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How do you wash your clothes?

Apr 25, 2010

    1. Hello DOA~!

      I'm sorry in advance if this is a repeat thread or if this thread doesn't belong here, but I Wasn't too sure where else to post my question and I couldn't find a thread similar! Mods, feel free to remove if it is indeed a repeat!

      So basically my question is this: How do you clean your dolls' clothes? Do you wash them in the washer or dryer or do you guys hand wash them? I have some clothes that could use some cleaning and I think hand washing would be a better bet since I think some of the clothes just might get stuck in a washer machine! D:

      So please feel free different washing methods (or something)

    2. I would never trust a washer machine with my doll's clothes, after all I have had some of my clothes damaged from washer machines. I wash my doll's clothes by hand in the sink. I use warm water and organic soap that is safe on the fabric as well as on resin. I don't think fabric detergent is a good think to use on doll clothes, the chemical components and fragrances aren't good for human skin, can't imagine they would be good on resin. I just lather up some soap on the clothes and rinse them real thoroughly. I also let the clothes air dry for two reasons: 1. sending clothes through the dryer brakes down the fibers and degrades the clothing
      2. the issue with some things shrinking in the dryer. With some doll clothes can be delicate and kind of pricey too, it is just safer to hand wash ans air dry.
    3. I use the washing machine and then l air dry them also sometimes l will wash them by hand as well.
    4. I use mild detergent meant for fine fabrics (Woolite) in a small washbasin with cold water and gently squeeze the clothes in the soapy water until clean. Rinse until the water is clear, blot dry in a rolled up towel and then air dry.
    5. I too handwash my doll clothes. When I did it last it was actually to soak the darker stuff in 1/2 vinegar 1/2 water so they wouldn't stain and to clean white fabric that had been stained. I obviously used vinegar and water for the dark and then just used soap and a tide to go stick for the stain. You gotta watch with the vinegar though since it does take out the excess dye in the clothes (hence helping avoid doll staining) so the clothes colour may change slightly if you soak for really long.
    6. Just like my own clothes, doll clothes cleaning depends on the fabric and trim. What I make for them myself is always machine washable. I usually use cold water whether hand washing or machine washing, mostly air drying. To protect small things from being lost, doll things go into a zippered wash bag.
      If something needs dry cleaning, a commercial product for doing it at home, allows me to do it safely -- and only as a last resort, since my resin crew doesn't perspire!
    7. I hand wash them. Usually, I use plain dish soap if I use any soap. heh

      I think I used a detergent once, but I forgot what kind.
    8. If it's delicate I hand wash them with whatever plain colorless scentless soap I have around. If it's like jeans or more sturdy things I put them in a bra bag (they're padded a bit for washing bras in, rather than just mesh like a regular lingerie bag) and wash them in the washing machine with a load of my own clothes. Either way I hang them to dry.
    9. I place all dolly clothes inside of a delicates bag and toss them into a gentle cycle in the washing machine; afterwards I let them air dry.

      Works quite well for me. :)
    10. I second the comment about NOT using the dryer. It doesn't look like a lot of companies pre-wash the fabric and if you think dolly clothing is small, just wait until after you put it in the dryer! :lol:
    11. I just throw them in the washer on gentle cycle. Then I let them air dry.
    12. Hand wash with baby soap and then spin inside a salad spinner then air dry, and iron any pieces that need it between two damp towels.
    13. I'd use the washing machine on a delicate cycle, but I place them inside a pillow case and tie the end off! I do this for other delicate stuff that I can't be arsed to hand wash. ;)
    14. I either hand wash them in a bucket with some soap, but if I don't have the time I put them into pillow case then into the washing machine with my own clothes. x3
    15. I have a gentle laundry detergent made with rosewater and rose oils. I would use that to hand wash most of my doll's more delicate clothing (whether it's material or the way it's made). If I have sturdier clothing I would get a special bag for them and probably toss them in the laundry machine. The bag would be used simply so I don't lose them ^^;;
    16. since they are small they can get stuck inside the washing machine or it can damage the small stitches from the clothing . So I prefer to hand wash them with a neutral soap and hang them to air dry. :)
    17. Here's my method:

      - Fill an empty bucket--or the sink, if it's clean and not being used--with warm water and a handful of plain Neutrogena shampoo. You want to use Neutrogena shampoo because it's a mild soap with no fragrance or lotions, and it won't leave any chemical residue on the fabric fibres.

      - Let it soak for 5-10 minutes, occsionally giving it a gentle swirl with the fingers to make sure everything gets soap.

      - Rinse the clothes with lukewarm water, followed by cool water, until all the soap is out.

      - Then press the clothes between two dry towels to absorb most of the water.

      - Hang the clothes on dowels or lay them flat and let them air-dry.

      Random fact: This is also a good method to wash antique fabrics/lace/clothing. ;)
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    18. wow this was really helpful. I have some dolly clothes that need washing and wasn't sure how to do so.
    19. Yes xDDD thanks guys : D
    20. Fantastic thread! Gave me a lot of options.
      Now I do have one specific question, which is why I am bringing this thread up.
      Has anyone ever washed a Dollheart Fer?
      I thought about the hand washing, but I think I am going to try the pillowcase, because it's more sturdy than a lingerie bag.... But I am honestly afraid of even getting them wet.
      At the same time, I don't want to have them dry cleaned, because even if they stop laughing long enough, they might mess them up, and the chemicals can't be good....
      Any thoughts on that?
      Thanks in advanced :D