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How does your partner feel about your bjds?

Nov 2, 2016

    1. If this already a thread please delete!

      My partner encourages me to work with my hobbies. He thinks that my dolls are cute, he even gives out a few tips here and there sometimes when I'm trying to look for new things for them. He get's a bit annoyed when I talk about dolls too much. But when I show him one of my dolls and ask for opinions on what I should do with their clothes or wigs he usually gives me some of his opinions on what I should do.

      He thinks that I shouldn't get too many dolls at the moment because we're saving for our wedding. He want's me to stop getting dolls because of the space also. We have a crafting room and I'm thinking of getting another shelf for my bjd's and one for my pullips. That'll be for the future though!

      How does your partner feel about your doll hobby? Do they encourage you to continue your hobby? are they creeped out by them? Or are they just "Meh"?
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    2. My girlfriend is encouraging of my artistic pursuits but is wary of the cost of dolls. We're both minors so it's not like our finances are linked (though I earn all my money while her family is much more wealthy and gives cash to her >.>) but she knows I have a bit of a shopping addiction. She discourages me from spending large amounts of money on anything but "needs". So, she's sorta "mixed" opinion on my doll interest.

      My best friend however (who I spend more time with) is amazing. She's actually really creeped out by all dolls but she'll listen to me talk and talk about my plans and will look at pictures of sculpts I like.
    3. My boyfriend is ultra supportive! I asked him about a million times before I ordered my doll if he thought it was a stupid thing to do. He kept telling me to go for it. I guess he's used to me liking dolls (I was buying 1/6 Azone stuff before now), but I'm glad that he's rolling along with it so well! :blush
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    4. My partner was interested in vinyl BJDs long before I got in to the hobby! He's only just now building his first BJD (a custom Dollfie Dream), but appreciates and admires my dolls, too.

      I definitely know how you (and the other posters here) feel about the money situation. My partner usually tells me that I spend too much $$$ on dolls. BJDs are expensive, so it's not like I disagree per se. But he likes spending money on gadgets and toys too, which means he's not really innocent either. My goal for 2017 is to cut back on spending. Hopefully that will make both my partner and my wallet happier!

      I'm really excited that my partner is finally getting his own doll because now we can both gush about dolly details together. He's always helped by giving me input in to what styles or sculpts he likes, what he thinks looks good on my dolls, etc. and now I get to help him by teaching him terms like SD/MSD/Yo-SD, or aiding him in finding the right size wig/eyes. :kitty2
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    5. My partner is very supportive of my hobby. I felt guilty wanting to order my first doll because it was expensive and we aren't exactly rolling in dough, but he said I never do anything nice for myself so I should buy it. I thought that was really cute and touching.
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    6. My partner has been very supportive of my hobby. He listens when I talk about anything to do with my dolls and will help me look up any questions I have. He encourages me to go to meet ups.

      My best friend also listens and supports me when it comes to my dolls - however, I am not allowed to show them to her because she finds dolls "creepy." I am still happy she supports me :love
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    7. My partner is supportive! Honestly if I was with someone who didn't support me in my hobbies (and vice versa) then I probably wouldn't be with them for long

      My partner enthusiastically points out any suitable dolly item he sees when we're out, and asks for pictures when I buy my dolls something new. He's pretty great about it!
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    8. Hubby is supportive. ^_^ He doesn't really like bjds but he appreciates the work and artistry that goes into making them. :3
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    9. FlyingCodeMonkey (Mr.Brightfires) doesn't really *get* the whole doll-thing, but he's not at all opposed to them. It's very much one of those "he's happy that they make me happy" kind of situations. I'm the same way about a few of his hobbies.
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    10. My boyfriend appreciates the art behind them, and how hard the sculpt/face ups can be; but he sees it more as a piece of art and less as a customization hobby. He finds it overpriced, but understands where the price comes from.

      For the longest time he was a bit against it, he used to say that they were all just creepy. Now, 5 year later, he gives opinions on face ups and new sculpts. I guess I've converted him XD
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    11. My other half has the opinion "Your money, your choice". That said, he does like my dolls and watches if I have them out. While I do occasionally impulse buy stuff, I'm generally pretty good at controlling myself, so it tends not to be an issue there. He actually likes photography, so I'm hoping to get him in to it enough to photograph my dolls :P
    12. My fella was a little confused when I first bought a DC Zora...that was the first bjd he and myself had ever seen...he described her as a strange, sexy, alien :lol: I quickly progressed onto owning more DC dolls, his concern about costs then loomed!!! By this time I was looking into Popovy Sisters and Marmite Sue dolls!!! I thought jeez if he thinks DC is over priced, I better not mention this price hike!!! Anyways, I ordered an received my 1st Popovy Doll, I was in complete awe of its beauty and merits!!! When I showed him my beauty, his actual description was not at all positive. Although, he does love the fact that they make me so happy, and is really impressed with the things I have created for them....He just cannot see the 'big fuss' as he puts it... But likewise, with is UK football games etc, I cannot see the excitement with that either. So I have come to realise I have my hobbies, he has his....aaaand I have a load of new dolly buddies from DoA, Wahey :dance
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    13. My bf is very supportive of this, as he links it to our shared crafting hobby. From the beginning he has suggested outfits and props to make - he has even started chainmail sets for my dolls on his own and without any prompting! When looking for new dolls he insists on giving his opinion on sculpts and skintones, and he has never once complained about the expense (although admitedly it does help that he himself has fairly expensive hobbies). What he does complain about is my taking over the whole sitting room when sewing new things, as we do have a very serviceable crafting room, but... oh, well :hug:
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    14. My real partners are amazing doll prices, that I spend so much money to buy this is difficult to understand, and even some friends think it is a child playing with toys, I am an adult very naive to play, so I will not in reality Share and discuss with my friends about my doll, I only online and people who like to play bjds.
      But my boyfriend is very supportive of my doll, although he just did not understand, but then he thought it was a hobby, he said he likes to collect shoes, to some extent with me to buy dolls is the same.
    15. My husband has 3 BJDs of his own

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    16. My girlfriend thinks ball jointed dolls are creepy, though acknowledges my interest in them.
      (I'm not exactly sure why she thinks they're creepy when in fact, she owns porcelain dolls -a ton of them!)
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    17. :( I feel like my partner is the only who doesn't support it at all. He doesn't understand that it's a sculpted piece of art and not "just a doll", and was very angry when he learned the price of it. It's not like I used his money so I don't get why he was mad. But I just keep it away from him, I don't handle my doll when he's home and I don't mention it to him, which makes me sad. But it's ok because I have my mom who is VERY supportive of it, so I just go to her to talk about it ^^
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    18. My husband is supportive of the hobby overall and encourages me to improve my skills, which is great, but he can also be very critical and opinionated which sometimes makes the hobby feel more like a job. He likes the dolls enough, though he's not in the hobby. Because he is the money-earner in the house and I only work very part time, if at all, most doll money has to come from me selling things or trading things. He will buy me doll related stuff for holidays and birthdays, but other than that, spare money goes to stuff for both of us to enjoy together. I roleplay my dolls, and he does help with character creation and details, especially when I need help with info on what guns, cars or video games my boys would be into.
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    19. Don't have a partner, but I do have my BFF who's forced to hang out with me and is exposed to my constant hobby talk. She's more of a "Why would you spend $600 when you can get a Barbie for $10" kind of person. But she doesn't have anything against them.
    20. My husband when he was alive was supportive of my hobby. He did like it when I took the time to sew and create costumes for the doll. I had recreated one of his favorite Lineage II characters into doll form. Took me forever to find battle axes in the right scale! :lol:
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