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How do you keep from getting discouraged?

Aug 4, 2010

    1. Hello all. I'm a new collector, I've been in the hobby for about 2 months now. I really want to get my first doll soon, but as you all know they are very expensive and it takes a very long time to save up my money, what with delayed paychecks and bills to pay and college classes starting soon. I've been having a really hard time with the wait, getting almost obsessed with pinching every penny I can so I can get my doll sooner. I'm about half way there and I'm getting kind of depressed about it and I stopped looking at the dolls all together for a while, which was kind of weird because for the past two months they are all I could talk about. From the waiting and the saving all the trouble I've been having choosing and sticking to a beauty that I want to save for I've gotten quite discouraged, and I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem before?

      And if so how you deal with it, or get yourself out of this funk?

      Thanks bunches!
    2. Well, in general I don't think it is a bad thing to take a break for a while. I used to do this when I was actively collecting My Little Ponies. It lets you clear your mind and save up without feeling depressed about what you can't buy. At least, it did for me. ;)

      Just keep saving what you can, but do endulge yourself a little now and then. I think it is better to try to enjoy the wait rather than obsess over it. Also, waiting can make you better prepared for your purchase. I could have bought my first doll by now, but I am waiting. I want to have Marketplace access first and see what is available there. Also, I want to be sure in my decision. I've already changed my mind from one company to another. So, I am happy I waited! If I am going to spend a lot on a doll, I want to be sure I am getting the quality and look I want. (Even if that means spending a little more.) Also, I can learn about care of the resin, restringing, different wigs, eyes, etc. Knowing more about the doll before I get it will be a help.

      Try to make it a positive thing for yourself. Keep educating yourself, and when you feel up to it, keep looking at other brands. It never hurts to "shop around". Also, ask questions! Find out everything you can, or feel you want to know before buying. It will help you once your ready to buy. :)
    3. I agree with the above. I waited a few years before i purchaced my first doll, and i'm glad i waited since i was having a hard time finding the "one". I'm glad i took my time to pick the perfct one for me, and while i saved for her, i sketched out outfit designs, planned photoshoots, and of course spent lots of time on DOA for inspiration. I think the fact that your already halfway there is amazing! Try to keep yourself excited by picking out eyes and wigs for your doll! Good luck!
    4. Remember that all things shall pass -- including long waits. It may be long and frustrating, but it will come to an end. Perhaps there is some kind of activity you can do while you wait -- working on developing/writing about his character (if you're into that kind of thing), or making some kind of doll related items.
    5. Waiting can be good, just like wystearya said. I wanted a bernard for ages, and while i was saving dollshe stopped making dolls! I was reallly unhappy, but after waiting and thinking it over I decided on a different sculpt I think works better for what I had in mind. ^^ So just keep saving, and keep your options open.
      What I like to do when I'm waiting is make little things for my incoming doll. (i've made 1/3 size stationary and pencils this time xD )
    6. When I was saving for my first doll (and this doll) I kept thinking I might never got her, but I did! I saved little by little, and usually the money would come in when i was thinking that it would be impossible. Also I kept buying things for her, clothes ready for when she came home so she wouldn't have to sit around nude, little accessories. I'm doing the same with this one I am saving for, even though he'll come with clothes I want some casual clothes too. I'm also going to try and make some things this time around. And when I get a little down, I think "I felt this way over Kaitlin and I still got her, I can do this!" xD
    7. Waiting is really good. I didn't wait that long before buying my first doll (she was a Puki so insanely tiny and not 'that' expensive), however when it came to my Bambicrony, the wait was a while (I forget exactly) and worth it. It really let me step back from a doll that I wanted so, so badly and reorganize my priorities, so that when she came I was excited and happy, but not unhealthily obsessed. Even now with my dolls at home, I'll step back and take a few days to a week away from them just to remember that there is a life outside my dolls, and other things more important.

      To get myself out of the funk, it normally happens on it's own :) it's pretty organic actually, I normally just have the urge to pick them up and make them something or pose them in different poses, and snap pictures :)
    8. -hugs- Don't be too sad. I had to spend my funds for my first doll many times over a year, it's nearly been two! Things happened and I had to give up my savings. This time, it looks like my savings are safe and I'm halfway there.

      I keep myself from being too upset by staring at my best friend Val's pretties. One of them is actually the mate of my first doll. They're our rp characters in doll form. This helps keep my spirits up, especially since Divrak will get to go visit his Rion some day....and Val can snap pictures of them. I'm also working on finding the perfect gifts from Div to Rion when he does go....cuz, yah know, you got to spoil your little love when you go see him!
    9. I work myself to death.

      Okay, so not literally (hard to buy a doll from beyond the grave). However, being busy all the time really helps me stay calm. It's only when I sit still that I feel disheartened. Luckily, my mother and neighbors need lots of help in their gardens. All that physical labor wears me out. Not to mention, it pays very well. Plus, when I work that much, I make more money.
    10. What works for me is simply reassuring myself that progress is being made. Whether it's not going out to dinner and saving $20 here, selling something and getting a few bucks there, it all adds up. Even if the going is slow, if you're aware of your goal constantly, progress is being made. The harder you work for something you want, the better it feels when you can finally hold that beautiful doll in your hands. And when that day comes, there will be no doubt in your mind that it was all worth it.
    11. Personally? I work and distract myself with preparing my boys space for when he does arrive. Like I've already moved around my room so there is a place for him to say; and its slowly being filled up with things that hes going to own. (Like Doll size shirts, Stuffed animals, blankets, etc.)
      Something I do Is I've already got him a stuffed animal to keep hold of, but until he is here I've been sleeping with it myself. It kinda helps with the thought that 'we can share this when he/she arrives'. Just thinking about them in a 'they're already here in spirit' fashion also helps.
    12. I know how you feel. I actively saved for a year before I finally got my girl, and actually spent another three to five months before that waffling over whether or not I wanted one at all. (Well, after that long of thinking, "Oh, they're so cool!" I finally admitted to myself, yeah, I wanted one. XD) I spent a lot of that period of time researching and building a library of bookmarks I thought were cool or useful, a couple of which already came in handy and several more I'm certain I'll be putting to use.

