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How do you store your dolls?

May 24, 2018

    1. I’m just curious what the most popular way of storing dolls is, keeping them boxed up? On a shelf? What’s your preference?

      Sadly I tuck mine in behind my closet because my boyfriend hates dolls ;(
    2. When I first started out I kept my dolls naked in their boxes. As I got more comfortable with handling them, I would leave them out dressed one at a time for a short while before swapping them out every week or whenever I felt like it. Now I keep them all out, fully dressed, atop my dresser, and I just change their poses as I see fit. I figured that they're my dolls and I should be able to enjoy them, not be scared about it. If other people don't like them out, well, they're my dolls, not theirs.
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    3. I keep most of mine in a cupboard (see pic below), hidden from the light.... with the exception of whichever doll or two is keeping me company at the moment or being my sewing model. ^_^

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    4. My apartment is rather small, so my resin children stay safely in their respective cases when they're not out to play.

      I would love to display them more, but my room gets full sun! :horror:
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    5. My Rhein sits on a shelf in a corner without sunlight rays. I don't want to keep him in a box, case, or a closet. I want to look at him and admire. Otherwise, why all this?
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    6. I only have one full doll currently but I have a bunk bed with a bookcase at the bottom and the bed blocks all the light from my window so my boy sits on one of the shelves at the end. I have some other stuff on the shelf right now as well but I plan on clearing it as the rest of my crew get bodies so they can sit there too.
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    7. I keep mine out. They stay mostly in my bedroom where I hardly ever open the curtains, where they sit on the desk and on a mini bench thingy. Some are downstairs if I’m working on them (currently Harry & Ori) or if I just take them down for some reason (Teo is usually downstairs, Lee and little Zero often are). Most of the others get posed less either because they have default face ups (Thranduil & Cal), were second hand and thus don’t have a spare head in the event of damage (Emilio) or have silly elaborate outfits and weigh a ton (Loki), so they stay upstairs. Adult Zero stays upstairs because he’s Iplehouse and cost a bomb, Iago is yosd and thus less fun to pose or sew for, Saskia... I dunno, she just stays upstairs too.

      So how they’re handled and stored depends on a lot. Teo gets messed around with and taken out the most, because he’s a custom and there’s 9 spare heads so I worry less about damage, Harry will be the same when complete. I also did the faceups on these two so having to wipe it wouldn’t be too devastating!

      Generally, I think it’s a shame to have these things I worked hard on and spent tons on and not be able to see them because they’re in boxes in the dark. I know some feel differently, but I want to enjoy them. (I understand the pristine collectors thing - I have two of each of my offtopic hottoys, so I know one is perfect but I still get to have them out and on display!)
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    8. I leave my dolls out in a nicely posed huddle on a shelf or dresser in my bedroom. I just make sure to close the blinds when the sun is at an angle that would hit them, or if I'm not home. (Luckily my partner is also in the hobby, and our dolls often share a shelf.) Sometimes I'll bring one out for company if I'm working on something in another room, as long as there's not excessive sun or cooking smells or a chance of them getting bumped off a table.
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    9. I have one bookshelf where I keep all my dolls displayed. I figure if you're paying so much for beautiful dolls you should be able to enjoy them all the time!
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    10. All my dolls are sitting on a shelf next to my desk where no direct sunlight can reach them. I also prefer to display my dolls since that's one of the reasons why I bought them - I want to be able to look at the characters I created my bjds for :XD:
      But of course I still own their boxes just in case I need to store them away for moving.
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    11. Mine are all sitting together in my closet. I plan on buying them a case so I can keep them out in my room (and still safe from pets), though. :kitty2
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    12. Ooh that's so sad!! I had a friend really afraid of dolls and every time he came home we were hiding all our dolls in their boxes or in another room (back hen we had 9 SD and approximately 10 mad and 10 other sizes.... So it was quite hard to store somewhere without making a mess out of the room xD )

      Now I just have tinies and 2SD and my gf just has tinies and 4 msd so it's easier. We put them on a shelf and move them from time to time to the bedroom or the living room :) I don't like to see them hidden from sight I think it's quite sad...
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    13. Great question! I'm thinking of getting a case for my dolls - I particularly like this one from IKEA, or this one, even though it's pricier. We have two cats in the house, I can't just leave my dolls out there, ... :pout:
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    14. I see why people want to store them in their boxes (space, yellowing, family members or friends who don't like them), however I like seeing them whenever I'm in my room :) My two boys have their own shelf in my bedroom where they just sit fully dressed when I'm not doing anything with them. The shelf is in a darker corner of my room and I keep my curtains closed most of the time to avoid them yellowing too much.

      As for other people and my dolls, I have a few friends who find them scary. Whenever they are around I simply don't take them out of my bedroom, and my friends won't enter there. That way I don't have to put my dolls away, and they can still come and visit! Other friends are okay with them and tolerate my squealing over them :sweat Two of my friends actually like them, finding my dolls pretty cool and wanting to hold and pose them for a bit when I bring them downstairs. It is fun to see them get surprised by the weight and posing abilities of these dolls:XD:
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    15. This is so cute!

      Yeah it breaks my heart :( I live with him so I guess we have to respect each other

      It’s so handy you’re both in the hobby! Must be really nice to share it ❤️
      #15 Milkytune, May 24, 2018
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    16. Haha yeah it helps a lot! And it's very nice indeed! :) I do our dolls' make up so it helps a lot...! But we are literally ruined every time we see a doll we like...! XD
    17. In their boxes and only come out for projects. I don't like the idea of them getting exposed to the elements,dust/sun or any kind of accident if left on a shelf or a desk. I do like the idea of a case but It's not for me.
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    18. I have the second one and it’s pretty nice, although it definitely works better for smaller dolls. Most of my dolls live here but I have slightly too many dolls, or dolls that are too large for how big this shelf is, so some hang out on top. I’ve also been keeping the door open which allows me to fit more, although I realize this defeats the purpose of it. :lol: Luckily my cats are not interested in the dolls at all. It still makes for a pretty display though!
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    19. I keep mine on a shelf or on my desk so I can always see and enjoy them, but I hope to have a proper display cabinet one day with personalized displays for every doll <3
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    20. I love every of my dolls and have them to enjoy their appearance to the fullest.
      Storing them in a box or drawer would make me endlessly said.

      I have a very colorful book shelf, and some of the spaces are decorated and made into a diorama with a little bed and shelf, etc.
      All my dolls have space to sit and interact. To be honest, it relaxes me to look at this colorful place full of my dreams.
      Luckily, the sun does not reach this shelf, so I don’t need to worry about direct sun.
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