How important is it to you to be "the first owner"?

Jul 21, 2020

    1. I thought for a long time that I would love nothing more than the feeling of opening up a brand new doll, but the feeling is just the same for secondhand dolls. I'm not sure if I will ever buy directly from a company, if only because I'm a creature of impatience (secondhand buys take maybe two weeks to make it into my hands, some first-hand buys can take two years.) And while I love the price and limited availability aspect of secondhand, I also really love knowing that I'm truly giving something unwanted a good home while helping the seller in the process. And besides, I would say that my love of a sculpt is primarily dictated by its faceup - and I'm more likely to find unique, artisan faceups on equally unique, artisan dolls on the secondhand market.

      That all being said, if a sculpt speaks to me, it'll speak to me. But I don't think there's an inherent magic to owning first-hand that I'd miss out on with secondhand. Though recasts are always a pesky concern.
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    2. not important.
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    3. Not so much. Most of my dolls were purchased second hand, due to discontinued availability. The only thing I try to get is the papers, box, outfit etc. whenever possible. Just the collector in me:love
    4. It doesnt really matter to me. Though i do like knowing that i dont have to wait several months or years for a doll of a certain type... so then i can buy from a person. though i do tend to order straight from companies as if im looking and cant find what i want, id rather order from the company so its all made the same way and color. makes things a little more easy that way, but if i saw that exact doll for sale here or wherever and the person was trustworthy, id buy from them first.

      Though the idea the company is making the doll specially for me is pretty nice feeling too (comment from first post)
    5. New dolls are lovely but company faceups rarely intrigue me so that means buying new dolls sans face up and that can be a lot harder. I've tried faceups. Sometimes they came out good but often not. I like buying dolls already faced up, non company. It's fun and the faceups are usually much better than I can do.

      The chemical sealers are bad for your lungs and so is new resin until the doll has stopped gassing and smelling. Most of my new resin dolls were cheaper so they did smell for a week or two and right in the box. That meant not having them right next to me for a week at least lest they trigger my asthma. I've now got really bad asthma and blood clots absorbed into my lung tissue. They aren't likely to kill me now but my lungs don't need the stress of inhaling toxic chemicals from new dolls either. Used dolls I rarely have to worry about that. They've already off gassed past the point where I am likely to even smell the resin let alone inhale fumes from it.

      I have a strong sense of smell too. Sometimes even the sealers and the paint and so forth will bother me if it's all too new. I have been known to wear a mask and gloves to handle them until the "newness" of the dolls wears off. I've also had allergic dermatitis from touching dolls that had been painted up with paints or soft pastels. I'm not allergic to all substances used to face up, blush and finish dolls but I've found out the hard way that touching a doll face recently sealed with Mister Super Clear can make my hands itch and even break out in small blisters at least until the sealer is a few weeks old. The few faceups I did I used craft sealers even though the MSC is way better.

      I'm just allergic to practically everything though, shrug. I still love BJDs and want to enjoy them but ultimately older dolls are way less trouble than new ones upon arrival. I would not refuse to get a new doll if I wanted one or not keep it if it was a gift. I'd just find a way to get around any issues until the doll wasn't so new. But buying for myself I almost always go for a used doll first. It's near instant gratification and it won't usually make me sneeze, wheeze, cough or scratch. Win-win scenario... :P
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    6. It's somewhat important to me if not only because I'm afraid of what kind of damage/imperfections second hand dolls may get... *_*
    7. The coolest thing about buying a brand new doll: not gonna lie, it's the "new resin" smell. XD

      I have done this all my life, from getting dolls at the flea market and toys at garage sales as a child to secondhand BJDs now as an adult.

      Preach! I still purchase most of my furniture and home decor secondhand, thankfully not out of sheer necessity these days, but by habit. I love when items have a history, dolls or not.
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    8. Doesn't matter, as long as it's in good condition :3
    9. It isn't a big deal for me. The large majority of my dolls are second or even third-hand. I just want to make sure the doll came from a good home (not too damaged, smoke damage, uneven yellowing) and the doll's provenance so I can keep track that way.

      Generally, though, I do keep a list of who was a previous doll's owner. Especially if a hybrid. I have a few dolls that although resin full sets are purchased from different places.