How important is it to you to be "the first owner"?

Jul 21, 2020

    1. Actually face-ups are the one thing I dislike about second-hand dolls. I mean they're convenient if they happen to be lovely but I want to practice my own and while my attempts are not great so far they are passable and because the heads were blank to start I don't have to think "damn, I wiped a better face up than this!" Sometimes I won't consider a doll if the face up won't suit my purposes but it's so good it would be a crime to wipe it :aeyepop:
    2. I prefer second hand! I feel like i'm discovering lost treasure or something LOL
      Plus there's the fun of trying to buy it before anyone else does!
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    3. I feel it would be difficult for me to find the doll I really want second hand - I tend to be very picky about every little detail, the skin tone, the body composition and with how many options and combinations there are out there for the companies that I like it is highly improbable that I will find the exact doll I want... If I did thou I'd give it a go :)
    4. I wouldn't mind either way. As long as I like the way the doll looks, it is in good condition and price it can be secondhand. Given my limited funds, I'll probably have to get a doll secondhand at this point. lol
    5. What i consider most is the certificate of the dolls and the conditions of them. My dolls are all my treasures , no matter they have how many owners before.
    6. I don't mind either way. For my first I ordered direct from the company but for further purchases I would totally buy second hand for mostly financial / rarity of grail doll reasons. I like the idea of rescuing dolls though.
    7. I don't mind at all
      unless it's damaged
    8. I've been the first owner of all my dolls so far so I'm not sure I can say for certain, but I think being the owner of a second-hand doll would be really special! You get to give them a home after having been so many places with different people, which is very compelling to me :) I hope I can own one some day, but I don't think that makes me love my first-time dolls any less!
    9. Pretty much one doll head to toe I purchased brand new and a head that will arrive for my yosd. My other 4 1/2 dolls (need a head for one) are all secondhand (could be more idk). So far my purchases have been good. It’s been 10 years for 3 of my doll bodies so I sent them in to be worked on. Many clothes I have gotten secondhand but some I have purchased new. Seems to be easier to purchase smaller doll clothes than bigger bjd.