      Part of what made the wait so arduous for me was that there were actually a couple molds I was interested in just about equally, but had different plans for--one called for a casual modern girl, the other plan was for a certain steampunk mad scientist. I knew the smartest thing to do was wait for the right opportunity, whichever mold came up first, but save for making Sculpy food, I couldn't really know what I was going to need to do until that golden moment appeared. I did think I was more likely going to end up with the casual modern girl, but it was a good thing that I waited on making or acquiring things, because I actually ended up with the mad scientist! And thanks to all that research and bookmarking I did while I was waiting, I have plenty of information at the ready to start making her the right costuming and props.

      So, I have a couple bits of advice for you: One, be patient but observant. Check the Marketplace, eBay, Mandarake, Yahoo Japan, and/or whatever other places you think you can find your target secondhand, and check them regularly, every day if possible. Think of yourself as some sort of creepy spider, lying in wait to swoop in out of the shadows and snap him up before anyone even knows he's for sale. ;)

      Two, while waiting, read! Definitely spend some time browsing around the Workshop area, and bookmark anything that looks interesting. There's all kinds of stuff there--how to make custom eyes, how to make miniature books, how to make a vest and/or jacket without a pattern--and there's sure to be something there that's useful. Also poke around on Google, especially if you have a certain look in mind for your doll. That way, when you do get him, you can hit the ground running, armed with information and ideas.
    13. Instead of getting sad about it see what things you can make to sell for extra money. You are half way to your goal and that is something to be commended!

      I find when I dont have money to spend on doll stuff I tend to stay away from the market place because I always see something I would like and that is not a bad thing . Its more important to pay bills and that way you appreciate your dolls more when you do have them. Dont worry you will be there soon!
    14. Don't feel bad, I waited six years to buy my first doll.

      Have a look around the house and make a pile of anything and everything you don't want or use. Even if you think, oh I want that, consider if you need it or use it. If it's stored in a box in the basement, you don't use it. Sell it! Go on eBay and list it all, you'd be surprised how much cash you can rake in. I made 800 dollars in one day selling unwanted crap on eBay once.

      Check out the sticky master list of ways to make doll money post, too, for ideas.

      But importantly, think about your current situation and your possible future situation - if money is really tight now, it may get even tighter, so be sure you can afford a luxury splurge. That said, I think a good, sought after doll that's really well taken care of can be a good investment, or at the very least, you'll be able to just about break even if you need to sell. Trust me, the stress that going into debt from dolls can cause isn't worth risking money when you already have a lot on your plate.

      And who knows, maybe this is fate - your perfect doll is out there waitin' for you, too, maybe she hasn't even been made yet, and when she is, you'll have the funds! But please don't be depressed - I'm sure you'll have your doll, and other dolls, too, one day soon and in the meantime, don't let it stop you from enjoying the pretties on DoA - maybe you'll be inspired! Good luck!
    15. I turn that negativity into a more constructive energy. Well, more like re-routing. If it's money, I throw myself into my art, and really give it my all so i can build up the money through commissions. I've also been hunting for any available job so I could start saving again for my next doll. (I am sure by the time things get in order, i'll have the money for maybe an even better doll then I picked before!)

      I mostly try to stay preoccupied, because dwelling is my downfall. I think that goes for a few people. *runs back to photoshop and scribbles away on tablet*
    16. My doll was an impulse purchase; although I still think that she's gorgeous, I'm sure that looking around at other companies and saving up over a period of time would have been a better idea. This is especially true considering that I have no plans to buy another doll.
    17. I live vicariously through my friends :lol:

      Of course it helped that I've always been a bit of a scrooge, so I had the money saved up by the time I wanted my first doll. And now, I have my other dolls entertaining me while I'm saving for the new one. It's still not easy, but a bit more manageable^^
    18. Wow, you've gotten some great advice here! Just wanted to tell you to keep reminding yourself that you're going about it the right way, and you'll be really proud of yourself when you've saved enough. Chin up, and keep working at it!
    19. I actually have to go through this. I had planned to buy my doll once summer break started, particularly after my birthday. However, due to financial issues (such is life), I loaned the money I saved to my mother. We agreed that in exchange since I had enough for my doll and Mom was going to buy my doll a set of clothes for my birthday, she's going to let me get my boy and his set of clothes at the same time. However, I have to wait a little longer because we have to get my books for college since I only got enough financial aid to cover my tuition and room and board.

      I did get a little discouraged for a short while, but I just remind myself that I'll be buying him soon and after all the wait, I will be all the more ecstatic when he's finally home.
    20. I'm in the same sort of idea, saving and scrimping and suchlike, but hey, it'll all be worth it in the end
      It helps if you have something else to focus on instead of ALL SAVING ALL THE TIME.
      Like learning to sew, video games, even other hobbies
      Obsessing over anything is going to end badly, so keep calm and split your focus a little.