How does your family react to the hobby ? - Part 2

Jul 3, 2016

    1. My mother is awesome. She helps me get things for Johnny and Alistair, and she's helped me put together wardrobes for the girls I want as well. I'll get this message on Facebook and it'll be her with a link to something cute she found on Etsy. She'll go "Check this out! Do you like that? I think it's adorable!" I'm blessed to have a supportive mom like that.

      The rest of my family ranges from fair to partly cloudy on the subject. My sister is terrified of dolls but listens to me when I want to blab. My brother-in-law shows a similar level of tolerance, and he even gets excited when I tell him I want a steampunk set for Johnny. My grandmother is humorously negative; she likes my boys...but not their wigs! When she last saw Alistair he was wearing a black and blue dreadlocks wig, and she shook her head and chuckled "You pick some of the ugliest wigs!" I know she's not trying to be hateful, so I just laugh it off.
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    2. My family doesn't know and I'm thinking of ways to break the news to them, especially my mother. It's no so much that it's the dolls themselves that is the issue here, but the price tag. I'm not sure whether to tell her that these dolls are as expensive as they are or to just cushion the blow with a lower dollar amount. I do have my own full time job and can afford them, but there is a chance that she is going to judge me for paying as much as I do for my dollies. I mean, we both enjoy our luxury handbags, so I feel like my dollies are no different in terms of price tags. Purses are a little more useful though... :lol:
    3. My parents don't really understand the hobby - they sort of go with the mentality of "It's your money, do what you want." But they are very respectful of my interest in BJDs - they've helped me fix a broken finger, they'll listen to me ramble about the hobby, they show interest when a new doll arrives, and they've even helped me restring one once! I'm so grateful that they put up with me!
      But that being said, they don't exactly approve of the price tag, which I think can be said for many other people.
    4. My parents were very confused about it when I brought it up to them, mostly because I had never shown any interest in dolls when I was a child. I'd had one Barbie and that was it. Everything else was much more "tomboy" related. However, they finally just decided that I make my own money and can spend it how I want. My father had a bit of sticker shock when I told him how much my first doll was, but they've never been outright rude to me out it. My paternal uncle, my paternal cousin's husband, and to some extent my maternal grandparents have, but it's mostly my father's side of the family that tends to be the most rude about my interests in general, from dolls to music to fashion so I just don't share a whole lot with them anymore.
    5. Unfortunately my family is constantly frowning down at my doll hobby. They think that I spend too much money on "useless" things and that they take up a lot of space in the house. =( We live in a small apartment and that is simply no space to put so many things. I definitely feel upset about it as I feel like no one can appreciate my hobby or is supportive of it. It got so bad that I feel like it's a hidden hobby, one which I have but can't tell anyone as people don't like it? My sister did find my dolls creepy and scary. Sometimes I will just roll my eyes when they complain about my hobby again. There are times when I have a heck-care attitude as I just want to continue doing the things that I like.
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    6. I think they find it... amusing? No one in my family is really a doll lover, but they are all collectors of various things, so they do under stand that aspect. I know they do think they are to expensive and they wish I'd save more of my money, but they never really say many bad things when a new doll comes home.... Except my one fantasy boy... they were horrified by his big bird feet. XD So considering everything, I'm quite happy to have a family that doesn't judge me to harshly when it comes to my dolly (And figure) collection.
    7. I was born in a collector family, so my family is more less understanding with my hobby. :whee: My mother often praises my female doll's outfit, because I have dresses for the bigger dolls and cute outfits for the smaller one. :XD:
    8. I really admire my mom so muchhh!
      She has just been always always supportive in everything I do!

      My brother's only complain was for me to buy a girl doll xD
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    9. My very nice husband, having grown up without sisters, and having watched too many horror movies featuring evil dolls (Chucky, anyone?) doesn't understand the attraction of dolls and has always been sort of fearful of them. He puts them in the same category as evil clowns (!)
      I am waiting for my first bjds to arrive (probably August) and have only told him that I have splurged on some expensive dolls. He is good natured and long suffering but can't help shivering a little when he sees me reading a BJD illustrated book.
      I've always kept a lovely collection of beautiful toys and dolls for myself and the kids in my life but I keep our apartment toy and doll neutral by having a storage strategy. For my new dolls, I've ordered some of those really nice Luts doll boxes that look like vintage suitcases so that I can keep the dolls safe and sound but out of sight until the doll fanciers come over to visit.
      In the meantime, I switch to my email when ever he comes in while I'm browsing doll websites so he doesn't think I've lost my mind over dolls....
    10. My family is at the moment very confused about my newly found hobby. I haven't talked very much about it with them, but I have explained what a bjd is and shown them a few pictures. However, when I try to show them pictures of dolls I'm interested in or that I'm thinking of going to a meetup in fall, they get very vague and in the end start talking about something else.

