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How do you keep your large doll?

Jun 3, 2018

    1. If you have a large doll, how do you keep it? Displayed, or away in its box? If you do keep them displayed, what are your set ups like? I am working on making an area to keep my incoming doll displayed, but I am curious how others do it.
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    2. Larger dolls are indeed harder to place somewhere. My msds are just out and about. So far tho I've kept my Sd's in their boxes, however I do find it a pity. I'm planning to install a glass kind of show closet in bedroom where I can display them in. Mayb buying some chairs where they can sit on and where the smaller msds can sit besides.
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    3. Uh... none of the above? Mine are not in their boxes, but nor are they displayed in any sort of set up. Mine sit on my desk (which I never use), on a little seat in my room and some of them are usually on the couch downstairs. The big (65+) guys usually hold the two little ones.

      The majority of my dolls are over 60cm, and I’m not a very organised person so proper set ups don’t feature,
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    4. My two big boys sit on a shelf that I cover with a blanket to sort of protect from light exposure, and one of them wears a facemask to further protect his face. My other big guy actually lives in a drawer, because I really don't have the space to keep them all out, but I also don't really like keeping them in the boxes.
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    5. I have all my big guys all lined up atop my dresser, which is now the dolly area, with my smaller dolls on top of a dolly closet. I'm just about out of room, but for now they all fit and I'm going to be moving soon, so it's where they'll remain for the time being. They used to all be sitting down, but I like them better standing.
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    6. I don't have her body yet, but when I do I'm planning on storing my DD (and her doll friends, of course) in an under-bed bin.
      It's the perfect mix of secure and accessible, imo - the bin is hard plastic and my blankets will block any light, and the bin is easy to pull out.
      I also have a shelf for her to sit on, but I don't trust myself not to get distracted and end up playing with dolls instead of studying!
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    7. I invite a lot of random people over, so I keep my guys hidden like all more personal items. Currently I have an Ikea cupboard with 5 boxes large enough for a 70 cm doll to lie down and have all their stuff and clothing there, too. I am also a fan of sunlight and house plants and have realllly large windows, so dolls behind glass would yellow a tad too much.

      When one day I get out of a rental flat and can get more furniture including some for doll display, I'll likely go for a very large baroque cupboard made of oak. You know, those nearly 3 meters high heavy giants with hand-sculpted insane details, meant for storing plates or books, and they have doors with glass in the upper part and drawers or non-see-through doors on the lower part, good for storing wigs etc. The glass doors can usually have thick velvet curtains installed on the inside, and they could be made into such that I could open and close them as I please. This way, I could protect my resin from sunlight and guests, and on a bonus side I would have a classy as heck cupboard that fits my taste. The cupboards can also have lights installed inside for proper display. They aren't insanely expensive and fit a small display collection like mine would once grow to be (about 5-6 large dolls) since I'd only want to display my favorites.

      Yeah, I have a tendency to plan big. Haha.
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    8. I have two of mine sitting on shelves in my room, and one standing with a stand supporting her. But then I have a thick, dark blanket covering my one window so I don’t worry about the sun.
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    9. In my room where I plan to display mine, I have two different light blocking curtains up over each other, as well as blinds. I'm actually pretty light sensitive myself, so protecting dolls from light shouldn't be too big of a deal.
    10. In their boxes, inside the wardrobe.
    11. I have a display cabinet in my room, it's made of wood with a glass door and glass windows on one side so I can see my dolls while inside the room as well, since the door is facing the door out of the room. That way they have room to stand and be pretty but are also facing away from the window so I'm not worried about direct sunlight on them. I find whenever I kept them in their boxes I would consider leaving the hobby, because I felt demotivated to take them out and thus would feel like I had wasted money on them. I need to have them out on display, personally.
    12. I have shelves built like bedrooms or cubbyholes. They have beds and things set up so I have them in their rooms :). Blinds are drawn so I make sure it stays kinda dark in there.
    13. I have a "doll room" with dioramas and shelves built just for them, and they hang out in there. The smaller ones are in an antique cabinet from my grandparents, in my sewing room. A doll in a box is doomed to be sold around here.
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    14. I have a wood and glass cabinet that all my dolls go in (standing). Except for my Dollmore Trinity. She's WAY too big. :lol:
    15. I currently have only two 60cm boys, who sit somewhat scrunched up on the bottom level of an Ikea Detolf glass display cabinet. I do plan to get a couple more Detolfs (I have too many dolls to fit into the two I currently own), at which point my plan is to remove one of the inner glass shelves and get them up on a couple of larger stands.
    16. My two big guys get to loaf around my desk areas! I don't have a place to display them where they won't get dusty, so I make dure they're always on the move! Their favorite places recently: Aren likes to loaf on a small sitting ottoman with some sparkly pillows in my quiet and clean dressing area (because he's feeling luxurious), and since I'm working on Sassypants so much lately, Sassy gets to loaf on my work desk!

      I aaam starting to work on a space in my closet shelves where I can have all of my dolls loaf together and I can slam dunk their boxes into storage, but now that I have a +70cm behemoth, things got complicated in rearranging the shelving height. :XD:
    17. All of my dolls are 1/3 scale (16 currently), and they’re all on stands behind glass in an IKEA cabinet. I throw a blanket over it before leaving for work in the morning so they get as little light exposure as possible, but I can take it off to enjoy seeing them when I want to and behind glass I don’t have to worry about my cats chewing on anything they shouldn’t.
    18. In the past I've kept them on bookshelves, but when I moved into a nicer apartment I vowed to get a better area set up for them. I've since bought two antique display cabinets for them (but I still need MOAR!)
    19. My dolls sit around my bedroom and I mainly collect 60+ cm. Most of them sit on the table next to my bed and two others sit on a small dresser.