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How do you store your doll?

Jul 9, 2010

    1. (There's probably already a thread for this, but i couldn't find it! :( I hope this is the right place to post this thread too, im still kinda new to the forum and figuring out how stuff works :sweat)

      So, how do you store your doll when you're not using it?
      Do you keep it on a shelf? on your bed? does it have it's own bed?
      Do you leave it's clothes and wig on, or do you take them off?

      I've heard stories about dark/bright clothes and wigs staining the doll if left on too long.
      Is that true?
      (My new doll wears a pair of tight dark jeans, and while i definitely dont want them to stain his legs, they're such a struggle to get on and off! :...( I'm terrified im going to hurt or mark him...)

      EDIT: My mom suggested washing the doll clothes to remove the dye that might cause staining. Good idea / Bad idea?
    2. I have shelves in my livingroom that they sit on--I like to have them out where I can see and enjoy them. I have too many to be able to really set them up with furniture. I also leave their wigs and clothes on as I've never had any trouble getting stains out. A magic eraser or soap and water will remove them.
    3. I used to have my crew posed in little groups around the house, with most of them upstairs in the spare room I use as a library... A room I could keep relatively dark.

      Then the "neighborhood construction projects" began...

      Currently, we've got three big construction sites going within a couple of blocks of the house. Combined with the grime coming from what's rapidly turning into a Very Busy Street, the dust situation was getting out of control. Everything was getting covered in grey gunk faster than I could clean it. o_0

      So, I bought a trio of glass-fronted display cabinets about a month ago, and now all but a handful of the minions (The ones just flat-out too big to fit on the shelves... I'm looking at you, Heliot guys and Akando. >_>) are in there, where I can still have them around to mess with and look at whenever I like, without having to worry about the dust. They've always been clothed and wigged, no matter where I had them sitting.

      Edited to Add: I finally stopped being lazy and took a couple of pictures of my cabinets.

      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      They're nothing particularly fancy, but they certainly keep the dust and road-grime at bay.
    4. I think I answered to a similar thread some ago, but I am not pretty sure.

      I store my BJD in bags for BJD (Three double bags and four single ones), a toilet-case for the two smaller ones and a big trolley suitcase for a couple of the biggest ones. Bags stay on shelves and the suitcase on the floor.

      They all have four beds in total by now, but there is not where I usually leave them.

      I leave them with wigs and clothes on. I change them of clothes from time to time and even more often since I suffered because of staining too.
    5. My dolls like to sit around and drink tea, haha. They sit on my desk in various poses, interacting with eachother. When we travel, they all cozy up and hop in my huge carrying bag. I haven't had any trouble with clothes/wigs staining, personally, but whenever I'd get something on their bodies, like Taco said, a magic eraser will clean it right up. :3
    6. I set up a sort of apartment in my closet for them. A bed, a couch, a little dresser, and I keep their boxes and clothes drawers on a shelf above it. During the day when I'm not using them, I sit them on their couch and always return them their when I'm not using them. My closet has no doors on it, so I can look over at them while I'm working at my desk. The apartment helps me keep all their stuff clean and organized, and I like to tuck them in the bed at the end of the day, just because if I didn't get the chance to do anything with them that day, I still get to play with them a little.
    7. When I'm not playing with them I display my dolls in two glass Ikea cabinets located in the darkest corner of my room, which is always relatively dark cause I always have my blinds and drapes down. I put their furniture inside the cabinets, and just have them laying on them since I don't own any doll stands. Since I display my dolls I always leave their wigs and clothes on, though I've never had a problem with staining.
    8. Don't be too worried! Here's a couple of threads to help you out: Preventing Staining from Clothes, Removing a Clothing Stain from Resin and What's the best way to prevent stains in resin? These are just a couple. I just searched "remove stain".

      As for storing my dolls, they sit on a bookshelf in my hallway, which receives very little light. I leave them in their clothes and wigs, etc. The only time I remove wigs really is if I'm taking them somewhere in the doll-bag, as the fibre wigs tend to get all mussed :)
    9. my dolls have box rooms.
      they're all pretty well furnished for them too (i find decorating these things to be almost insanely fun, is that odd? XD) when they're not in use, i usually have them in their little beds, dressed in light non staining clothing, and the box rooms are sealed. (like they have a sliding panel on the front, they get stuck sometimes but at least it keeps out the critters!).
      Though admittedly, sometimes they tend to sit in one spot for a few days, like they're in their room but i didn't have time to make sure they were properly put away and such. :P

      edit: i also leave the wigs on my dolls, staining has never been an issue. invest in a good wig cap and be (mostly) worry free :P
    10. How do you store your doll when you're not using it?
      My dolls always sleep inside their original boxes and I store them in my wardrobe.

      Do you keep it on a shelf? on your bed? does it have it's own bed?
      I never keep them on a shelf or bed, I don't want to see them cover with dust.

      Do you leave it's clothes and wig on, or do you take them off?
      I will take the doll's clothes and wig off because dark clothes and wig will stain the doll.
    11. There's a large sofa on my desk which allows 4 1/3dolls sitting in
    12. They go back in their boxes and stay under my table.
      I leave everything, wigs and clothes and so on, on because I never had huge staintings on my dolls, I could always easily rub it away :)
    13. She stays in her box when I'm not playing with her but she's not in there all the time. :XD:
      I keep all her stuff in there too simply because my bedroom is very small and my only cupboard is also very small, so I have to use storage space efficiently. The box is on my bedroom floor at the moment :sweat but I will be moving it because we're getting a puppy and I DO NOT want a chewed-up doll.
    14. I keep her in a box when I'm not playing with her. :) I found a slender, doll-sized box at Michaels; the cover stays closed with a magnet. I leave her clothed and wigged and curl her up in it.
    15. I place my little doll on whatever edge is near me. Usually it's some table or a shelf. She likes sitting on edges and I'm to lazy to stand her XD I don't really store her so she's constantly out with me.
    16. I'm curious what methods of "storage" are most common. I've heard many people like to use display cases, some will let their dolls chill out and sit on shelves, others like to pack them away safe in boxes out of the light when they're not in use.

      So I guess - what do you do with your dolls when they're idle, and what's your reasoning for it?
    17. My husband would prefer the dolls stay in the beautiful cabinet he got for my birthday...but I like to play with them and pose them around the house as though they were just chillin...it is fun and it kinda freaks him out.
    18. I like to pose mine underneath glass cloches, I feel like it really makes them decorative pieces I can place throughout my home to enjoy! ^_^
    19. I have a display cabinet for my dolls as I don't like them getting dusty.
      I only keep them in their box if I planned to sell them.
      As for my doll cabinet, I decorated it with table, chairs and any possible miniature decors I can get hold on.
      It's like a room for my dolls. Currently there is a Christmas tree in it. Haha!
      My cabinet is positioned in a way that has no direct sunlight to minimize yellowing.
      I also placed a dehumidifier in the cabinet to absorb moisture.
      As for my doll's clothing and accessories, I kept them in another closed cabinet along with their boxes and COA.