      This confuses me a lot too and I have no idea how to get them more involved, because usually they are very supportive. I'm afraid they all think this is a joke and I'm beginning to dread the day I will show them my first doll... I'm even thinking of buying a mini or maybe an animal doll, just to soften the blow, but then again minis are not what I fell in love with when I first discovered the hobby.
    11. My family has come to terms with it, since I am unashamed of my hobby. I live with my mom and brothers still, since I just started college after highschool and am working on moving out, but no one seems to think it is too weird. Or at least not to my face. I sit in the living room a lot, because I have many animals and it would be cruel to keep them cooped up in my room with me all the time, and I often have my dolls out with me, sitting, watching TV with me, or I will be working on clothes or cleaning them. If guests come over and I already have my dolls out I don't bother putting them away (I just cover their parts with a cloth or something, so they aren't nakey.) Home is where one should be comfortable, I believe, so I sort of just do whatever I want. Guests don't usually say anything more than polite questions. My mom almost bought me my first doll, but I ended up getting it myself because it was so expensive. The friends I am moving in with also love dolls and both have one of their own lol.
    12. My family at first wasn't very supportive, they saw it as a childish thing until I started photographing them.
      My mom now thinks they are very cute but way too expensive still, and well.. my dad isnt too fond of them he is mostly complaining about their price and that they are in the way (although I have my own apartment!). I would say to people out there whos parents dont like bjd's, dont listen to them! If you love your dolls and you save up hard to get that dream doll of yours then no one elses opinion should matter! :love
    13. My family loves it ^__^ My twin sister and I share the passion. My Mom is getting into making doll items too - like dioramas. And the rest really view it as a business, and while they might think that the dolls are a little strange, they are really supportive and don't mind that the dolls sometimes takeover the house. ^___^
    14. For me it s kinda going the opposite way. I love dolls, i v always been shy about expressing it, finally few months ago i started showin my 12 y daughter pictures of dolls i like, we started goin out together to buy barbies and ever after high dolls, i gave them new faceups. i know i am kind of pretending to the rest of the family that this is my daughter s hobby only, but i just cannot stop daydreaming about BJD dolls, and i am looking for that special doll to bring home. I just can never tell them how much they cost. they ll think i just went coucou :D
      for now i am happy i am enjoyin this with my daughter, it s our little kept secret
    15. At first my family thought it was very strange and hat I wouldn't be collecting for long
      But as time went by they grew to love my dolls ^_^
    16. Ah, I wish my family was supportive of the hobby I chose. But we've always been really poor and scraped by, so they think that spending money on dolls (even at my age) is something that shouldn't be done. Necessities always come first, but afterwards there's rarely any money left to spend on the 'fun' things, such as the hobby. My husband thinks they're creepy, as do my friends, but they respect my hobby, and my husband does ask about certain things. He's helped me save up for certain things too, like an outfit, or a special pair of eyes, and it makes me happy.
    17. The cool thing is that my family have been incredibly positive about my dolls. My mom really likes them and is helping me find items for them and also finding ways to make items. My dad also think the dolls are really nice and he's showing a lot of interest when I show things about them and talk about them. He's also been teaching me how to do a proper tieknot for my suit wearing dolls which is awesome! Last year after I visited my first BJD Convention I shoed Pictures to my parents and grandmother and everyone was interested and positive about the hobby. So I feel really lucky to have such a nice and supportive family :)
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    18. My husband collects super-hero figures, so he gives me a pass on the dolls. We do discuss every purchase, though. The only ones he seems to like are the Dollfie Dreams. I don't live near my parents, so I didn't mention it to them for years, but when I finally talked with my Mom about it, she was more understanding than I expected. Turned out some of her quilting friends also collect dolls like Madame Alexander dolls, etc. My dad would never understand and would also not be interested, so the subject does not come up with him.
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    19. Dolls are very useful! They bring love, joy & happiness! I love all my big boys. They make me happy, help my creativity & listen to me. In part I buy them gorgeous things & give them a nice place to live lol
    20. I must add a little update on this topic, I was very nervous when I was going to tell my family that I had ordered a doll and an SD no less :O but my mother and two best friends were very supportive and happy for me <3 all three thought RD Dracula was a good fit for me and thought he was gorgeous and sexy *blush* even my cats head bumped him fondly and then went on their business so I think Dracula will have no problem becoming a part of my family ^-^
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