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How do you motivate yourself to save for your doll?

Apr 10, 2010

    1. Sorry if there's already a thread like this: I looked + searched and found nothing.

      So how do you motivate yourself to save for your doll?

      Me being the stereotypical teenager- I have trouble saving large amounts of money- I see something else I want that I have enough for and I say "Do want!" and blow my money on that instead of saving for the item I was saving for.
      I'm trying to get out of that habit and I'm trying to successfully save up and work for the amount I need to get my first doll so I'm trying to find ways to motivate myself to save and keep myself from blowing it on some other random thing.

      Only thing I've been able to think of is make signs with the name of the sculpt, pictures of the doll that made me think that he was perfect for my character, ect and put them places around my house that I pass by a lot. It seems to work.. at least a little.

      So what about you guys?

    2. Remove the tempatation of having money in your wallet! I'm somewhat of an impulsive spender and i usually stash my savings somewhere in my room and put them into my bank account as soon as possible. Also if you use your computer alot (like me) put a picture of the doll you're saving for as your desktop background. Saving seems to take forever but it's totally worth it.
    3. Anneke: That thread is kinda sorta similar to what I was thinking off... in a way. This thread isn't really about how you save or what you save, more about ways to keep yourself from random *spending {aside from the absolutely necessarily of course}.

      Solarious: I hardly ever have money in my wallet anyway- mainly for the fact that I too keep my money stashed away. And I think I'll try the desktop background idea! Clever idea. :'D
    4. Well there's a dream doll out there for me, but I would have
      to save for years and even then I imagine if the money was
      right in front of me I would realize there were much better
      uses for it. It's A LOT of $$. So no, I haven't been motivated
      to save up for her. But that wasn't really the topic, was it? lol
      sorry. I think your idea of putting pictures of your future doll
      on your walls or around the house is a good motivator though!!
      And the mentioned thread "The saving up waiting room" is a
      good place to go if you need some ideas or support.
      Best wishes on getting your first doll!!!!!!!!!!!

      edit: I forgot to ask...what doll is it you're saving for??
    5. I'm good at saving since I had to pay off my tuition fee at the university and managed to stay away from taking student loans *don't ask how that happened though (:*
      But my sister is a disaster when it comes to money. She's saving for a car, but she's the kind of window shopper who, when seeing a nice dress or shirt, will just go and buy that without thinking too much. Now she:
      a) gives a certain amount to me and I stash it away. This way, she has to ask me every time she wants something from the box and we can discuss if that item is really, _really_ all that necessary or not;
      b) starts talking about cars whenever she faces the idea of buying something - and this, too, helps a lot.

      Good luck with the saving and getting your first doll!
    6. I have all the money I need to buy my first doll an his clothes, eyes, and wig in the summer. Most of that money is at home (which is 200 miles away because I'm in college) the rest is in a change purse which is hidden in a small compartment in a small case. Said case is locked in a footlocker that is locked in my Dorm closet. So, basically, I keep myself from spending by taking advantage of my own laziness in that I don't want to go through all that to get a few bucks out. I also don't do a lot of shopping (since I can't go anywhere in the first place).
      I'm actually quite proud that I've managed to keep that money for so long seeing as how I'm also an avid gamer and loads of games have come out that I want:(....I just want my boy more.
    7. To keep myself motivated I just think, which would I rather have? My dream dolly or this outfit? My dream dolly or a super nice meal at a fancy restaurant? My dream dolly or blonde hair?

      When I think about what the other temptations will leave me with (ie: the outfit will be well worn soon, food turns to poo, I don't really want to bleach my hair...), I find the motivation to keep saving for the one thing I really do want. My dolly will be with me for years. I can use him/her for so much (ie: art, fashion, company), so why spend on other things that don't really need to be spent on?


      Ask yourself this question when you get tempted: What do you want more?

