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how do you store your papers/coa's for your dolls?

Jan 25, 2019

    1. just thought id ask especially for those people who have lots of dolls where do you store their bits if your not one to keep it in their box and also if you keep the boxes where do they go? just curious on others storing methods my cos's stay in a zip lock bag in a folder so they dont get bent or broken and the bodys pillow (since he didnt come with a box it was cheaper shipping that way) i just kinda roll up n plot it in a empty draw. anyone got a system to it all? or just fits where it fits like me?
    2. My CoAs are in a folder, each in their own slipcover - the folder is on my desk. Doll boxes are stacked in the (dry) basement with the doll pillows inside them.

      (For context, I have around 60 dolls of which most came with CoA and/or box/pillows)
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    3. Wherever I've stuffed the rest of my doll stuff at the time, which right now is a suitcase. My living situation fluctuates a lot. Maybe I'll get a folder when my new job starts.
    4. I don't keep boxes... I just don't have the space for them... I DO keep all of my dolls' paperwork, though. I have them sorted by company in a filebox.
    5. I have a photo album just for my dolls I take a picture write a bio and stuff like that
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    6. I keep my COAs in the boxes, which i keep in one of the shelves in my closet. I dont have many dolls so its fine for now
    7. We keep ours in individual baggies, labeled, in a box on a shelf near our other doll things. The boxes are variously stacked in my closet, under the bed, or in storage. :lol: Not quite as organized.
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    8. I only have one doll, but I keep his COA in his box because it isn't a paper COA, but rather, a plastic credit card looking COA and it won't be easily bent/broken. In the future, I know that I might have to get a proper storage for COAs.
    9. I put my COA's in a clear plastic folder altogether and keep it in a mini trunk case where I also keep all my extra dolly parts (like hand parts & feet parts, accessories etc) so I don't lose them. For the doll box, I store the empty boxes in my storage room. I don't throw the original doll boxes because I think it is nice to have them and also a plus factor if I choose to re-sell my dolls with their original box. I actually have 10 dolls that are kept in the box due to not having a right-sized display case/cabinet at the moment. The boxes that have dolls inside are kept in my room (which can look pretty messy...), but I do take them out often just to see their faces :)
    10. I have a lot of dolls and sort their COA by companies and store them in ziplock bags and put them in a plastic document box. They sit on my self along with another organizer box that stores the extra hands and feets for the dolls as well.
    11. I have a designated doll box, a little plastic 3 drawer thing I found at Dollar General, and I keep all my props and CoAs in the last drawer, most of them are already laminated but I keep them all in a ziplock bag.
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    12. They used to be in a shoe box. Then they moved to a doll box. Then a bigger doll box.
      What's sad is that apparently not all of them make it into the box. So really I store them everywhere.
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    13. I keep all my CoAs in a folder and all the doll boxes in a dry place with their pillows inside. I provide a data sheet for each doll purchase with all things about the doll and the purchase itself (so I am able to know after years when I have bought the doll, where, to which price). When the doll comes, I put the CoA in a separate slipcover next to its data sheet. ^^
    14. I leave them in their original matching boxes. They're not anything I really refer to unless I'm selling the doll in question, so safe and out of the way works best!
    15. I keep my COAs in the drawer with the doll clothes and accessories.
    16. I keep my coas in a drawer with my floating heads and other bits.
    17. My boxes are stacked in a corner of my room :sweat and everything that came with the dolls except the COAs stays in the box. My COAs are in a folder. Each doll has their own pocket with a print off of their order/payments and anything else important.
    18. I’ve only got two gals with CoAs right now, so their cards and pillows are in their travels bags that they came in, I got rid of the first box I got because it was too damaged, the second one is somewhere....in my closet...? I think. I’m not sure on that. Their travel cases are together on my shelf though. All other infonlike orders/receipts/communications with company is on my portable hard drive in case my computer dies randomly...like they tend to do.... ^^’
    19. I store COAs in their respective boxes for the most part, and I have a shelf devoted completely to boxes. The ones belonging to floating heads (the ones that don't come with boxes, anyways) are in a ziploc baggie and tucked into a space on my bookshelf.
    20. I put my doll’s COAs in a vintage wooden Japanese display/storage chest on my desk with the other bjd stuff llike the extra eyes. The doll boxes are stored on shelves in my closet, or under my bed. I am running out of storage space as I also collect action figures and have all their boxes too. If I went through my life’s accumulated craft supplies (who needs acrylic paint from the 1990’s right?), I’d have more room. I just dread going through all that stuff!