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How do you open your box?

Oct 16, 2010

    1. I was curious about this and I couldn't find a thread about this. Also if this is in the wrong section please tell me.

      Do you do anything special or weird when you open a new doll? Do you take photos or make a video?
      I know when I opened my BBB Sprite I went into a room to open her up all by myself.
    2. I take as many photos as i can, and sometimes make a photo stories as i'm opening the box the one thing i don't do is use a sharp knife big NO NO ... :)
    3. Despite having multiple dolls over the past couple years, I've only had one official box opening, and that was for my first. What I usually do is when the package clears customs, I call the post office and ask them to hold the package when it arrives rather than attempt to deliver it to my house. 99.9% of the time a home delivery for me is futile.

      When it arrives I grab my camera and head to the post office. Once I've picked up the box, I take it out to my Jeep and open it with whatever's handy. I unpack all the other things (clothes, etc) and make sure they're all the right items and that they aren't damaged, then I unwrap the doll and inspect it up and down, in and out for defects, cracks, broken fingers, scuffed faceups, poor packing, etc. I document the whole process as well as I can in case I need to present damage for refunds/replacement. It's seriously the only time I use time and date stamps on my camera. I then put everything back in the box and take it with me back home if it's my day off or to work if I'm scheduled to work that day, where it sits until I can go home and toy with it.
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    4. I take pictures and I am going to make it a habit to have my best friend there every time. :3
    5. I take photos and do box opening threads. Sometimes another doll (or dolls) will help with the opening, sometimes I get to do the opening on my own. Most of the time, though, my son, who will be 4 on November 4th, helps. I let him carry the box for me (he knows what it means when I tell him to carry it gently) and play with the bubblewrap. He usually either has to say 'hi' to the new dolly, and shake it's hand, or give it a high five. If he REALLY likes it, he'll give it one of his toys to play with, setting the toy on the doll's lap. Instead of kitty in the box omake shots (though I have 2 kitties, and am tending a 3rd) I have 'The cute thing my little boy did this time' omake shots...and lots of shots with little fingers and/or toes in them as he stays CLOSE while I open the boxes. With my MNF box opening...I have a 'child in the box' shot where he stood in the box after I pulled my Miyu out of it and was changing her eyes and giving her her wig. Too cute NOT to take a photo of!
    6. I open it veeeery slowly. xD It took me three hours to open Harper's box, before I even saw her. xD I was shaking so bad, I got horrible pictures.
    7. Tear the shipping box open, gasp and immediately fall in love when I get to the doll, then realize that I forgot to take box opening photos. :doh
    8. I think I've only done one box opening. I have 15 dolls an I've only done one box opening. I just don't really have the patience for that and I also have dolls that were bought secondhand.
      Anyway, as for "how" I do it, probably too fast.
    9. I open the box as quickly as I can and check if everything is there and nothing broken. I've made pictures with only two box-openings. I'm not patient enough to take pictures, pictures are crappy, and the people around me are curious (impatient) as well. ;3
    10. Well, so far for both of my box openings, I took pictures of the process. I usually don't take many pictures of the packaging, and then lots of pictures of the doll. The first opening was just a head, so I didn't have much to take pictures of, but for the second I took a lot more pics.
      I suppose, I don't like having people around when I open a box. If it's someone special, I'll let them watch, for instance my little sister was there through the whole thing during my first opening. But when my mother and grandmother wanted to hang around for the opening of my MSD girl, I shooed them out XD
    11. I survey the box with excitement then open it very, very slowly - which is torture for my husband. He just wants me to rip it open! :XD:

      I also enjoy savoring the moment and snapping box opening pictures. ;)
    12. I haven't taken box opening pictures in so long. I took box opening pictures of the first two dolls, but then when I got Geoff and Knox Iwas just so happy they were home that I just opened them in a mass frenzy.
      I guess I open boxes very very quickley. =]
    13. Ha ha I read this like a metaphorical question... Like how do you open your mind... I usually open doll boxes with a little serrated knife, then I can saw through tape easily without doing damage to the box. We recently got a 'packaging opener' and it was highly frustrating!! I think everyone must have a tool of choice to open doll with ;)
    14. My method has certainly changed since I first got into the doll hobby.

      FIRST BOX OPENING: Woo hoo! I have to open it SUPER CAREFULLY, photographing EVERYTHING! GLORY GLORY.

      SECOND BOX OPENING: Woo hoo. I have to open it super carefully, taking a few photos.

      MANY MANY OPENINGS LATER: Okay, let's get this over with. Inspect for damage, clothe it, on to my next adventure!

      They were super exciting at first but the wonder of it quickly wore off, especially after a few disappointing openings. :(
    15. For some reason this thread title put the Smarties song in my head O_O. "When you eat your Smarties, do you eat the red ones last? Do you suck them very slowly, or crunch them very fast?"

      It's less of a drawn-out, trembling-fingers event now that I've bunch, but I do try to get some pictures still as a record. Now the completed doll (or as close as I ever get to a completed doll) is more exciting than the newly arrived one :). But I haven't had a box opening in a while, so the next one will probably be pretty exciting again.
    16. i've only opened one doll new from the company and i did a box opening thread for him but for all the others that i've owned (bought from the marketplace) i haven't felt the need to make a thread. we'll see how i feel when my saint arrives, at the moment i think i'll do a box opening for him simply because i've wanted him for several years <3
    17. I actually take video with my cell phone to send to my friends since they can't be here and they love watching them well actually I think they love my reaction more but I also take pics to sometimes do a boxopening which I don't do that often
    18. I used to be extremely excited about opening my model horses when they got home and would savor it carefully but after one really bad experiance where a horse that I had been waiting for for over a year came in four pieces it became more about getting them out quickly to check for damage. This meant that when I got my first BJD I was worried that she was ok and also worried about how big she would seem since I'm used to 1/12 size dolls. Now I wish I had taken my time but at least I did take pictures =)
    19. I don't have my CB Nia yet, but I'm thinking of taking a video, since it's exciting and I can share it with supportive people on the internet. My family and friends really don't give a dang about my doll... but, maybe when it gets here, they'll be curious. It's hard to say.

      As for how I'll physically open the box, I'll probably use a scissor to cut through the tape and rip the darn thing open! :D
    20. Since most of the time I am opening box all alone I seldom bother to take pics. I just want that special moment to be just me and the doll. To me this is the start of us bonding or not. If I feel it then I get them dressed and get to know who they are. Some have whole back stories and names, and if it's right I know it. Others have to make it up as we go along. I have had dolls I bond with quickly, some took a little time and others I knew it was a bad match. But those that stay are special in every moment we share weather with pics in the start or later.
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