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How good is Dollfair.com's service for Narin dolls?

Apr 24, 2006

    1. Dear all

      My sister would love to order her first BJD, which will be a 60cm Narin.

      I'm wondering has anyone had experience ordering from Dollfair.com (the english site for narin dolls)? How good is their service? Do they meet your expectations? How good are they at answering email queries? Did you get the doll you had in mind?

      Thanks so much!
    2. The awesome Catrina (Dollyholic on this list) is www.dollfair.com. She is awesome. Very prompt in responding to questions and will work on your behalf to make sure you get the doll of your dreams. I can't recommend her highly enough. She places orders to Narin every Friday.
    3. Dollyholic is the best! If you want to order a Narin, Dollfair is the place to go. I do not think I have ever had better service anywhere.

    4. Ditto! Definitely order Narin from Catrina (Dollyholic of DoA) because not only will she get fantastic service, Catrina is also a great (and often amusing!) communicator. Your sister will have a great experience with Dollfair.com.
    5. Spectacular service! Catrina is very good at answering emails and questions by the bucketload. I got exactly what I wanted and with perfect service. Her love of Narindoll is addictive. She truly loves what she does. I couldn't recommend her more!
    6. Catrina of Dollfair.com is the best at what she does!! She's a pleasure to deal and work with---its like you're ordering from a friend instead of a service. :)

    7. ah ok! that's strange cause my sister has sent a couple of emails and never got a reply back. this is through the website in dollfair.com ... i will try again but it's very reassuring how many people speak highly of Catrina :D thanks so much guys! you're thr best!
    8. Catrina would always get back to my e-mails within a day or two no problem (and considering the sheer amount of e-mails that we sent each other that is quite a feat!).
    9. Catrina is the best!! You will not find a more caring or honest person to deal with

    10. I can't say enough good things about Catrina. :D She's such a nice person and she clearly loves what she does. I purchased my first (and only) doll through her, and she helped me every step of the way. She always answered my e-mails in a timely manner and thanks to her I have the doll of my dreams... I really can't recommend her enough.
    11. Catrina is great. She's very knowledgable regarding the Narin dolls and is always willing to help. She also regularly posts updates regarding the orders in the group order folder. Good luck!
    12. Nothing but a great experience here! Catrina really works with each individual with what you want in a doll and has all the costum requests translated and sent to Narindoll Creative. She is great keeping every one posted on the lasted news and updates her thread here at the board frequently.
      She's also very patient and understanding and willing to take layaway. She's great to work with!
    13. You should have your sister email her here at the board (Dollyholic) because sometimes her emails are thrown into the spam bin.
    14. I have just recently ordered a Narae via Catrina.

      I emailed Cartrina and didn't receive a response right away.....but Catrina did respond and I hadn't seen it, I eventually found her email in my junk folder!

      Also, try PMing her--she is very responsive and helpful.
    15. Yeah check your spam as Catrina always answered me within 24 hours. She was great, service was fast, and I got just what I wanted, my doll is beautiful and she came so quick!I would recommend her hands down and intend to order from her again.
    16. Hello Helene,
      I am sorry there was a delay in getting back to you.. since your sister requested a shipping quote for Korea to Australia, this was something I didn't have at my fingertips and had to research. I do try very hard to get back to people immediately, either by email or my BlackBerry. Yes, I'm that annoying person typing emails during red lights in my car.

      Last week was an unusual week for us here, as we had to deal with someone on another forum who was using my nickname and posting profanities. We also received the first-ever international order for Limhwa Doll of Korea, with her request we handwrap and ribbon tie each doll's box before shipping it. The new 43cm clothing line will debut in only a week's time.. .. and we're pleased to say we have been approached by a Korean BJD artist who will be offering new dolls through us, which have never been available before outside of Korea. As the old saying goes, when it rains it pours...

      My email system was overwhelmed by emails last week and I am catching up now... We appreciate the kind feedback here and are sorry for any delays. We do try to make the whole process of getting the dolls as smooth as possible.