How important is it to you to be "the first owner"?

Jul 21, 2020

    1. I only own one secon had doll (Aileen doll Ashes). But I don’t really care if my dolls are second hand or not as long as they are in great condition.
      The only reason I haven’t bought more second hand is because usually they don’t have what I’m looking for (released dolls I’ve been searching are rare) and I think it’s just troublesome to talk to the seller and check doll conditions etc...
    2. I prefer to buy new/be the first owner for a number of reasons:

      1) When buying from a company or dealer I trust, there’s no fear about the legitimacy of a doll, and very little worry about undisclosed imperfections on the doll like staining, yellowing, or chips/cracks.

      2) I’m not a big fan of “project” dolls. I know a lot people that thoroughly enjoy cleaning and fixing a doll, but I just do not at all. Even thinking about having to do it gives me a headache.

      3) I’m a sucker for nice packaging and presentation, and that just doesn’t happen as often with secondhand purchases, or at least in my experience.

      4) Knowing something was made fresh and new, just for me, gives me a sense joy and makes them feel more special to me.

      5) when buying new, I know I’m directly supporting the artists/sculptors/companies that make the dolls, not just exchanging money between other collectors. Because after all, if no one bought new dolls ever, they’d all go out of business.
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    3. I much prefer second hand. There is so much waste in the world, I feel bad contributing and putting more things into the world, if that thing already exists and somebody else doesn't want it.
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    4. Availability, price, and conditions usually dictates my doll purchases. Usually I buy full doll new only because they are limited release or fullset I like. For doll heads or sculpts that are discontinue, I won't mind buying it second hands.

      Of course if I see a used doll selling at the same price as a new doll (same sculpts) , it may depends on the company itself. For example, if a company take 1 year to produce, I would buy it used just to avoid waiting a year. If it's 2-3 months, then no. I would only buy used because it's cheaper.
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    5. Being the first owner of a doll doesn't matter to me at all - a doll doesn't just lose some of its charm because someone else has previously owned them. I prefer buying second hand since the price is usually lower and I can even request photos from the seller to see how exactly this doll turned out.
      Of course you have to be extra careful when buying in the aftermarket and not from the original manufacturer. But once you know how to spot a recast or a dubious seller, buying second hand becomes very intriguing and I even think that it's more fun to look out for a good deal than just hitting the buy button on a website.
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    6. Both new and pre-loved dolls are special in their own ways to me. Brand new I get to build them up, enjoy the box opening and there's something nice about them just being mine. Pre-loved, I like to think that the previous owner appreciates that a doll that was precious to them at one point is going to a loving home. Honestly, just building my doll family is fun, new or not.
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    7. I have a doll I never really loved, sad to say. But yeah, my wish is that one day I can sell her to someone who will love her. I get sad everything I open my closet and see her box.
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    8. My crew is split exactly in half. I like having a brand new doll made for me, but I also like buying secondhand as a chance to get old dolls from defunct companies, skip long wait times and sometimes saving a lot of money. It really doesn’t matter as long as I get the doll I want.
    9. Maybe slightly?
      Honestly I slightly like buying firsthand more, because I feel more secure in my purchase. Yet overseas shipping can be a bit of a horror.
      In that way I find buying BJD secondhand from here or other carefully moderated spaces is the next best thing.

      Still, not much difference because in the end, I just want the doll to be in good to decent condition. Or damages well advertised.
    10. My first doll is second hand, but then I bought a head first hand. The body, I will probably get second hand. I'm huge on thrifting and re-purposing stuff, but I don't know how that will translate into doll collecting. I also like the idea of getting something faster if it's sold second hand in my country (US).
    11. Well, receiving a doll brand new from the company gives a little added security perhaps in terms of unwanted surprises (though not always^^!!!), but this is really nothing I need to make myself feel *special* I have done both depending on the situation, but I see it like that: How can receiving something completely in default state right from the workshop/ factory which has no distinctive features, individuality or any history of its own make me more special?^^
      After that, the process of making a doll into my own creation is the same special experience for me, no matter if the doll was new or pre-owned.
    12. I love to be the first owner, just so I know it's legit and if there's any issues I can email the company. However, I have nothing against owning second hand and would love any doll I bought that way. And with how many dolls are no longer made, sometimes there's no other option. And those dolls are just as wonderful
    13. I have a mix of old dolls & new dolls. I can’t say that I wouldn’t have loved to get all of them brand new, but that just wasn’t possible with ones that were never re-released. I know that they have a shelf life. They do get more brittle and oxidize over time, so I would really rather lengthen it by getting a brand new one when it’s possible to do so.
    14. Honestly, I’ve never thought about being the first owner of a bjd. If I’m looking for a doll, I buy it because I want it, pre order, or secondhand, it was just how I had to go about getting the doll. It makes no difference to me.
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    15. I’m not that fussed to be honest! I have some heads that we’re second hand, they don’t feel any different to the ones I got new. As long as I can get the ones I want, I’m happy to source them from the marketplace or new.
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    16. I don't have strong feelings. And I tend to want to do face ups myself so it's like a blank doll fresh from the company vs a second hand blank doll in good condition is not a big difference to me.

      And aside from rare dolls that nearly never show up on the marketplace, secondhand is much faster. *sideyes Dollshe's general inability to make stuff in a timely manner*
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    17. Oh, I just realized I no longer own dolls I directly purchased from the company. So I guess, it's obvious I don't mind. In fact, I like it more because of the direct, personalized contact with the seller ;) I like seeing what the doll was before arriving at my place.

      Also, often it's simply less expensive. I don't have super rare dolls, so I always look for cool offers with prices lower than brand new or with extras (faceup, for example).

      The only issue (really important to me) is with second hand wigs and other fragile accessories. I have a negative experience with them second hand and with clothes and shoes it's a hit or miss. I either make these things myself or just buy new. But dolls are an entirely different matter.
    18. It's not a big deal for me either way. As long as I love the doll and it's in good condition, I'm happy! However, there is something special about getting a newly made doll and being the first to unbox it. Although it is nice to not have to wait when buying secondhand, I feel like the wait time can add anticipation for the doll (as long as the wait isn't too bad which can be frustrating lol).
    19. I do not care whatsoever if I'm the first owner of a doll or not. Sometimes a doll has a bit of history being secondhand, sometimes it's nice starting fresh on a doll that hasn't really been touched. Either way is fine to me.
    20. I don't really care about being first. But that's partly because most of the dolls I REALLY want are no longer available new(CP Luts). If I want something that I can get new, I like to give the company my support though, unless I happen to see a really good deal on the marketplace