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How important is poseability to you?

Jun 18, 2017

    1. For me personally it's a big deal I'm constantly moving Mio switching her pose and playing around with her, a doll even if they were beautiful would go on my no list if it was a bad poser.

      what about you, is poseability something you find important ? :)
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    2. I appreciate being able to pose a doll well. I get frustrated when I want to see them do something, but they can't physically hold the position. However, I am also a sucker for a certain look, too. So chances are I would take a pretty doll over one with amazing poseability at this point.
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    3. oh good point if they were limited in their poseability but still held the ones they did naturally, and I loved that particular sculpt I think I would get it
    4. I do think poseability is important, but that doesn't stop my worst poser from being my favorite doll!

      He's on a Doll Chateau body, which while beautiful, is way too tightly strung and his elbow/knee peanuts are constantly popping out of place even after being restrung looser and having his joints hot glue sueded.

      But because I care so much about poseability, I'm trying everything I can to improve his ability - including purchasing sillicone disks (kips?) to put in his joints and looking into wiring his joints as well.

      Meanwhile my others, a Withdoll girl and Dollzone Death pose well, they can even stand on their own!
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    5. awe I hope you can improve his posing have you tried restringing him ? I think I'd be the same once falling in love with a doll I wouldn't want to let them go
    6. I like a good balance. Posing is important, but not if it means the body is unattractive to me.
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    7. same I can't stand it when it takes ages to get a doll to just stand
    8. I don't really care about poseability. I don't pose my dolls for photos and as long as they can sit up in a chair, I don't care much about anything else.
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    9. Posing used to mean more to me than anything in a doll but over time that changed for me. As I grew more used to handling dolls over the years I realized that while articulation is great it simply isn't a must for me. I found that even though I had a few dolls who could do extreme poses I never had any need for them to, so long as they could sir and stand resonably well that's all they ever did anyway. My grail doll was a soom amber on beryl body and she can't even stand well without heavy sueding yet she's still my favorite.

      I also think that with time you learn work arounds for all but the worst posers. When bought my first doll wiring and sueding and even restring in seemed a little scary but now years later if a doll won't do what I want I'll find a way to make it lol.
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    10. oh thats true there are so many new inventions to help with a dolls posebility
    11. I don't mind it if they can't pose extremely well, as long as they can make the posing they are capeable of doing look natural. It's also a big thing that they should be able to sit and stand with ease! Especially sitting is pretty important to me. A doll that doesn't pose well is actually something that I consider a fun challenge for myself, since I tend to try to either learn to work with it or to improve it.
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    12. I take a pretty look over good poseability any day. I'm mostly looking for rather unique faces, so I feel like I cannot be too picky with their poseability.
      However, I do appreciate it when a doll I love the look of is also a good poser, and those are the ones I tend to photograph the most.
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    13. It's not important to me at all. If my dolls can sit and stand then that's all I really need. Extra poseability is great, but not a must and I don't really factor it in on deciding if I'm going to get a certain body or not. Aesthetics win out, and once the doll is here, then I discover how flexible the doll is or isn't.

      That being said, I do have 1 doll I've never been able to make stand on his own, and it is quite sad :(
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    14. I tend to look for a pretty equal combination of pose-ability and the overall look of the body. However, I will gladly sacrifice some pose-ability for a beautiful doll!
    15. For me personally it doesn't matter pretty much. Nice posing is quite nice for taking photos, yet I enjoy the aesthetics more.
      Double-jointed dolls tend to have that square-like elbows and knees, which I don't like this much, but their posing is better.
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    16. since one of my favorite things to do with my dolls is photography, posing is tied with looks for top importance. dolls that are pretty but won't pose just stay on the shelf and get ignored. but i wouldn't buy a doll i found ugly no matter how well it poses. jointed hands are an example. i love the way you can pose them, but i find it impossible to take pictures of them that look 'real" so i can't see ever getting them. ( never say never though ;))
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    17. A huge deal! It carried over from my love of small little 1/12 and 1/6 scale action figures! The more poseable something is the more you can do with it after all! For BJDs I'll sacrifice some movement for the sake of aesthetics, but no matter how gorgeous a sculpt is, if the way it poses is clunky and artificial looking, there's always a part of me that will be unhappy with it.
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    18. I'm really finding that poseablity means more to me than I originally thought. The big draw of BJDs specifically for me was the aesthetic of them, but bad posers that click and flop around and throw their wigs off frustrate me horribly! I really want to re-body one of my girls just so I'll be able to pose her more easily.
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    19. My souldoll girl is not a good poser. I love her sculpt, I really do, but I'm just not as inclined to work on her when I know I'll be fighting her every step of the way! It's seriously frustrating. I was expecting her to be a little more niggly than my MYOU girl, just because she doesn't have the extra torso joint, but...

      Yeah, poseability is pretty important. If I just wanted to sew for a doll, I could stick to my off topic vinyl dolls; the allure of BJDs is how realistically they can move. (It's what's making the Atelier Momoni preorder so hard to resist...)
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    20. I'm not too concerned about the posing if the body matches the head and looks correct aesthetic-wise (both proportional and similar to the character I want to portray). I just get more creative with photoshoots for my dolls that don't pose the greatest.
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