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How does one go about becoming an international rep?

Jul 5, 2007

    1. Sorry if this is in the wrong section; feel free to move it :)

      Out of curiosity, how does a person become an international representative for an overseas BJD company? Do you have to speak their language? Do you have to make them a new website? So curious.... I would love to hear from those here who are reps already on how you became one.

      I am not really interested in becoming one, I am just curious and I am sure others are too.
    2. bump... does anyone know?
    3. I, for one, have also been wondering this and want to stick around and wait for answers. :)
    4. bumpitty-bump...
    5. I'm the UK rep for Happydoll, so I can sorta answer your question.

      I became the rep after e-mailing Lucy for a few years about various things. So we were kinda net friends first.

      I e-mail her in English if that helps ^^;
    6. Well, for most companies it is a matter of contacting them and discussing their terms and conditions with them. Writing in english is usually alright though the answers can be a little hard to understand. :)

      You'll find that most have a minimum order amount and then offer a discount which is your profit margin.
    7. I don't have a minimum order amount, so that's not a given ^^
      But then I don't have profits but that is a different matter (don't expect to make mney straight away as a rep. I know Happydoll are unknown and a little unpopular, but even with a popular it'll be hard.)
    8. I meant in order to qualify for a discount as an agent as opposed to paying the retail price most companies require you to order a minimum value amount (at least on your first order). :)

      Usually not a lot of profit at first anyway, espeically when things like shipping, customs and taxes etc come out of the discount price. At least they do for us anyway, we cover shipping and all the rest from China to our front door and only charge shipping from our front door to the customer.

      To give a couple of examples, Dollzone require a minimum of $5,000 for the first order. Bobobie require $1,600.
    9. Oh my... so it sounds like you need a lot of money from the get-go. Thanks for your answers ^_^
    10. Oooh, I'm keeping posted here for information. This intrigues me.
    11. Isn't really much more to tell. :)
    12. I'm curious, do the companies require that you have a business license in your home country?

      It sounds similar to the way a lot of wholesale companies work, you get the merchandise for a percentage less than retail, and you have to place a minimum first order for X amount of dollars.

      Actually, considering what these dolls and their accessories retail for, thats not that unreasonable a minimum first order.
      Especially Bobobie's.

      If we were still selling at conventions, or still had our storefront, it would be tempting. ^_^
    13. Not neccessarily, some do, some don't. Some require you to sign a contract with them, others don't. There is a lot of variation so about the only solution is to approach the company and see what they require.
    14. (this is an error, ignore please)
    15. Hi,

      I remember seeing on some company websites that they were looking for a rep, sometimes in a specific area. However, I have not seen that on any of the websites I visit lately.
      I'm interested in becoming a representative for a company, or a few eventually. For those of you who are representatives, how did you become one? Did you just ask the company you were interested in if they needed another representative?

      Thanks ;)