How fast did your collection grow?

Nov 13, 2019

    1. I seem to average out at buying one to two dolls a year myself, and I have been in this hobby since around 2011ish, so I am nearly at 20 dolls! Most of my crew has a strict "Is this one of your characters?" buying policy so I don't tend to do a lot of impulses these days. It was fun watching the crew grow over time, and refining my tastes. Some dolls and characters have stayed with no plans of moving and some I still can't find the right shell for, but to me these struggles are just apart of the joys of the hobby. I don't really rush things myself, and just sort of let the dolls come to me. It's been fun!
    2. Mostly from my own experience and most of the people in this hobby I know the rule is if you got one doll you'll get another one. And another one. Even if you think otherwise.
      I got my first doll in 2009, got another one in a few months... and then many things happened. Can't say I buy 1-2-5 dolls a year, there were years I just didn't want to buy dolls or didn't get enough money for them and sometimes I got like 10 or more dolls in one year. As of now I have over 50 dolls (it's really hard to count with two pairs of siamese twins and a headless body that doesn't need a head). I do plan to stop one day, but just as with the first doll rule I'm not sure I will. At least as long as artists keep making so many awesome dolls I can't resist.
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    3. My first 2 dolls were 1 year apart of each other, didn't got anything for 6-7 years and then got all the others in my collection in the same year lol The same is happening now, I took a few years without getting anything and now I'm getting ready to buy again but how many is undecided.
    4. Since 2011, I have averaged a bit less than one doll per year. I obtained an extra here or there, then sold them, and at a certain point I began selling old dolls to afford new ones as I reshelled my first three. I currently have my core group of six full dolls and a few heads tucked away. At times I entertain thoughts of other characters I would have fun styling and sewing for, but the project list is already very long and I could just as easily enjoy those characters by simply writing about them. I foresee my rate of collection slowing down even further from here out.
    5. When I ordered my first one last year in Sep, I thought he would be my only doll. Then I got a second one same sculpt secondhand a month later and I was like I’ll only get two dolls. Then about half year later I saw another secondhand one so about one year and I have three msd sized dolls. Keeps telling myself to stop there but it’s very hard lol.
    6. Really fast I will say, I bought my first doll last year 2018 around July. Right now I have 2 idealian(1 otw), 5 SD17(2 otw), 3 SD13(1 otw), 1 SD10, 1 yosd otw, and 5 ob11 size tiny dolls, also have some heads only. My dolls comes and goes so I can't really count, but according to how much doll I have right now and compare with last year, it's growing pretty fast.

      Oh wow, I didn't realize I have this much doll till now.
    7. Fast the first year (2017). I bought one Volks SD, then three during the Christmas sales, one that was a Volks one-off, a Granado rerelease, and an Angell-Studio. Then I slowed down. I bought one in 2018, and one this year. Until I have the one for this year done (he's my first that wasn't a fullset) with clothes, faceup, hair, etc. I will not buy another.

      I hope.

      Well, he's out getting a faceup now.
    8. My first anniversary is coming!

      I have 5 Lati Yellows.
      4 YoSDS

      And an MSD who is coming next year.

      I THINK I’m done? I love all my crew members now but I must learn to stop getting all the things I find cute.
    9. Veeeeeeery slowly, overall. I got my first BJD in fall 2005, second spring 2006, and a surprise third fall 2006. That was the quickest period of acquisition for me, when I was working over summers but was in school and not responsible for my bills. Then I was gifted a Yo in winter 2007, and stopped adding more until summer 2009. After that I bought dolls in spring 2012, spring 2013, and another multi-year break before picking up new 2 additions in early and late spring 2017. Finally, I got a Saint after drooling over them for ten years in winter 2018, and I just placed an order for a new girl today! I did have a couple of buys that I later sold over the years, but only a few, and now that I'm waiting on number ten I have no plans to add to that. I know everyone says that, but after 14 years in the hobby I feel pretty confident that I'll stick to that for at least for a couple of years!
    10. It was pretty steady for me. I did have a few years where I got no new dolls, but then I would have a spurt of new resin. Over all I am averaging 2.3 dolls a year. I was rather floored recently when I actually counted them... I have reached crazy doll person status officially, I think.
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    11. Very slowly - in my first five years of collecting I had 3 dolls. And then I got a proper job, which turned into jobs, and in the past two years my collection has grown by... 14 dolls. Oops! I love every last one of them though, so the fast growth wasn't a bother to me.
    12. Well, I started this hobby in 2005, got my first doll in 2006 and my collection in 2019 has 7 big dolls, 2 tinies and 3 floating heads. So, err... it looks like I'm going for the slow approach XD.

