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How has your doll changed your life?

Dec 28, 2005

    1. Yeah.... I finally got the question I wanted to ask out.

      A lot has happened eversince I saw the first BJD in September 05. I knew BJD's were around but never really got into it cause I thought they're too expensive and what the hell am I going to do with it anyway??

      But September was the month to fall in love and I fell hard. I purchased my first doll and before I knew it, one doll multiplied into an investment of 7. I found lots I can do with them aside from them standing around looking beautiful.

      I noticed also, they have changed my life....

      (1) I am a lot more cheerful and positive -- cause I've been on the doll chase, tested my limits and knew what I can achieve if I persevere. It builds some sort of self confidence. And when I go home I have something so personal and beautiful to look at. It makes me feel so blessed to taste such delight in life, I don't care if I run around in $3 op shop T-shirts and I don't care about the cool group girls of my highschool anymore (haha! I can't believe these girls' ranting about getting into modelling and how important it is to have a boyfriend who looks a million bucks used to get on my nerves a lot, sorry...you're all probably movie stars in Indo with 2 kids and a loaded husband by now...but I've got the Lucciola brothers hahah! ---> ok, did I mention I've also turned more evil??).

      (2) I discovered friends! Right here on DoA! I wouldn't dream about meeting such wonderful souls like you guys, some from US, from Europe, from Asia, from Africa...wow!! It's crazy, it's cool!

      (3) On the bad side...I am a lot more obsessive now. Never have I angsted over anything in life like I would a doll. It can sometimes make me forget about the simple pleasures in life... like going out for a drive with my boyfriend late at night just to get a cone of ice cream, or waking up early to see the first sun rays and breathe the gentle morning mist.

      Hmm...yeah enough ranting from me, let's hear it from you :D
    2. I've met interesting people and friends through doll meet ups. I've started working on my writing again--only this time translating it into photostories : ) 2005 has been a tough year for me, and they cheer me up and give me something to look forward to when I'm feeling down.
    3. Well, my BJD have not really changed my life, as I was already into dolls before. But they have provided me with continued interest in dolls after I grew tired of the 1/6 dolls I had been actively collecting for 2 - 3 years. And BJD have motivated me to start new things - it's for my first BJD Madeleine that I first started to knit without patterns, and for PF that I finally understood how to crochet.
    4. well...i start to sell my artwork just to get my doll...and dare to find job..where i normally scare off...make me more immagination and make me more want to take picture...hahaha...and i also start to get to know frens from other country even though i haven been for dollmeet up b4..*i wan to go*. But i know sooner r later..i will get to know more fren who also same like me a doll lover...^_^
    5. well...I'm not sure how he'll change it, but I know even now he's starting to alter my life. He's given me something to look forward to and plan for, for starters. I was going throug a period of general...well I don't like to say "depression" but it was something similar. I had no drive to do anything, even the things I liked (eg writing/drawing). The first week I ordered Raitaro though, I started to draw him. =) Nothing very good, but it was a start again! Then I went out and bought fabric and clay! started to see if I would be able to make things for him. =)

      so far it's all been little changes...I haven't achieved much yet. But I'm feeling so much better about life right now, and I do think my doll, and this forum too, has played a big part in that!
    6. they have given me a lot of inspiration. i feel like i have a lot more interests and hobbies now. i think they've given me a reason to develope some skills i have.
    7. Wow, well BJD's sprung from my love of Art, i started out on DoA when it was a yahoo group. Which i came upon after having been an admirer of Aimee's art. I found BJD's. Since then I now have 4 boys and a girl (not here yet or even has a body yet, but still!) BJD's have given me something to do, since I have no job, and my husband is in the military, so we move around -ALOT- Its been alot of fun to take pictures in the different places i've lived. Since its hard for me to make friends, with moving around so much..I've made friends rigt here on DoA! Its fantastic, even met with fellow doll owners in person, wonderful Windswept! ;P I think having BJD's has made me less concerned with what people think, and given me an outlet to express myself more. Not to mention...because of my BJD's i've fallen in love with photography, and i'm going to be going to school and get a degree in it! :) Yup! BJD's have been a beautiful, inspirational thing in my life!
    8. I honestly haven't changed that much.
      I'm still obsessive, geeky, easily amused and broke. I still make new friends in the strangest places. I still fail at art, too.
      I've always been like that, but it's okay.
    9. Hm... I am interested in taking pictures now, I started to write less than I used to, I started to get some new interests, I'm more happy than I used to be, my english improved... stuff like that.
    10. It's made me a lot happier. These past two years I've been really, seriously stressed out and absolutely hating life~ but these guys give me something I enjoy, something creative to distract myself with, and ever since CM and now Min have been here I've gotten my life back in perspective and learned to appriciate it more.

