How long are you willing to wait for Face-up comission?

Sep 26, 2017

    1. With my last face-up I think it took around three months... She's always in high demand.
    2. The wait time is the whole reason I don't want to send my heads out for faceups. Waiting for a doll is one thing, but received your doll then loosing the head for X amount of weeks right after kind of sucks.
      But if I did.. Two months at most? If it takes longer for an artist to send out a finished head, they may be taking too many orders at once.
    3. This hobby truly is a waiting game, one with a lot of payoff if done right. I have not sent a doll out yet personally,but I think I'd be willing to wait half a year myself, it'd be nerve wracking but hey!
    4. It's hard to also depends how much they're doing. I also don't have the best luck with artists as I'm very passive and try to be accommodating of other projects they may have so often times my work gets pushed aside. If it was just the face and they're a popular artist I can see waiting 3 months or more. I've only worked with two artists thus far. I sent three heads to one artist and that took about 2 months. I've sent that same artist a head and a body (an SD boy) and that took 6 months. That same SD boy is with another artist to get additional work done and we're approaching the 7 month mark on him and I don't think we're even a quarter of the way done yet. a lot of factors go into this, but if you are left waiting for extensive periods, I hope you'll be firmer than I am and make it clear to your artist what your needs and expectations are. We all know things come up but..sometimes these situations can spiral out of hand very fast if you're too passive to send gentle reminders.
    5. I normally am generous with the working time of artists since I understand that these things take time and that you cannot force good work out of an artist.
      And I think people will be willing to wait if the waiting time is actually true, because having read the information, the customer should already taken account of it.

      I sent two of my heads to one of the artist. She is very nice, friendly and her face-up is gorgeous.
      It took her around almost 2 months to finish the face up, which I thought was appropriate.
      However, when we talked on email, she kept on promising me that 'it can be done within the first week' or 'I'll finish it next week".
      I was totally fine with waiting and I even reassured her by saying "If you haven't started yes it's fine." but she still insisted on being able to finish the heads within a week. As stated, the heads were sent back to me after 2 months.

      I think what is not fine isn't the length of the waiting time but how artist didn't stay true to their words.
      They shouldn't fake their capability. If I were you I would probably became really shock -- to find out about how long the artist actually takes to do a face up.
    6. 1-2 months is the average I would be willing to wait. If the artist was in extremely high demand, 3 or 4 months would also be acceptable.