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How Do You Transport Dolls to Cons?

Sep 13, 2019

    1. I've seen a fair bit of talk about BJD conventions and I've gotten to wondering how you all transport them. I'm going to a small con soon which, while not doll-focused, will have a BJD panel. Any tips you could offer would be appreciated!
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    2. It depends on the size of the dolls, but personally for me for meet ups and such I like to transport my MSD's in a laptop bag! It's roomy enough to fit about four, and zips, and is nice and padded! For Sd's, I've seen people use the fabric pet carrier bags, yoga mat bags, and even custom bags. But if all else fails you could just transport them in the boxes they came in if you really had to!
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    3. Last time I took my doll to a con (He is a 70cm) I wrapped him in a soft blanket and stuck him into a large tote. I was traveling locally so he was in the car with me, but if It was somewhere far away I would take him apart and wrap him carefully/more then just a blanket! It all depends on the size and where the con is at. If it's a smaller doll I think you cna get away with just wrapping them up and putting them in a small sturdy container!
    4. I have an ita tote bag for when I bring my dolls to conventions. That does limit who can go. Before that, I would use a backpack. No matter what you use, be careful while moving around during the convention.
    5. If I want to have a doll or two with me while walking around a convention I use a build-a-bear carrier for an SD size:
      I know they're meant for kids but the straps expand to quite large (I'm n overweight man of nearly six feet tall and I can use it.

      If I'm taking smaller dolls, I usually have them arranged so they;'re lookign out of the side pockets or top of a bag. If I'm taking sewing or knitting to do at the con, I carry a craft caddy with yo-sized dolls in a few of the compartments.

      Depending on the bag size, MSD sized dolls can also sit securely in them and still be seen.

      EDITED TO ADD: For getignt hem to and from the convention, they travel in whatever bags they'll fit in - for one-day events, they get their faceup covered (silk scarves work well), and packed into the backpack or shoulder-bag I'm taking to the con. For weekend or longer conventions, they get packed in whatever luggage I'm using (if travelling by public transport) or just get sat on the back seat of the car if we're driving to the convention. When we drove to Dublin for WorldCon in August, I packed them into a bag because the car was so full of stuff we needed at the convention, there wasn't a seat available for them.

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    6. Rucksack, wrapped up and stuffed in. That’s how I took a 70cm doll on economy class flights.

      For the con itself, I made a little harness (like a climber’s sitting harness) out of webbing & paracord, then used carabiners to attach it to my rucksack straps so the doll was sitting in front of me. It meant I could be hands free but still keep him secure.
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    7. I opt for instrument cases! If an instrument is safe in a case, a doll will also be. And the good thing is there are a lot of sizes. MSD? Ukulele. SD: Violin. Tiny... I don't know, but I'm sure there're good options :)

      Oh sorry for the double post, I just read your reply to the thread. This sounds super interesting! Do you have any photos of it? I'd really like to try to make something like that eventually, it's an awesome idea!
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    8. I usually just take one SD and either carry them in my arm, or they ride along in a tote bag or backpack so it's easy to get them in and out.
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    9. I can’t find any decent pictures at the moment but I’ll have a look in my doll stuff for the harness itself & see if I can take some!
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    10. Two of my dolls are SD sizes so they're a bit difficult to travel with to cons, but I managed to bring one to my local con last year! I transported her in her box because I felt like that was the safest way to get her to the hotel without her breaking or getting roughed up. At the actual convention I had a pretty large backpack with a soft clean fabric (like fleece) inside to carry her in when I didn't feel like holding her. I also got quite lucky because I have friends who run artist alley booths so when I was going somewhere where I was nervous about her being jostled around too much I was able to leave her with them with no issues. Honestly, it was a bit too nerve-wracking for me to want to do it again though! I'm too much of a worry wart.
    11. Thank you to everyone for the great advice! I ended up packing her in a transport blanket she came with when I bought her and then loading that into a laptop case. The double layer of protection worked great and she was a huge hit at the con!
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    12. I carried my doll with me because I think it is safer if they are with me. I used a trunk that was for storing photography equipments ,and carried my 75cm soom idealian with me. It was super tiring and it was so heavy!! I don't think taking bigger dolls to cons is a good idea. There are too many people and it is just not a fun thing to do!!
    13. Tripod bags can be nice options for taller dolls! I’ve even seen some with padding for protection, and they’re economic as well.
    14. I’m wondering this too, I’m completely a newb with bjd, mine is realfee rian and I’m not sure how best to take him on a plane to a con I’m attending in May 2020
    15. I just picked up a sewing machine bag for about $25. I can fit two SDs easily if they're sitting, and possibly another if I tried. Plus there's pockets for accessories!

      Bags for yoga mats would also work, I think.
    16. Am I the only one that just straps anything 1/3-sized into the car with a seat belt? Otherwise I just carry them around on my arm.

      My 1/12-sized family members travel in either a sunglasses case or a make-up bag/case during transport and also ride my arm or in a pocket while out and about.

      I don't own MSD sizes but I'd just roll them up in a blanket and stuff them in my backpack for transport.
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    17. I lined a rolling suitcase with a blanket and strapped in my msds. I could fit 2 yosd's between my 3 msds that I took. I can fit my tinies in a pokemon card tin that I lined with cushiony fabric. My tiniest doll (Lati White SP) fits in an eye glasses case!
    18. My MSDs and smaller dolls are in a big tub with lots of blankets and some of their clothes. It's nice and sturdy. Originally, my SDs were in their original boxes, but it got to be a huge pain to transport them all, so I invested in another sturdy tub and filled it with blankets to layer them with.
    19. I currently pack mine into a large rolling suitcase. It fits all of them perfectly for height and keeps them pretty damn safe. I've actually brought to of them to Texas and back in it. With copious padding of course
    20. seconding on the tripod bags!!!!!! I've also used one of the nice padded/lined bags that came with one of my softboxes,and a dufflebag that i padded with fleece and minky fabric. Ive gotten some proper bags from volks since though that honestly can fit up to 3 60cm 1/3rds and a 1/6 pretty comfortably. Ive heard of folks using violin cases.
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