      (This reply is assuming accidents and other unforeseen expenses are taken care of through another fund.) :)
    8. I don't need motivation to save up for dolls. Lol. I need motivation to not spend all my money on dolls. XD
      Right now I'm not saving for any, 'cause I'm saving for a car.
      But once that's over, I'm gonna be saving for dolls like crazy. I think it's easy to find motivation to get dolls, when they're part of a story. I have many dolls I wanna get because of that. So I can take pics of them, show their story, show who they are. Bringing your characters to life is fun. And I think that's why it's easy for me to want to save for dolls. And even why I want so many. XD
    9. I'm saving my money first for just saving...when there's no big expense, i'll purchase a doll (or others) like what I just did...
      YET, yes, I feel guilty now when I want to live 'fancier' as I've alerady purchased doll stuff too much (for me)...

      Now, I'm saving money on special account for no-purpose saving...when it's due, it can be for doll or other things...I just need to control my expenditures...dolly stuff is expensive and very-very tempting (T.T)...almost same dangerous as fabrics...(i'm kind of weak with fabrics)
    10. its really my only hobby the other one's don't cost a lot lol
    11. haha...i also hate having a lot of cash in wallet...and heey!!! I put my dream doll pic on desktop background, too...haha...I purchased her but only heads...I wanted to hybrid her...so, just a head is ok...hehehe...she's at home now...
    12. Keep your mind busy with your dreamdoll... I use the desktop background a lot :) Also for my Blythe dolls... and they're the ones where I spend most of my money forgetting about my bjd dreamgirl. Now I have a pretty BettyBoop moneysaver tin, and it's only form my dreamdoll, no blythes alllowed on spending this. :)
    13. I have a couple expensive hobbies I split my money between, so it's hard to save for a doll sometimes. xD I'm not saving for a doll right now (or anything for my other hobbies) since I have other things I need to use my money towards, but...

      Just ask yourself "Is what I want to buy worth taking money from my doll fund for?" because most of the time, it will probably be "No." (at least, this is what I've found. xD)
    14. I've found that having multiple saving stashes for different things really helps me. It takes a little bit longer, but then I'm not overly depriving myself of other things I want. If I know the doll I want is much more expensive than anything else I'd buy, I tend to split the money I have. For example - If I'm putting $50 into my savings stash, I may allocate $5-10 to go towards something else I'm saving for and the remainder to my doll fund. That way, if there's some new shoes or a video game or book I want, I have it stashed away and don't feel like I'm taking it from my doll fund.

      I find it very difficult to cut out other spending all together when I'm saving for a doll. It's almost like I need budgeted splurges too... XD
    15. Usually when I buy other stuff it's because I either need or want something that is more important than collecting dolls. But, I keep a little bank in my room for dolly funds, which is rising ever so slowly at the moment. What really distracts me from buying dolls is buying other stuff for the dolls I have. I have to keep reminding myself to make clothes instead of buying them, haha.
    16. Well my first doll I had enough money to buy right away. But I sold her pretty quick after getting her since I found out her size wasn't for me and that money went towards important work clothes. So technically I'm saving for my first doll right now, as it's the first one I've had to save for. :sweat

      Also a teenager, I know what you're talking about with the saving issues. I've got the motivation because I know it all adds up. This $10 here I save instead of spend, the $25 there, the $5 there. That right there adds up to $40 for a few little pointless things I won't enjoy nearly as much as a doll. Pretty quick those little bits add up more and more, instead of $5 and $10, you're spending $50, another $50, another $50. Nearly $150!

      I know I'd rather have that money for a doll and if I can save at the rate I'm spending (which is pretty quick) I can have her in no time. That's my motivation. Knowing it all adds up, both when leaving or when entering my bank account.
    17. To be honest, if you want the doll enough then he or she is all the motivation you need.
    18. Right now, I'm starting to save on my first doll, and my motivation is a friend of mine who lives in the same residence hall. Seeing her dolls make me really want my own!
    19. I'm reaaaally bad at saving money. XD; So normally, being a teenager with her mind on every new Pokemon game that comes out, I give my money to my mom to save it for me.~ There's no money in the doll fund right now, though, as I'm saving up money for plane tickets to California.~ But even that's not going so well...XD;