I really liked how it looked and that gave me confidence to do more modding. He now has, along with his nose ring, sculpted elf ears, claws, and a brand scar (like they put on cows).