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How hybrid can you get?

Apr 21, 2016

    1. I'm curious, how hybrid can you honestly get with a BJD?

      I'm in the process of looking at resin soul for a BJD faun idea and I know they are very helpful and willing to do a lot for their buyers and i have this idea in my head for MSD but I'm wondering really how hybrid can you get it?

      This is open for everyone hybrid talk BTW I am just curious :3
    2. i have no experience with resin soul but i've seen a lot of dolls with a head from one company, body from another, different feet or hands or even entire limbs. i can't quite remember who it was on here but i believe one person purchased two bodies for their floating head and mixed the different parts together. dolls really can be customized to however you want, as long as you're happy with the resin match and proportions. so to answer your question, it seems that you can get as hybrid as you'd like ^0^
    3. As long as they're in proportion I don't see any end to the possibility to hybrids. I've found a whole lot of hybrids on Instagram with some of the bigger BJD Instagram users. I think I'd like to try it one day as long as it's in proportion and the resin colors match.
    4. For the most part as far as you're willing to go. The most common is different heads on other bodies, or swapping hands/feet or fantasy parts.

      You will start to hit structural hiccups particularly when it comes to different jointing types/systems between companies. Say you want to put specific lower legs on upper thighs; but you could be left with ball/sockets that either don't fit/are the wrong shape or don't exist the direction you need (for example balls on thighs, sockets on knees, you could end up with two sockets and no knee peanut to fit the two together) depending on how each company did their jointing.

      And not every doll of a specific size will have the same measurements at say the wrist, shoulder, waist, hips, etc. at least not with out significant modification, which can always be done, but at the sake of the esthetic sometimes.
    5. The most extreme I've had was a DollZone head on Doll Leaves body with Angel of Dream hands and a DikdaDoll head on Doll Leaves body with Soom fantasy hands. Swapping heads, bodies, hands and feet is pretty easy relatively, since it's fairly easy to find different companies who match closely enough in neck, wrist and feet joints and color. Adding fantasy parts like horns, wings, tails, ears and other things attached with magnets it fairly simple too, may require basic mods, or maybe just glue. When you get into mixing different arms, legs, torso and hip parts, you're going to have a much harder time. It can be done, but may require some extreme mods to make them fit together smoothly, since there are so many different ways to create joints for those parts. Also, most companies won't sell just a single hip piece or thigh piece or whatever, so you may have to buy multiple dolls to create your frankendolly, and selling the parts you don't use will likely not get you back anywhere near what you paid for it all.
    6. Honestly I think you can go as hybrid as you want to. I've seen a doll that was a hybrid of like, five companies, with hand-sculpted parts to boot. I probably have more than my fair share of hybrids because I'm incredibly picky about body sculpting, and it's honestly not too difficult to make them work. Just sand a little or add a little miliput/a silicone pad, and you're golden. In the future, I plan to have a doll with a head from an artist, a body from one company, and legs from another. I've seen a similar hybrid, and all it took was a little sanding in the hips.

      Of course, since you're speaking specifically about ResinSoul: I have a friend who just ordered a doll from them with lower arms and legs in a different color from the rest of the body. So they're pretty accommodating on that stuff. They definitely will let you body swap and part swap, and I've heard rumors that they'll actually switch the ears from one head sculpt to another, but I'm not sure.
    7. Aye same here.

      I'm still looking around ( Oh soom why much ye making everything LE?!) because of my idea I may be able to tweak it some XD.