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How important are doll boxes to you?

Jul 7, 2017

  1. Keep!

  2. Toss them!

  3. Keep if CoA is missing, otherwise toss them

    1. I'm expecting my first child in August and over the past four months or so I've experienced a transformative OCD-ness called "nesting" that has basically turned me into Martha Stewart.

      Now, I've amassed quite a collection of not only dolls but also doll boxes over the years and lately I've been critically eyeing those shiny boxes - thinking that they take up too much room and have to go. My dolls are stored in a display case & consist of mostly SD size, so the boxes are big and empty, leaving their purpose unfulfilled.

      Before I take the plunge and free my home of these bulky boxes, I wanted to take a census and find out roughly how many collectors keep their boxes.

      So, how important are doll boxes to you? Does it affect the resale value of a doll if they are sold without their original boxes?

      Thanks for your time & opinion!
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    2. If you have a CoA, I don't think throwing the box away affects the doll's resale value. However, it will make the doll less appealing to certain collectors (like me). XD

      I have kept the vast majority of doll boxes over the years... only throwing away the ones that came to me in gross condition. Since my dolls are also on display, making the boxes sit around empty, I broke down and flattened the ones that are just cardboard glued at the corners, and eventually I want to get one of those vacuum seal bags to keep the pillows in. Some doll companies use boxes that you can't easily flatten, but they're more rare so I keep those under my bed. There's only 5-6 of them so there's room.
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    3. I would definitely want to hang on to mine, but then again I'm the type of person who hangs onto figure boxes, candy wrappers, old shipping containers with interesting labels..... It took me a year and a half to finally be able to throw away a regular old USPS priority mail box my then-girlfriend had sent me. So I'm the type who tends to cling on to stuff, haha.

      The doll box I have now looks like it could fold up on itself--I often have to nudge the top open again when I go to close it after putting my doll away (tfw no display space). Maybe some of yours could be folded or similarly dismantled so they'd at least lay flat and take up less room that way?
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    4. Usually I throw away every box I get, but since my dolls lives inside their boxes I can't really throw them away. I keep them inside my dressrobe!
    5. I only have 2 dolls, but both are bought 2nd hand. if a doll I really like have no box, I'd expect the price to go slightly lower. If it doesn't have COA and box, I would negotiate with the seller.
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    6. I don't keep all of my boxes, I just don't have the room. Instead I keep only the most special of the boxes, any standard release box gets recycled. The only exceptions being some study large boxes that have worked for other doll related storage. Most of my second hand purchases have been in boxes that didn't go with the doll or otherwise packaged, so all that goes away.

      I guess if I had to downsize my stash of boxes again, I'd sort them least to most special and decide from there.

      Regarding resale, I've never worried over buying a doll in it's original box. I am good about knowing what I am buying and who I am buying it from, so it isn't a sign of legitimacy for me. If it comes with it's original box that's a nice touch, but if the box is run of the mill, I'd be recycling it anyway. The only time I'd say the box was essential, is if the box was very special (I have one made of wood) and specific to a limited Fullset.
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    7. The only boxes I've kept from any of my crew are the pretty, white ones from Volks' Sato orders... and in their case, they were kept only because they're well-nigh indestructible and excellent for storage.

      Otherwise? It's straight to the recycle bin the instant I'm sure the doll is a keeper. I simply don't have the space to store all of that mostly-SD-sized empty cardboard against the off chance that I'll someday sell the doll to a picky completionist.
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    8. I keep all my boxes, even the shipping box that comes with them (protection for the doll box)! Just in case I end up selling the dolls, they're also great for moving! Can you just stick them in the attic? I'd put them in a trash bag or something to protect them from dust, etc.

      Also, like the others mentioned above, as a buyer, I'd like the original box as well~
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    9. I've kept some boxes, for moving. I found some of the boxes nested nicely into other boxes so that helped save some space :)
    10. I didn't vote because my answer is different--It depends.

      Ideally, I like to have a box if the doll is known to be recasted or if it's a doll where the secondhand value is greatly affected by having a box or not. I'm aware that some of my dolls are over ten years old, and their boxes have long been thrown out, and I have limited space myself. Some dolls never had a box in the first place (like my Spiritdoll body or my ResinSoul Mi). If the box isn't anything special, like a flimsy solid color box, I'll sometimes toss it out since it's just in my way and the doll usually has a CoA and markings anyway. But if the doll is very expensive, the box is very sturdy or fancy, I'll do my best to keep it.
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    11. I have a very hard time not throwing boxes away, especially after years of figure collecting where not having the box can seriously impact resale value; so, I've been keeping mine! <3 I only have four so far (plus one Lillycat bag), so they aren't eating up too much space just yet, and I have a pretty good-sized cupboard in my room that has very quickly been converted into storage for doll things.

      I may eventually toss them if I reach a point where there's just too much box and not enough space, but for the foreseeable future, I'm planning to keep them!
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    12. Quite a few of my dolls didn't come to me with boxes... and I seem to have acquired a random LUTS msd box over the years that doesn't belong to my dolls (as I don't own a luts). I mostly keep the boxes around because they're good for storing things in. I don't have any qualms against throwing them away if I need space, though, but for now they're good to have on hand for storage :)

      I wouldn't feel too bad about throwing them out, especially if you have CoA for your dolls, or don't plan on ever selling them :P
    13. Mine stays in his box, so I need it. I only plan on getting a few dolls, so I think it won't be so bad. But I might get rid of them once I get my own place and can display them. Then again, I am a bit of a hoarder.
    14. Me too. I keep all of my boxes in plastic crates, and keep those stacked in the storage area under my house.

      With figures you pretty much need the original packaging if you ever want to move it without breaking it. That's not as much of an issue with BJDs though.
    15. I keep mine, but only because 1) they're useful for transport because I don't have any carrying cases, 2) they're nice for storage of extra clothes/floating heads and whatnot, and 3) I just have room in the closet for them at this point. If I ever get to the point where I don't have enough room, I'd get rid of them. I don't really see them as having much resale value, 'cause shipping a big box like that is expensive; I always offer boxes when I'm selling dolls though, if I have them. Some people might want the box with their doll, and they are kind of nice to help prove authenticity for dolls that were made before CoAs or that didn't have one for whatever reason.
    16. I keep most of mine... But they really aren't they that important to me. I keep my CoAs in them, maybe some extra parts but that's really all they are used for.
    17. I keep all of my boxes but I also have room for them. One of the main reasons I like keeping them is because I'll use them for storage if I decide to put some away or if I move and need to pack them up. Generally I keep all of my CoA's, and packing/customs slip with the box as well.

      I haven't purchased any second dolls but wouldn't particularly care if the doll came with it's original box or not. I would care about the dolls provenance and/or CoA.
    18. I keep all my doll boxes, but as of right now I don't have many. At this point in my life, the boxes are important because I use them to protect my dolls during moves. I think if my collection grows very large, I may have to rethink my methods, but for now it works for me. As a buyer of second-hand dolls, the inclusion of the original box or pillow is preferred but not required. However, the CoA is mandatory if they were made by the company at the time of the doll's production. :)
    19. I keep all of my doll boxes right now. This is mostly because I do intend to move at some point, and they're going to be useful for transport. I also use them for storage, when I put them away, and also for things like pillows, CoAs, wigs, eyes, extra hands... You get the picture! I can keep them all tucked away in one otherwise empty shelf, right at the bottom where it's not really noticeable. This might change when I get my SD boy, since his box'll be huge, but for now it works.
    20. Weeeeeellll.... I don't know if I'll want to keep my new SD guy's box... That'd be too huge for me I think but it depends on how it looks I think.