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How important is having your dolls all be proportionate to each other to you?

May 26, 2019

    1. For example, if you love more anime-like dolls but saw a really realistic doll that you loved, would the doll not fitting in proportions-wise with the rest of your dolls deter you from buying it? Would you consider buying dolls that have unusual proportions for their scale, like a mature YOSD or a toddler-like MSD?
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    2. I prefer all dolls of a certain size to be proportionate with each other. All my SDs match proportion wise, and I have been somewhat deterred from mature tinies because of how bizarre they would look with my big headed fantasy tiny. It all really depends on if I can come up with an explanation for the difference. If I got an anime style SD, I might decide they are a robot for example. And the mature tinies would be tiny people, like George Shrinks, or maybe even fairies. Otherwise, I might feel compelled to keep them separate, which is a shame because I like all of my dolls to interact with each other. A bit silly, since my official story is that they are also dolls in universe, so you'd think it would be simple, but there you go.
    3. Personally, there was a time when having my dolls fit in with each other mattered. I am very fond of unusual dolls, however, and it caused more misery than happiness. I just imagined them as characters that are from different stories and that helped me. There are just too many pretty dolls that I love for me to have to step back and decide I can't have them because of my already owned dolls.
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    4. It depends. All the dolls that are OCs from the same story need to be proportionate to each other, but this does not stop me from buying other dolls that aren't proportionate to them. They just aren't meant to have their pictures taken with the dolls that are proportionate with each other
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    5. Not even a little. I have everything from 9cm to 80cm, and I'd like to have 100+cm someday. Basically I have so many dolls that they are never all out at the same time, so I really don't care if all of their proportions or styles match, unless of course they were purchased specifically to go together. :sweat
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    6. If they are in one story/group/project they have to match, otherwise it just looks weird. Which is a shame, because I like slim Minis more than regular Minis, and because of that so far didn't find fitting child forms for my characters :sweat
    7. It doesn't matter that much to me anymore. It wouldn't stop me from buying a doll if I really loved it. They're all from the same world/story but I take photos of them separately. However, my particular taste in dolls and size preference means most of them are the same proportion anyway.
    8. Given that real people come in such a wide variety of heights, shapes, and proportions (including head size) it's more stylistic differences that bother me than proportions (within groups of dolls that want to be togehter)

      This is my main(mostly SD size) family:

      The girl on the far left has a tiny head (RML) compared to any of the others, the boy two along from her has a big-old Luts CP Delf head that is bigger than the rest, for me they all work together regardless of proportions - As you can see they have a DollsTown 7Year boy as a smaller brother (More recently, I have added a Baby Delf with an old CustomHouse head as a younger sister too).

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    9. I do not mind some of my dolls being a little larger but with the same body types and look like they are family.
    10. I have a strong preference for my cast to at least appear somewhat cohesive--two are from the same story, so it would be odd if they were violently different in stylization. Likewise, one planned doll is meant to be a half sibling to a doll my roommate already has, so my aim is to be as similar in aesthetic as I can manage without purchasing from the same company. I do, however, have my eye on a more anime styled doll to be a one off character, so it really just depends on the intended character relations for me.
    11. I like the aesthetics of my character fitting together. Currently all my dolls live together in one home on wall shelves. If I bought a doll that didn’t fit, I would create a different home for him/her and build a second family.
      On the other hand my group contains a mixture of human and anthros but the are proportional.
    12. Not at all; my dolls have never been characters in a story. I've always purchased dolls based on sculpts that I like. In the past, I think I cared more about it, but now, I just buy who I like. Good thing about this is that I get to support many companies and brands! In fact, I am really trying to limit myself to no more than 2 dolls from one company, so that I can support other artists. :)
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    13. I prefer for my dolls to be properly proportioned with each other( alway have even when i was a kid i wouldnt play with different types of barbies together). But in the story my dolls have they are all different types of fae and supernatural creatures, so that way different proportions dont bother me because it fits their character
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    14. I had a hard time wanting 1/4th sized "anime accurate" bjds. I tried to figure out what company's sculpts etc. How to make it work. Eventually I decided Suzuka didn't have to be taller than Gene and Fred and Gene could be the same height. Angel of Dream discontinued the muscular male body, so I had to choose which body's would or wouldn't be muscular. Then finding Jim was perfect. His face was exactly what I wanted for him. A Boy & Girl Sharron. His height was shorter than the AoD's but not bad. Then I got a Resinsoul Tang (Kent Crescentwave) for an OC he's taller, more muscular and thinner than Fred. Then all kinds of aliens joined in the Outlaw Star crew. Didn't matter if they look differently, aliens are different! I got a Dollzone Miria, s(he)'s taller than the AoD's and has an anime face. I want another and a Yui (might make Ranma 1/2 Boy and girl Ranmas, Akane, and a Ryoga).

      Overall most of the humans, and androids are about the same size. I just got Minifee girls and a Dollshe Robin boy and they are shorter than the AoD's. (Smaller adult Humans and a vampire.)

      I drove myself crazy trying to be 100% accurate. I'm glad I gave that up and just went with it. I'm going for "close enough/recognizable" and for my own enjoyment more than accuracy now. (Made the crew 7+ older than the series anyway hahah so Jim is 18 and changes are expected of them all developing over time). Group pics may be "weird" but oh well.
    15. I actually don't mind mixing my anime style dolls with my more realistic dolls. All the dolls I own are pretty much in the same story and the only reason why I buy the doll, is that they have the vibe and look of that character. So if I ever got around to doing photostories, you'll must likely see both anime and realistic styled together. The main thing I consider (besides the way they look) is height difference. This is a big problem for me because of a certain character I want to shell would have to be in the 80cm+ range with fantasy parts which I don't think I'll find any time soon.
    16. I do like my dolls to look like they go together aesthetically and proportionately but I suppose if I really like a doll it's not a deal breaker. That being said I tend to go for similar aesthetics anyway - and luckily, up to now, even my dolls in different scales look good together.
    17. I don't think so! I've seen a variety of sizes that I've loved! The only issue I'd have is with smaller-sized dolls, where they feel too fragile?
      Otherwise, they'd fit in perfectly with the rest of my kids c:
    18. I guess I like mine to be proportionate. I've tried a few times to get oddballs but they never end of staying for too long. At this point, even anime-styled dolls never stick around. My dolls are technically from two words (that sort of intercept) so I probably could get away with different proportions, but I still like to take pictures of all my dolls together and I like for them all to look good together.
    19. It was important at first, when I only had a few dolls. I wanted them to share items and pose in photos together.

      Now that I have a ton of dolls, it doesn't matter, since I have enough that are similar to each other... or just have some go it alone!
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    20. It’s important to me. So much that I’ve not only reshelled half my collection in pursuit of stylistic cohesion, but taken the dremel to a few to correct issues with cranium scale and proportional leg length and height. I’m very intentional in my collecting, and while I know the group will never look exactly like the characters in my head, the closer I can get to my vision the happier I am.
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