      Aside from 2 pukipuki's and bodies for the floating heads, my collection is complete, so I won't be adding any more. My wallet will thank me: I've got a tiny income and these dolls are the biggest purchases I've made in my life.
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    13. Faster than I expected! I’m almost at 23 dolls (some in the post) fin five years. Most of these are sd. I’m not planning to sell but I am planning to stop buying.
    14. I don`t know if its fast. I got my first BJD around 16 years ago.
      I had phases where I was collecting, being on hiatus or just buying dolls.
      Now, I am only collecting mostly YoSDs and it got pretty much out of hand (buying dolls in Japan 2nd hand), beause they are compared to the other dolls really cheap. (Usually 100-200€ for the basic doll without faceup and other stuff)
      I`m at 15 dolls now (1 MSD, 1 30cm, 10 YoSD and 3 Tinies) and I will 100% buy one or two yosds back in Japan. (Volks is so cheap there compared to the international 2nd hand market)

      Edit: I sold and started again around July.
      I bought 10 Dolls and a head in less than half a year :O
    15. Mine ballooned a lot this year. I seem to acquire in bursts. Last year I got mostly just a couple of heads and my other big year was the first one I got dolls, 2017. Its kinda of odd really. I rigoursly planned what I wanted/needed for the dolls I already had. I though I was going to top out at five. Then I bought a Grant Phillippe on impulse while they were doing the half off sale; then just a few days ago I bought an Isak fullset set again because of the sale and awesome gift bag Ringdoll was offering. I guess I'm a sucker for a good sale. Who knows how many dolls I'll end up with aside from my planned crew.
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    16. I've been in the hobby since 2016, and I have 8 full dolls and 3 floating heads...when I told myself that I'd only get 2. :XD: So I guess I've been collecting a relatively fast rate, about 2-3 per year, and I see the pattern continuing into next year (though it has become a little harder to delineate "how many dolls I buy a year" now that I've started mostly getting hybrids and I'm not always on top of making sure each head has a body ASAP).
    17. This. This is why I held off for years/only admired.
    18. Overall, pretty slow. When I first got in it took me two years until I got my first and then I got another the next year. Another two years until I got another and the next year traded out my first for a different shell. Then it was mostly one a year for a little while, with two additions one year. Then I slowed down again due to having other priorities.
      I have a hard rule of no more dolls than years I've been in the hobby and I'm still under that and happy with it. I tend to have more fun finding clothes and things for those I have at this point and only have a short wishlist anyways (one I'm hoping to sculpt, a few I'd pick up if I could think of a reason to).
    19. Since I bought my first doll, 1 year passed till the next one, then 8 months, then another year and then another 8 months... I kinda see a pattern there xD
      But I haven't bought any doll since 2016 and I don't think I will soon. I'm very happy with my current family.
    20. September marked my fourth year in the hobby and I have just over forty bjd's which I guess is pretty fast. I had a bit of extra income during my 2nd and 3rd years in the hobby so that's when the majority of dolls came in. I think I've reached the point where I don't feel a huge need to get more dolls (which is good because I have less money for them now too, haha). I do need to get two more bodies for floating heads, which is already planned in my budget - one in December, then one sometime in spring. I have another character I'd like to shell, but I haven't even started looking for sculpts for him, nor do I feel the need to start looking right away since I know I won't be getting him until fall next year. After that, I don't know. I think I'm happy with the ones I have. :)
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