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How does your doll's headcap attach?

May 23, 2011

    1. I thought of something interesting so I figured I'd ask everyone. I know there are all different kinds of headcaps, but no one really talks about how theirs attach. I only have one doll, but I've heard of all different kinds from the functional to the total pain in the butt to the totally usless.

      So how about it? How does your doll's headcap attach?

      Are you happy with it or do you wish it was different? Why?

      I have an AOD Chi with a magnetic headcap. I heard that their headcaps used to be attached by hooking the S hook into it and that they were a nightmare to get on and off, so I'm glad that mine was one of the new magnetic ones. All in all I'm very happy with it. It only falls off if he takes a decent spill, but then it just stays inside his wig so it's not like it rolls away or anything.

      I have 2 new dolls on the way and I'm not sure how their headcaps attach but I hope they're magnetic, too, or at least ones that stay on well but aren't terribly hard to take out if I need to take off his head for dressing purposes.
    2. My Iplehouse Tania headcap is also magnetic as are, I think, most. ^-^
      Although I will have a Minifee Shushu in a couple of months, and its like a snap on thing, i think. (not sure as I don't have her yet, but I've seen in videos).

      As for the magnetic headcap, I wish it was probably more like the snap on. When I try to take her wig off, sometimes her headcap gets a little shifty and may come off and stay in the wig. *_*
    3. I had that problem when I first got my boy. Every time I took his wig off, his headcap came off, too. but it hasn't happened in ages. I guess I'm just really relived that it isn't hooked on with the S hook anymore. I don't think I would have been able to change his eyes and that would have made me sad cuz I didn't like the ones he came with.
    4. D: yeah! That S-hook headcap system sounds difficult. I'm fairly new to the hobby by a couple years so I wasn't aware that was a thing. I don't think I would have liked that much either. *_* I'd probably prefer the magnetic, to it. XD
    5. My Volks Williams, Gomidoll Iru-HS, Distant Memory Peroth and Elfdoll K-ss all have magnetic headcaps. My old Volks SwD Lucas and Madoka use the system where you need to tie a rubber band around the S-hook.

      I like both, although I prefer the old system. The old system is a bit more foolproof: if the elastic snaps, you just buy a new one. The only downside is that you need a little patience to get the headcap on. Although... with a little practice, it's not hard to get the rubber band in place.
      Even though magnets are easier in use, they become a pain in the butt when one (or more) gets loose. I don't know how often I've had the magnets of my Peroth glued back in place... they just won't stick.

      I used to own a CP Tanned Lishe. She had the mechanism where you could twist the headcap and lock it in place. I liked the system, though I was always worried that I would somehow touch the face-up and mess it up or that the headcap piece would break off. As a result I hardly... er... opened up her skull.
    6. The DM Kids' headcaps have magnates on the front and back. It almost always comes off when I take her wig off (maybe because of velcro?), and it will fall off if she falls without a wig.
    7. I have all magnetic headcaps here - but I've had a couple of issues with them. (Namely, magnets coming free) I find them easy to slide on and off, but have often thought that some sort of twist-lock mechanism built into the resin would be a lot more reliable way to secure doll headcaps.
    8. Magnetic headcap on my Iplehouse girl, two of the magnets came loose after she took a tumble at Kitacon and her headcap went rolling across the floor
    9. The headcap is the part that attatches to the neck with with DIM Love, it's handy to take the face off to change eyes or work on it, it is secured with magnets and I am in fear of the face falling off.
    10. I have some that twist and lock into place (Delfs) and others that use magnets (Soom). Only my super tiny Elfdolls have the "s-hook" on the headcap set up (its really a resin hook built into the headcap).
    11. My Dollfie Dream's headcap is vinyl, so it's easy to manoeuver into place, but you need a blunt craft knife or something to be able to lift it off again.

      My SD Megu has the oldstyle elastic band fastening. At first I preferred magnets like all my other Volks dolls, but I get on okay with this fastening. Because she has a dark wig, I always have a silicone skullcap on her, so that helps to keep the headcap on tightly.

      The rest all have 'schpitt' magnets and I've never had a problem with that. Volks dolls seem to have both magnets and ledges inside the head so that the headcap will sit securely even if the magnets aren't there. My Yo used to have a problem where the magnets in her head would always fall out (since solved with hotglue) but her headcap would only fall off if I turned her upside down!
    12. Mine is also a magnetic headcap. (DOD Bee-A)
      ...everytime she take a bit of a tumble, her headcap comes off with her wig. The first time that happened, I nearly had a heart attack, thinking that the headcap had rolled away into some dark corner. Turned out it was just stuck in the wig >.>'''
    13. In my Asleep Eidolon girl, the head cap is the type that you twist on, but it has this thing that you can hook the S hook onto. The twist mechanism is really nice and secure so I think the s hook ring just works as an alternative to attach the head (other than letting the s hook sit in the groove).
      In my Angell Studio boy, his headcap is attached by very strong magnets that I've never had any trouble with.
    14. I have one with a hook and elastic and the rest are all magnet-and-latch/notch type. I like the magnetic ones's the best.
    15. Luckily I've never had that problem. I've had my AOD Chi for 3 years now and I don't know what they fix the magnets with but they're not loose or anything. But yeah, I see how that could be annoying if your magnets were always coming loose.
    16. My boy (BBB Apollo) has a little hook and magnet system going on. A little hook in the headcap latches onto the head and then the magnet kinda locks it in.
    17. Yeah I'm not sure I would want his face connected by magnets. :sweat It doesn't sound as secure as just a little dome on the top of the head. Although I might have fun creeping out my friends by randomly popping his face off.
    18. I have a 2007 Domuya Fin, and her head cap has one of those resin hooks for the S-hook to attach to. I never use it because the "head snap" problem she already has seems to be magnified. My other doll is a AnotherSpace2 Howl and she uses magnets, but they seem to be very, very secure. In fact, she took a tumble the other day and it didn't even budge.

      My husband has a Dollzone head they has magnets to secure the cap, as well... But as he's only gotten it recently I can't tell how well it stays on.
    19. I've had a variety of cap types, myself. My AOD Qian has the magnets, and those are definitely my favorite. I find her head easy to take on and off, yet it also stays on when I need it to.

      My Illusion Spirit Minos has the twist on head, as does the baby-Sara he came with. I don't much enjoy, as I feel like I"m going to break the head every time I open him up. I must admit, however, that it will not pop off.

      My Bobobie Sprite has a cap that latches on. It does not work well, but I put a little eye putty on the notches so it does not fall off every day. I got an older AOD Zi Yuan recently for my mother, and it has my least favorite cap. It barely fits at all, and has to be taped to stay on.

      So, my vote is for magnets. Everyone should use them, they're great fun.
    20. My Bluefairy Shinyfairys have magnetic head caps. They're awesome.
      My ShinyDoll Fragille girl has some sort of mini-hook inside her headcap and one inside her head and it stays on with a rubber band. It doesn't work that well, since her headcap sometimes just randomly pops off and it's kind of a pain to get on and off, but nut unbearable