      Also, I've made new friends ~ Yay! <3
    11. it's done a lot for me - i've generally been happier, what with the feeling of satisfaction and confidence it brings that i got such a beautiful thing on my own. it's gotten me friends, and that's a really good thing. i've started sewing, which i nearly never did... and i've gained patience. saving for dolls is the only thing ever capable of making me save my money. XD
    12. One of the biggest changes in my life since I got into BJD is that I got a job. That’s about the only change so far but I just got my boy so well see :-)
    13. It's made me obsessive...thinking about dolls every single day, trying to figure out how to pay for the next one...made me a little greedy about them too. It's made me poorer very quickly, but has given me much pleasure at the smae time.
    14. Other than actually collecting dolls... it hasn't changed my life in terms of bringing in new interests... but is has caused me to a) pick up my camera again and use it for everything b) pick up a needle and thread again and sew everything and c) pick up a pen and start drawing and writing like a mad woman.

      These were things I did all the time anyway, and let slip away from me a little when my classes became more graphic design oriented (yes... there is still a lot of drawing involved... but I do it mostly on the computer). Now, thanks to bjds, I've remembered that I have all of these other sources to draw from... and am incorporating more photography, hand drawn drawings and stories into my work.
    15. They came along at a time where many of my other collections were winding down due to circumstances beyond my control (anime is no longer being made with cels, action figures are moving away from the genres I like, and after awhile fashion dolls were all starting to look the same to me). Unlike my other collections, these dolls invite you to bring your own creativity to the table, so they are constantly changing.

      They also drew me back into sewing doll clothes. I have a cloth stuffed rabbit I made ages ago, and I always LOVED making her clothes. These dolls and their seemingly insatiable need for clothes got me going again - to the point where I'm sewing better than ever. I've even started making clothes for myself again - and I'm not ashamed to wear them in public!

      I've also had the chance to run a small business making doll clothes. The experience has been absolutely invaluable - I don't know what I'm going to do next, but I do know the things I've done and learned in this process will be used in whatever it is.

    16. I'm happier than I was before.
      And I don't get so depressed working at the job I hate anymore because I just think of the goal of dolls.
    17. Good:
      -Pretty things
      -Feeds me need to collect
      -Makes work worthwhile

      -Can't get new Coach handbag I really want
      -Don't have any non-doll money

      But both the bad things I am changing (after Jan. no more dolls, just new things for them...for a while xD...I'll save for the next doll muuuuch slower). The good things will stay forever though :3
    18. Thanks to these beautiful dolls, I feel much more positive now, and I have met lots of nice and interesting people! ^__^
    19. i think they have changed my life. before i got Momoko i was really depressed and self injured but after i got her things got better. she brought the happy stuff back into my life. i think thats why Momoko will always be my 'one' i have others that are equaly loved but she will always be special. and sewing for them had made me make up choices in my life, before i never knew what i was going to do after highschool but they made me relize i loved to sew and make things for people and dolls. and another thing! they made me spend my paycheck before it was just sitting in my checking account! now its in my mom's checking account!
    20. I'm actually a lot less lazy now that I have my boys. I make conscious efforts to keep things clean in my room and house now so that things of theirs don't get lost. And also so that we can have doll meets at my place, since there are few of us doll owners that I know of in Indy that have large houses (There's actually a meet at my place if you're anywhere near Indy and want to come on the 30th PM me)

      I've never really had a problem with self consiousness, but I find that now I've got even more confidence than before. I can't explain it, but I'm just proud of myself for being able to save so much money for something I love. And that I'm able to take care of them myself.

      Also, I'm just happier in general. I've made a lot of new friends and I meet new people every day because of my boys. People love to ask where I got him (I love the looks on their faces when I answer with "Korea" XD). They're just great conversation starters. And of course all of the wonderful people on DoA!

      My photography is getting better, thank goodness. I've always been really interested in photography and I even thought of it as a living once, but I didn't think it would work out. Now, I'm not so sure, maybe I might want to try it out ^_^

      The only somewhat negative change is that I'm very possesive over my boys. One of my friends was holding him and I said "Okay, give him back" and she said "no" and I snapped at her for it. Also, my arm was getting tired of carrying Seiji so my friend Kelli offered to swap dolls since she has an MDSs. So we did and after less than a minute of walking I had to trade back. I didn't like him being held by someone else T_T

      I've changed a lot since owning my boys and so far most of the changes are possitive. Let's hope it stays that way XD