How do you organize your wish lists?

Nov 14, 2019

    1. Just wanted to see how everyone organize their wishlist for dolls and also doll items!

      I feel like dolls are a little easier to keep track of since usually I can remember what they look like but doll items such as eyes, wigs, or clothes are just all over the place and I have no idea how to organize them in a way that's easy to go back to!
    2. I bookmark pages on my browser and put them in folders, or save pictures on folders on my desktop for things like faceup ideas.
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    3. Google Sheets comes to mind. There's various list making apps and wish list apps that might help.
    4. I'm using joplin to so I can save the images with links and place notes comparing bodies and skin, etc
    5. I also bookmark things, or if it's on a site like Etsy or eBay, I just favorite/add to wishlist to come back and check when I have money to spend. If it's a site like Alice's Collections or Dollmore that lets you keep items in your cart indefinitely until you check out, I do that. Every so often, I go back through everything and see what I still like or what I no longer need. Usually, if it stays on my wish list for very long and I still haven't bought it, I'm probably not going to ever, so I edit the list often.

      If it's dolls, I rarely have more than 2-3 at a time on my list, so it's easy to remember.
    6. I personally assign all items/accessories to an individual doll and then an individual box, this then becomes a mini "wardrobe" of sorts for them. The main issue is that inventorying everything with sufficient description takes forever and even then I get mixed up.... (only so many different shades of blue I can differentiate) so I'm going trying to find a way to label it all. Wish me luck :)
    7. I just write it down in alphabetical order! Pretty simple
    8. I actually use a Discord group with just my friend and I and do categories for each character for my wishlist.
      For now I just have it simple and have a setup of text channels named after each of my characters. In them they have links to sculpts or other items I am interested in for that character. [I have too many bookmarks so I often loose track of them xux]

      I do plan on transferring all the information to a doll journal though to keep track on more finer details. <3
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    9. I pretty much do the browser bookmark thing. I also save images to my hard drive with notes of the URL.

      That having been said, I do make most of Chaeri's stuff. I order ready made very, very rarely.
    10. I tend not to have specific items in mind for my future dolls. Since the dolls are usually characters, hair and eye colours usually stay relatively static - if they get eye colours. Sometimes they just get leftovers from the eyebox, so that doesn't need a wishlist. I tend to choose and buy all the items together when I buy the doll. The small handful of items I hold off on, because I find them before I buy the dolls or because they're too expensive, I tend to just be able to remember.

      Dolls I keep track of thanks to DoA's wishlist alone, though.
    11. I have folders for dolls on my computer. Dolls at home, dolls coming home, dolls I'm currently planning on and definitely getting at some point and dolls I'd like to have someday but I don't really need. In every folder I have a new folder for every charachter and under the charachter folder is again new folders to planned clothes, wigs, etc and items I actually bought and a folder for the pics of that charachter.
    12. Five billion tabs in my phones browser window . I'm trying to be more organized. But usually it's a bunch a tabs
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    13. Oh a topic I love!
      Since the things I want usually aren´t openly available online (most is sold out or preorder-only) I can´t really bookmark them. So instead:

      For things like face-up artists, dress designers, accessory- and wig/eye makers I use one of these list-making apps. I have a list for each category and each entry consists of: shop name + twitter ID + brief description of what their products look like. These lists are mostly so that I can check up on certain artists from time to time to see if they are selling something new - not to keep track of existing items. I also use that app to keep track of my doll-wishlist (since like you said, it´s easier to keep track of those even without seing the picture),

      For all specific items I use picture-folders on my phone. I have one big folder called "dolls" and that contains quite the number of sub-folders. How the folders are organized varies: for eyes I have one folder per maker for the few artists I really like. While for clothing, I either have a folder for each size for common items like Volks sets - or, if the dresses are designer-items with a low quantity, I tend to have a whole folder dedicated to one outfit set which contains all the pictures posted by it´s designer and a couple of owner pictures I was able to find.
      To organize the sub folders on android (since I cannot make further sub-folders), the ones with the same type of item are named in the same way: (with example of folders I have)
      For dolls: [company] - [sculpt name] (e.g. Volks - SDGr Michele)
      For clothing: [type] - [maker, name of set, sizes/colors] (e.g. Dress - KLESIS Chou Cream Latte (cappucino, sky))
      For other items like eyes: [type of item] - [maker] (e.g. Eyes - Enchanted doll)
      That way all folders will be grouped together by category.

      So far this system works great to keep try of the things I want most.
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    14. Most of the organizing I do is only in my head, but I also tend to leave tabs to things I really want open on my phone for easy access. It gets kind of messy if I have lots of doll items I want to buy though, lol.
    15. Like everyone else, I tend to bookmark tabs when it comes to items. I don't necessarily have a Wishlist of items, as that only follows once I've acquired the doll.

      For organizing my wish list of dolls, I like to keep a running change on a doll wishlist photo that I edit in Photoshop. I post it on my doll blog as well as here on DoA so I can keep up with the sculpts. I've narrowed it down quite a bit as I want to shell the characters I've made. I only have one doll on the Wishlist that isn't exactly a character for the story and more so just a doll I want ^_^

    16. I typically bookmark them. I only bookmark dolls, not clothes or wigs, accessories etc. It's definitely a good way of keeping up with things in a secondhand market on Facebook, where things can get bumped down pretty fast and you'll never find them again if you don't bookmark.
    17. I use a combination of Discord and Google docs. I have my own Discord that I'm the only member of. I have a channel set up specifically for an Alice's Collections wishlist. My other list is in Google docs, and it comes along with my spending plan with an estimate of how much I'd probably have to spend on that date. I generally have the next two months planned out, then there's a list of things at the bottom that I'd like to make plans to get, but they don't have a date yet because I don't want to plan too far ahead.
    18. I use charts in Microsoft Word. My doll wish list is in two sections - definitely want and maybe. I have a separate document for the dolls I own, with a list of which eyes and/or wigs I want to order for them. That's all I keep track of really.