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how hard is it to find 1/6 scale stuff for your 30cm mature bjd??

Aug 2, 2016

    1. :lol::lol: i just wanted to know cus im having trouble to so im resorting to making handmade stuff i might even dabble in shoe making, feel free to vent or recommend sites that have 1/6 scale items

      on a side note i feel this forces you to put more effort and be creative which i think in turn helps you bond with your dolly so like its win win? im not the type to buy stuff bc i dont wana deal with shipping and tariff and id rather craft but there are so many complicated cute items id like to get for my boy if im ever tempted to
    2. I'd like to know, too. Most 1/6 scale clothes I find are for junior and I know pretty much for certain they will be too wide. Though I wonder how off they'll be and if simple tailoring could be a solution? Pull the seams in on the sides, perhaps. I wish more stores selling clothing would give exact measurements of basically everything, ahhh... Then again I have this issue for clothes on myself, so. Yeah, bonding with my doll, totally. XD
    3. I know, it can be very hard. ;; I have 3 Obitsu dolls, so they've got a mature body type, but they're as tall as kid dolls. It can be near impossible to find eyes, wigs, and clothes for them. Luckily, I enjoy making things for them. I have a few clothes tutorials listed on Etsy here, if you want to check those out.
    4. It depends on the items and the doll. Props: supremely easy, barbies and most action figures are 1/6th scale so props are incredibly easy to find. Clothes can be harder, but Barbie clothes fit my asella tiny quite well with a little tailoring. Ive had good luck with vintage Barbie clothes.
      I'm not sure on wigs because I haven't tried to buy any due to a friend who makes them custom. Eyes are easy cause glazki goes to super small sizes and has a huge variety.
      Shoes though... Shoes have become the bane of my existence. Im going to have to find someone who makes them and get a custom pair probably.
    5. I suppose it depends on the proportions of your doll - but I haven't found it too difficult to find items for my 1/6 scale mature doll. I have a Lumedoll Koit. I'm able to find a lot of items from action figure shops and Ken clothes fit him. Wigs I get from Facets. His eyes are handmade from the artist so I don't need to replace them but otherwise Mudoll has eyes as small as 6mm. I don't know if your doll is this scale or not. He's closer to action figure size so it's a bit easier. But on the other hand, I haven't made any of the items I have. :sigh So I admire you folks who can and do. :thumbup
    6. @fairithilien they are really easy to make! here is a tutorial for converse shoes though i suggest using canvas instead of felt and here is one on multiple shoes good luck
    7. @equii I'll have to check out that video when I'm somewhere that will stream it. Thanks

      And for the shirt/top I finally this weekend broke down and did the Saran Wrap-masking tap thing to make a basic pattern for my Batchix Clever Little. So wish me luck LOL. I'm going to make some cloth foot coverings for him as well to start off.
      I was lucky and Batchix was willing to make the wig for me. Putting in the eyes though! Ugh! 4mm eyes and the ear plug putty I have wouldn't stick at all to the resin. so he's still eyeless LOL
    8. @KaraJade ooh~! id like to see it when its done~! ^^ maybe try cutting some of the putty so it would fit? anyways good luck with your projects!!
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    9. @equii Actually I had little tiny pieces of the putty. They just wouldn't stick. But it was pretty how that day even with air conditioning on. I just have to have time to sit down and try again.
    10. @KaraJade i suggest switching to the white sticky tack a lot of people recommend it, its not that messy and will be a breeze to remove. i have some waiting in my doll's head cap i just have to get rid of the old company eye putty but its a pain and i dont think i have enough sticky tack.
    11. @KaraJade I used kneadable eraser for my own Clever Little's eyes...it was harder to deal with when malleable and sticky, but once in and left to cool and stiffen, it could be more easily adjusted...with a pin, just in case. I imagine sticky tack may have a similar problem of stickiness, bu alternatively you could always try a tiny bit of tape?

      Also, anyone know of a good pair of sunglasses perfect for a two centimeter wide face? I'd be most grateful if someone could point me in the right direction, otherwise, I'm sorely tempted to shell out some amount of money to get a pair 3D printed...
    12. @equii @stephaniefoo Thanks for the suggestions. I did get the eyes in yesterday. I got and tried white sticky but that was less cooperative. So I went back to the silicon ear plugs which worked with a lot of futzing. But they are in. And I made Gabriel a little green tunic today.

      I would post pics by my google photos account doesn't seem to be supported. I wish I could upload the pics into posts. Where do you all upload your photos to post them? (I haven't had a doll to post before this)
    13. @KaraJade i think most people do it through flickr but i think you can use any photo sharing website like photobucket
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    14. @equii *sees the tutorials and makes a distressed squeak*
      Sunglasses are the one thing I prolly cannot do...but I'll try it!

      @KaraJade I use Photobucket, though it's been getting a bit slow recently for me.
    15. @stephaniefoo instead of the plastic inbetween you could tape both sides of the glasses, im planning to make some glasses for my boy too~! dont worry it'll be fine ^^ its really simple and if you mess up you could start over~~ good luck buddy!!