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How do you store your doll's clothes and shoes?

Dec 16, 2004

    1. Somehow.....
      I have managed to end up with quite a few outfits, more than can neatly be stored in a shipping box.
      Do you hang them up (tiny hangers?), put them in a drawer, your doll's box?
      For me, it's out of sight, out of mind, so I'm afraid I'll forget what I already have.
    2. This is a timely topic for me, because just in the last couple weeks have I finally gotten a storage system I am happy with. Before that, their clothes, shoes and wigs were all stuffed in boxes under the bed. A few weeks ago, my husband found a small antique Japanese three-drawer chest at an estate sale. It's about 25"x15"x15" and fits perfectly under our bedroom window. I put their wigs, shoes and the big boys folded clothes in it. For years, my mother has had a small Japanese cabinet in her basement that she has just been piling books on, so that the top was getting warped. I was over there last week and realized what a perfect doll clothes closet it would make, so with my best persuasive skills, I conned her out of it. It has two sliding doors which had a shelf inside that I popped out and put one of those spring loaded, rubber ended thin curtain rods inside and it is perfect for their hanging clothes, plus it has three small drawers and a shelf for their accessories. The only bad thing is that we put it along the walkway wall in the bedroom and in the middle of the night, we keep forgetting it is there and stubbing our toes on it. :lol:
    3. I have a lil bag.... reaaally lil... o.o I use it...
    4. I have two of the 3 drawer rubbermaid units. They are designed to hold 8 1/2 by 11 sheets of paper, the sizeof the drawer (about 4" deep) is great for organizing clothes and shoes for my one Sharmin doll.
    5. A-ha!
      The Rubbermaid units would work for me....not much space, but good storage.
      I am just so dumb sometimes when thinking of these things.....some ideas just are alien to my brain.
      Thanks for everyone's help!
    6. The units stack well too! You can get them cheap at Big Lots, think they were 4.99 per 3 drawer unit.
    7. My system:

      WIGS: go into a large green soda cracker container (empty container. no crackers :P)
      CLOTHES: Into either 1) A large tupperware container (if theyre 1/6) or 2) the box Cassiel used to send me fur wigs XD if its 1/3 (i dont have alot of clothes. I buy ONE or TWO expensive outfits and that's what they stay in XD Azrael wants that SoulDoll suit. But he's asking a bit much there XD)

      I have a small 5 drawer tupperware unit I use to organize all the smaller SD items.
      Top Drawer: EYES
      Second Drawer: EARS (hijiri and aeri's ears) + peircing supplies
      Third Drawer: Accessories: Hijiri's medical kit and measuring tape
      Fourth Drawer: Shoes (i only have like.. 2 pairs of shoes so it fits XD)
      Fifth Drawer: Certificates (Aeri and Azrael's limited edition certificates. Aeri (Sharmin) got a limited edition certificate but I don't know how she's limited? Apparently Lachrymose's Sharmin (stock sharmin) didn't get one. Mine came with a different wig, eyes and no dress, but.. that's it XD))

      All my 1/6 stuff is sorted in empty baby wipe containers XD heads in one, rooting hair in another, spare parts in another and 1/6 accessories in another...
    8. I've got some rubbermaid (or generic version) drawers too for the clothes, eyes and other items, but the wigs go on custom wig stands I made ^_^;;
    9. Poor Conchobhair doesn't really have any extra clothes yet except a set of wings I've been poking at. :oops: I'm sewing as fast as I can!

      I use those stacking drawers from the Container Store for my Blythe stuff. I have to go check if they have something workable for 1/3 scale stuff. Otherwise, I'll probably end up buying another vintage doll wardrobe trunk like the Gene stuff is currently in.
    10. I have a pretty big toybox from Ikea( APA $12) that i put tons of bjd pics on for all the clothes, that way they dont get squished together, and its not too organized when i want to play. Wigs are in a big hat box from Nordstoms, jewelery and eyes in a plastic container. The shoes are on the bottom shelf of my bookshelf, i dont have that many and i really like looking at them :)
      But i would like to have something else for expensive outfits, maybe garnment bags and somewhere to hang them....
    11. I have one big sidelocking clear storage bin for my BJD stuff and one smaller one for Blythe stuff. I like them because I can see into them, they keep my cats out, they are easy to open and lock, and I can just haul one into the living room when I want to play. I just upgraded to a larger size for BJD stuff since Nic's wardrobe is ever growing and the new boy's wardrobe as well. (even though he won't be here until January) :) I got my bins at Target.
    12. I store things...badly. Kyan has the armoire but it is stuffed full at the moment...since I got Domino and Draven and have been making clothes for them, everything is all messed up. I should keep their things separate, since they are smaller than Kyan...but somehow everything is all mixed and intermingled. I need to reorganize!!! Rubbermaid...here I come!!!!!

    13. I store mine in an old hi-fi :grin: Of course the original contents of the hi-fi have been removed.

    14. Heh, mine are in a cardboard box that once contained one of the outfits and some snacks from my buddy in Las Vegas. It's becoming pretty apparent that these guys need a little storage unit, though. We may be going to Ikea this weekend; if that's the case, I might see about getting something there to use for storage that doesn't run the risk of discoloring clothes or anything. Will probably invest in some acid-free paper.

      Interesting note: plastic is the best way to store doll stuff. It's non-reactive. Wood, though it looks nice, will ruin your stuff over time. It will take a long time, mind you, but it's not a good idea for archival purposes.
    15. I've made Gabriel so many clothes now that I have to store them in a large duffle bag...
    16. I store all of my dolls' stuff (wigs, eyes, clothes) in two drawers under the shelf where I keep Gwena. Its pretty crowded though, I need some new storage space. :oops: Sandpaper, glue, and clamps go in a little carboard box under a chair in my bedroom. I'm not very organized, really . . . we have a couple of stacked clear plastic storage drawer thingies I'm thinking of using instead, if I can find a place for them.
    17. I have a cabinet that is actually, believe it or not, a jewelry box. It has a lot of drawers with sections and things so I can store shoes and accessories, and bigger drawers so I can store clothes. Then the sides open up lengthwise so that I can hang the wigs. Anything that doesn't fit in the cabinet gets folded and placed into ziploc bags to keep them clean, and then placed in a large hatbox.
    18. A very organized shoebox! =D Haha. I keep each outfit in a little ziplock baggy. Keeps them nice and flat and together. Not glamorous, but it works! Someday I want to get a nice little wooden chest thingy with drawers to keep his stuff in. Like a jewerly box or something.

      :daisy Wonton
    19. I'm messy. :oops: All my doll stuff is strewn over my bedside table. For sanity's sake, I keep most of the clothes tied up in a scarf. Eventually, I want one of those pretty jewelry boxes shaped like a little chest of drawers... I have no place to put it just yet, though! Ack!