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How do you pick between dolls?

Aug 26, 2017

    1. Maybe it's not the best to post this in general (apologies if it is not); but I've hit a problem!
      I've been saving up pretty enthusiastically for a Doll Leaves Amara but recently came across Mystic Dolls Natalia and Lillian while browsing through Alice's Collections for fun. All three sculpts fit the sort of character I'm going for in a slightly different way, are easily within my budget, drop dead gorgeous, and I really can't decide between them and can only get one at the moment.

      So how do you guys choose a doll when you're stuck in this position? I have some time to think on it but any advice would be great!
    2. It must be love. If I am not in love with a doll, I won't buy it. If I were in your shoes, I wouldn't buy any of the three: the fact that you can't choose, it means that you like them equally, but you don't really love one in particular.
      Of couse people are different, so I don't really think there is something I can really tell you to make you decide what to do. Try to find something you don't really like in every doll! The one that seems to be perfect should be the one!
    3. Thank you! I think I'll try writing up a list of things I don't like in the sculpts/wish the sculpts had for each doll and see how it goes like you suggested. Either that or my friend suggested sleeping on it, and waking up and looking at all 3 straight away to see whoever makes my heart pound the most in the morning, haha.
    4. Good question....if it possible I insert some waiting time...if I still remember the doll after 2 months or so...or if she/he pops constantly back into my brain, it is more of a 'buy!' for me

      If there is even a smal, amount of doubt I rather not buy the doll until I have figured out what is bugging me...
      e.g. the smile or eyes or size or something on that line
    5. I luckily have a couple of weeks to think on it so I'm probably going to do this (as well as make a list of sorts to see which one is most appealing to me as Demiurgo suggested)! Hopefully I don't end up thinking about all 3 dolls an equal amount of time, haha.
    6. Honestly I just have each doll open in a tab and rapidly cycle through them. Eventually I'll notice some flaw, or one sculpt will stick out to me, and be eliminated or chosen accordingly. If that doesn't work, I'll think on it a bit and whatever sculpt comes to mind when I think of the character is chosen.

      And, gotta be honest here, sometimes price is a factor, even if it's just a couple dollars of difference.
    7. If I like multiple dolls then I look a lot at owner pictures to see the different dolls in other people's hands. Maybe some features of the dolls become more clear in owner pictures.
      Also I check reviews of the bodies because I need my dolls to be able to pose properly.
    8. This is a good one. I close down the site and do something else. The ones I buy are the ones I keep going back to look at. My latest buy was one I kept going back to and after months of 'I want it' I decided this one probably deserves to be bought!
    9. I agree with everyone who's said that doing plenty of research and giving it some time and thought before seeing which of them continue to stick out to you is a good idea. Though sometimes there might be a time when you just need to take the plunge and pick one... All of my dolls have been slightly different from what I expected when I got them, though not always in a bad way!
    10. although I agree with lots of the suggestions above, how abt the dolls you like are limited edition dolls... there's not much time waiting for you to think again... what will you guys do?
    11. @natsu82 I wait the last day to pre-order the doll. If she keeps popping up in my mind during that time for example, a month) and I crave her everytime, then I will buy her. Sometimes I even forget there are limited edition dolls that I liked. For me, that is a sign I really didn't want her and move on!
    12. I look at owner pix of them. So often, I think there are several different sculpts that fit, but owner pix tell me otherwise. Recently, I chose a head simply because it was available second hand and cheaper than the others and I'm glad I did because then I saw owner pix of one of the other ones I had considered and really didn't like it at all.
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    13. Thank you everyone for the advice! While I haven't narrowed it down to one, I've knocked one doll out of the ranking but am going to give it some time before I commit!
    14. I would add in to do your research if you are buying a complete doll. Make sure the bodies have the joints and shape you are looking for. Something like that might easily break a tie of you realize that one of them cannot do what you want her to do.
    15. I usually compare prices and try to get the cheapest option! :thumbup
    16. If I see a doll and really like it, I close the tab and try to forget it. If I can, it wasn't meant to be. If it keeps sticking with me for months, then I can consider it. I start looking at blank and owner photos. As for limiteds, I try a compressed version. If the idea of missing my chance drives me to distraction I get it.

      Another part for me is that they have to instantly form a character in my mind, but I don't know if you do characters.
    17. I tend to answer all these questions the same, but this is a really personal decision which relies on a lot of factors:

      1. Do you believe (currently, the future doesn't matter for now) that this BJD will be your only doll? (So you won't be able to buy the others you can't decide between later.)

      I buy dolls based on potential, not on "love at first sight." Since I'm pretty picky, I've never found a doll I'm wholly satisfied with, and I don't think I ever will. Perfection is unattainable.

      So I have several dolls (separate heads and bodies) whose aesthetic and posing I like. Who I buy off the list generally depends on events and who I think I have the most developed customization plans for at the time.

      2. Which doll do you have a more developed plan for? (If you shell characters, which doll fits a character or has a more developed story? If you don't, which doll do you have more developed wardrobe/faceup/wigs/etc. [aesthetic] plans for?)

      I also tend to look at owner photos, because I like dolls with very detailed facial sculpting: it makes faceups look more realistic, but it can also limit the possible variation in the doll's appearance.

      3. Is there any doll who has more owner photos you like or fewer owner photos you don't like?

      Both head sculpt and bodies matter a lot to me. I really like both aesthetics and poseability, so I tend to hybrid.

      4. If you don't plan to hybrid, do you like one of their bodies better?

      Body reviews and unboxing photoshoots/videos can also help with whether you like the sculpt.

      5. Do factors like manufacturing time or shipping time matter to you? Dealers like Junkyspot (although the dolls are a bit more expensive there--but shipping is cheaper if you're in the US) keep dolls in stock. (I think they have both Doll Leaves and Mystic Kids.)

      For example, right now, I'm hesitant to make another Dollshe order because it took them 6 months last time to ship me a bust piece and feet.
    18. I always consider what sculpt I love the most (and the budget of course :))) )
      Also, I always aim for limited dolls *that I love* first because I'm extremely sad when I don't get it because I take too much time to consider :'D

      And do know your "strike" zone and what sculpt do you need to complete your doll family XD for example I buy too much manly dolls, so usually I aim for princess-like one for next lol :P
    19. Just wanted to say, thank you for this again everybody!
      After all the pro's and con's lists, not thinking about dolls, and hunting for owner photos; turns out I fell for a completely different doll (one that I had glossed over completely because I didn't like her thumbnail picture)! Guess waiting it out was the right thing to do!