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How do you keep your dolls?

Dec 27, 2006

    1. Do you make a house for them? A living room? A glass cabinet?

      I'm going to put mine up on a shelf because of my cats-- I know Paddy would just LOVE to get into them. They'll have a little room up there with chairs and hopefully a bed.

      So how do you keep yours?
    2. I'm paranoid so I cover them up and put them back in their box.
    3. Mine is sleeping on his bag and he stays with me next to my comp when I'm here because I haven't place at all~
      But I'd so like to have a bigger place for him, with a bed and many other things =D
    4. Mine will probably have to remain in her bad on a shelf for a while until I figure out what my cats will do.

      Once I have that thought out, I'll probably get beds and couches and whatnot.
      Aw, Shin, I'm sure you'll find space for him eventually. ^_^

      needoll- I'm going to be paranoid with my cats. One is a troublemaker. 0.o
    5. The headboard of my bed is more like a shelf with cubby (however you spell that) holes, and I've cleared the top of it off.
      When my Nana gets here, she'll sit up there.
    6. I never have any room (I'm having a hard time figureing out where to stick my laptop when I'm not using it!) but probably mine will take up the top space on my book shelfs when I get him, until I have more room or surface space to give him. Getting my own roon with it's own furniture will make a huge diffrence ^_^; I want to get a nice and pretty chair for him (or more than one if I get the others sooner). Something in a pretty green... :)
    7. I've prepared my doll his own bedroom. I still trying to get ready for when he arrives lol
    8. Mine go everywhere never have they seen the inside of their boxes after they came out. They have travel bags, and tons of furniture (desks, tables, chairs, beds, sofas, etc...) Typically if they aren't running around with me they are sitting impatiently by the sewing machine waiting for things to get made. lol
    9. they stays wherever he happens to be >-< table, couch, chair, floor... as long as they aren´t in a dangerous spot.... i usually keep them on my desk, or my bed, or the floor by the TV.... as long as i don´t think they´ll get hurt, i don´t really care where they are.. xD
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    11. Mine stand by me at my desk, I am on the computer a lot. But they also stay in doll stands, I am not having anyone take a nosedive off my desk. When I take a lot of photos then I stand them without.
    12. They lay on the unused side of my bed, covered up and all, like in bed. ^^
    13. Wow. You all have so many different places you keep them! 0.o;;
      A question: do any of you have cats that try to get into your dolls? How do you respond to that?
    14. While I'm at university my boys have a shaded spot in my room, where they all sit together on their little sofa. When I'm at home during the holidays, they always stay in my room in a box covered with blankets to protect them from the sun and the cigarette smoke from my parents :ablah:
    15. Since I have Soren I just close my bedroom's door everytime I get out.
      I'm really afraid of what my cat could do with my boy T_T
      -Ow ow bad english sorry~-
    16. I normally keep Lucy with me or sitting on my desk besides my bed. Normally she sleeps on my bed. ^^
    17. They currently sit on a pile of Japanese magazines covered by a blanket, next to my bed. Space is VERY tight in my room, but I will be moving into the basement in January and will have all the room in the world. So, I hope to expand to having a table, or at least a couch, and a small "home" as it were for them :)
    18. Shutting the door is a good idea. Poor kitties might not be able to sleep with me... Nah. I can't live without my kitties. I'll have to keep them on the highest shelf in my room.
    19. I keep two of my boys on my night stand, and the other two boys and my girl on a couch near the table. Once I get my Cyndy boy I'll have to get more furniture :sweat
    20. Dante is currently perched on a doll-sized dresser, Nola and Lolli are laying in the half-finished bed I am working on for them, and Veruca's headless body (her head is away for a faceup) is on a doll lounge on a shelf in the living room. My two little ones were staying in a curio cabinet, but when I took them out and they smelled like the wood that was the last of that. So now they sit on top of a shelving unit. So really, they all just sit where they end up. I couldn't put my babies away in boxes, I want to look at 'em all day! ^_^