How do you pick a doll? The company faceup or the blank sculpt?

Apr 8, 2018

    1. Sculpts are definitely most important to me, but I'll admit sometimes it boosts my feelings for a sculpt.
    2. I choose the blank face up. It would have to be one heck of a face up for me to chose it with face up. I just enjoy the creative freedom that comes with a blank slate.
    3. I try to find pictures of the blank sculpt and/or the doll with different faceups. It's much harder to change a doll's sculpt than the faceup, so I want to make sure I know what I'm getting.
    4. I'm still new to this hobby but I know seeing the faceup definitely draws me in and then i take a look at the blank sculpt. But I'm bad at imagining faceups so I need the company faceup for reference (or looking at the doll profiles and references here give me a good idea on what faceups are possible)
      I can't go off blank sculpts too much yet since I'm really new and I think I may be a little picky on how I pick my doll (still trying to figure out what style I prefer) but again I don't have much experience. Trying to do more research and see what's there (and there's a lot)
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    5. I'm right in the middle of changing my opinion on this as someone who used to exclusively buy face ups from the company but now I'm to be more interested in blanks
    6. I definitely take a long look at blank sculpts so that I can clearly take in the facial structure! Pictures of the sculpt with different face-ups can also be helpful in the planning process for the future face-up. It is useful in deciding what I like and do not like for that sculpt.
    7. The sculpt, definitely! If I can't find an image of the blank sculpt somewhere I don't feel comfortable buying it.

      I can only think of once when a company faceup influenced my decision in any way- I immediately fell in love with the Doll Legend Huo He faceup, since I think it really brings out her face's potential. The blank head, at first glance, seems pretty generic in comparison...
    8. I do both, but more often the blank sculpt. I also wait as long as possible and look at the sculpt regularly and look at owner photos before making my final decision.
    9. It really depends. When a faceup fits the blank head, and looks like what I'd put on it, I figure I should just save myself the trouble, if the price is worth it, of course. Otherwise, the blank face feels like a fun project to put a personality on!
    10. Sculpt first, because that is what you really have to be happy with. Faceups come and go... But if I really like a faceup and the sculpt is nice too then I consider it.
    11. Although some company's official faceup do look like the picture 99% of the time, most of them don't. And official faceup are pretty expensive, while I could find a faceup artist that offers the style I want for a lower price. That's why I choose a blank doll
    12. Sometimes a blank sculpt may look nice but once the faceup is applied, it may not be as nice as a blank sculpt. Case in point : I really liked the Granado's Lucifer head blank but when the company later put the faceup on, I dont like it. If I was to get him I will leave it blank.
      Then there are some sculpts that I find boring but when faceup is applied they look amazing.
      For me the face up has to be simple - and not too much makeup because I don't want realistic looking dolls.
    13. I choose by blank sculpt because I am a faceup artist. Even if I did not do my own faceups, I would go off of the sculpt because no faceup lasts forever. They get damaged and your style changes, so you may not care for it in the future. However, if there was a company faceup I REALLY liked, I may buy it because it cannot be replicated by anyone else.
    14. Blank, then with lots of different faceups to make sure what I want to do will work with the head. Sometime a head looks nice blank, but as you start looking at faceups you realize it wouldn't be suited to what you need. I'd rather choose from blank sculpt alone than faceupped though. Faceups can disguise a lot.
    15. I will think about all. But the important thing is I like or not
    16. A mix of both, sometimes you need the sculpt but not the official make-up.
      Sometimes the make-up and the sculpt are so perfect that you want it exactly that way.
      Those I have with company face-ups are really awesome I don't want to change anything of them.
    17. I think for me its a bit of everything (sometimes its even the company wig)
      But i always look at the blank head to make sure the doll really fits what I imagine my ocs face to look like. And I also always check what other peoplws doll looks like to get a better idea of the sculpts potential :)
    18. I try looking for a blank face up and then picture my character's face.

      If it fits the character then I get it.
    19. In the beginning I chose company face ups for my dolls, but after I found my favorite local face up artist, I tend to get doll with blank sculpt.
      Although, if company faceup is awesome, I might consider it
    20. i can't do face-ups, & it's hard to find face-up artists in my country, so i like to go with company face-ups. but, i don't go for any cute face, the sculpt itself must have personality & aesthetics that i like.