How do you Store Silicone Eyes?

Jun 10, 2019

    1. I have one pair of silicone eyes and I honestly know next to nothing about them! How to store them, how they're made, and so on! So I need some advice

      I have been storing them in a plastic baggie (one eye per bag). I'm wondering now if this is a little too much? Can I store them in one baggie together? Or could they melt together? No clue!

      Thank you all for help in advanced
    2. I store mine in the cute little snap lid plastic boxes that they came in, and I've never had any trouble with melting...but...I've noticed that the sclera do tend to yellow a bit over the years. I think that's inherent in the material they're made from, though. Perfect if you've got a doll with a mild case of jaundice. :sweat In any case, I don't know if we have the same brand, so I would say for safety's sake, keep them in separate baggies - but put one baggie into the other one, so they stay together.
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    3. I've never had an issue with silicone eyes, I store mine in a tiny plastic air tight storage containers and just make sure to keep them at room temperature and away from sunlight and artificial light when not in use :) Hope this helps.
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    4. I use the clear, hard plastic case that snaps. I do think they yellow over time, but I'm saying over several years. I've had mine maybe 5 years or so, and they look fine thus far. They're in dolls or in those cases, out of direct light. As long as they're away from other silicone, they should last awhile. There's a plastic database that has some information on different plastics, solvents and adhesives, but I'm not chemically savvy enough to make much of it. If anyone knows a chemical engineer with knowledge of plastics, then they would know the best way to preserve them really.
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    5. I own a single pair of Eyeco eyes, and five or six pairs of Masterpiece eyes. I haven't seen any discoloration, yellowing, clouding or melting of any of them. I keep my Eyeco pair in the tiny plastic container they came in, and my Masterpiece in the plastic baggies they were sent in (one pair per bag). I have heard that silicone reacts bad to other kinds of silicone, and read threads about people having eyes melting due to using silicone ear plugs to hold their silicone eyes. I personally always use a kneading eraser to hold all my eyes with, because it's easily available and doesn't react to other materials (it doesn't smell weird nor leaves any residue either). I do keep al of my silicone eyes inside a dark and cool place, and rarely keep them inside the dolls' heads after taking photos. I've had most of those eyes for more than ten years now, and I haven't seen any changes or damage.
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