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How do you store your doll's clothes and shoes?

Jul 21, 2011

    1. I have searched for this topic and haven't come up with anything, please merge if needed!

      My first doll should get here next Monday :D I have already amassed quite a few outfits, pairs of shoes, and accessories for her. I bought some fabric and downloaded some sewing patterns for her, which have been stashed in my sewing kit, but I'm wondering: how do you all store your doll clothes, shoes, wigs and other accessories?

      I know some people use their doll's box to keep their wardrobe organized, but my girl is a Yo-SD size and I think that while there would be room for what I have now, in the future there might be too much stuff to keep in a box! Also, as my doll family expands in the next months/years, I would like to keep all my doll outfits and accessories in one place.

      I'm thinking IKEA might be my solution (as it so often is LOL). My husband and I have an Expedit shelf with three empty cubes, so I think maybe getting some covered boxes to fit would do the trick. But I am curious as to how everyone else has organized their dolls' extensive wardrobes! Any tips or storage system ideas would be most welcome!

      EDIT: Clearly I am having a hard time with the search function LOL sorry mods! :( Anyway - does anyone have a favorite (currently in stores) IKEA storage solution? They're the cheapest/closest option for me, and my hubby actually likes going since he gets a meatball lunch!
    2. [​IMG]
      This is my little storage area for clothes and such. My dad bought that big drawer thing from Menards and it works really well for holding lots of little (or big) accessories. The closet was homemade, and the little plastic tubs were from a dollar store. I think I may need bigger ones soon though LOL.

      This box is the perfect size for holding my faceup brushes, small boxes of pastels, eyelashes, eye putty, x-acto knives, and eyes. The Chinese takeout container works great for holding chemicals since my brush cleaner leaked when I stored it sideways in the wooden box. :...(

      Anyway, the box is of great quality and I really like it. It's portable too so you can take it anywhere your faceups require you to be. I got it here in case you're interested. ^^

      My dolls sit on a shelf/desk type thing when I'm not playing with them. It was from my parent's workplace--they didn't need it anymore and I needed storage anyway. I put the cushions I get from doll companies under some extra fabric and that's what they sit on. ^^ Since it's in a closet without doors, I hang an apron in front of them to protect them from the sun. It works really well~

      Hopefully I've given some people a few ideas~
    3. I fold them as I fold my own clothes and store them in a biiiig box that my sister made for them!

      I wish I could get a nice closet for them with the cute clothes hangers...maybe someday! xD
    4. I actually store all their outfits in the huge SD box that my Sophie came in. It's super convenient.
    5. Emma's clothes and things can all fit into a narrow tin can. Still not sure what I'm going to do about Stephen's stuff since there's little room in that can. I'm sort of looking around to see if we have any containers, or get a small sewing kit.
    6. Rubbermaid containers. (1) clothes (2) shoes (3) socks (4) wigs (5) eyes and misc.
    7. I have a drawer in my room for all my doll stuff. I have everything in there but it's starting to get really full!
    8. I have the plastic Sterilite drawers in different sizes. I currently have 2 of the largest ones with dollie stuff in them. One for outfits, and another for eyes/shoes/etc. I'm going to have to add another as my clothing one is almost overflowing. My wigs have been consolidated into two large flate rate shipping boxes (still in their original baggies with protectors), but I need to find a more permanent home for them. I hope to find a better solution to storing all my doll stuff once we move to Texas in a few weeks.
    9. Right now, my clothes and wigs and eyes are all stored in zip lock bags: two bags of clothes, and one with wigs and eyes (the eyes and putt are in their cases in a small baggy). I'm content with this "system" until I find something more suitable and that I have the room for in my bedroom. I clean and get rid of things in stages, but I haven't gotten rid of enough to bring in new stuff really. I'm trying to get rid of my old mangas at the moment. That'll certainly free up some space for dollie clothing drawers! XD
    10. I use stackable plastic storage boxes, but I'd love to have something prettier and something where everything was in the one place. Maybe I should start looking at car boot sales for a suitable cabinet or something :|
    11. All of my dolly items get chucked mindlessly into the bottom drawer of my bedside table. Very interresting. I don't overly want to display them and have no such room for better storage. :sweat
    12. I keep mine in ziploc bags, stored in a rubbermaid container. Except the dolls, who stay in their boxes.
    13. Baby clothes/American Girl Doll hangers. Hang them on a pole in an old TV stand that I keep in my bedroom. I put all my wigs on old glass soda bottles so they don't get tangled and I keep all of my accessories and eyes in a drawer.
    14. i only have to outfits and i keep one in my minifee box in the closet closet its nice and dark
    15. Right now I have a little wooden dresser that I got at Hobby Lobby. Hopefully soon I want to get a bigger cabinet and dresser.
    16. I just use doll boxes, but I'll need something bigger soon. >_<
    17. I have one of those plastic drawer stacks that's on casters that can roll around
      It has 3 large drawers, and 3 shallow drawers.
      I really need to go through are reorganize it horridly but for the moment it's clothes and shoes organized by size and gender, and then one drawer of wigs and one drawer of packaging (stuff for reuse in shipping and then packaging from wigs that I'm using or w/e.
    18. I also keep my doll's clothes and shoes inside the boxes the dolls come with. They're sorted to the best of my abilities within that small box but it all works out. The clothes and shoes are kept in the original packaging they came with.
    19. I currently store them in doll boxes & arrange them according to sizes, but it's not a good solution because their clothes are too overwhelming > <
    20. I put all my clothes and shoes in their own separate ziplock baggies and then I put those into a drawer in my dresser. Eventually I'll build a closet for them, but for now, the ziplock baggies allow me to see which outfit is in there without having to take it out and the drawer gives me quick and easy access to whatever I need.