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How long before you gave in?

Apr 12, 2009

    1. I didn't see a thread like this in the first few pages, so I figured I'd start it.

      I've been wondering, how much time passed since you guys first found about BJDs,to the time you finally gave in and ordered one? Also, for how long were you a doll-less DoA member? Were you an active member, despite your lack of dolls?

      I've known about them since 2006, I think. First site I came across was Luts. I was scared by the price, so I moved on. Went with Pullips instead, which I began collecting in 2008. And I've been a doll-less member of this forum for a few months now. Not too active, but I plan on changing that. I want to get a feel for the community, and try to make a few friends, before I dive in and start going to meets with my own doll 'n whatnot.

      So, what about everyone else?
    2. Pretty much as soon as I joined the site i was savingXD
    3. Well, I didn't want a ball-jointed doll at first. I've known about them for five...six years or so?

      However, as soon as I spotted the doll I purchased, it took only three days for me to give in. ;__; Three days...and then, my bank account wept. *giggles*
    4. i joined DOA only about 2 months ago, and i'm still doll-less :...(
      i think i'm an active memeber because i usually get on everyday

      i actually didn't know about bjd's in general until this year before i joined DOA

      but i have stumbled upon the Dream of Doll site like 3 years ago (?) and fell inlove with it ever since
      i would look at the site from time to time and drool
    5. Three days ))
    6. I discovered what BJDs were through a DA friend and went to the Dream of Doll site....and fell in love with E-an!

      Took me alittle over a year to finally break and place an order for her. Not a week after I ordered her, I joined DoA. :)
    7. I first saw one on ebay early in 2004 and immediately clicked the "Buy it now" button. I discovered DOA after my doll arrived and I googled Souldoll, but didn't join until later.
    8. Just a few days--I just couldn't resist :) I discovered DoA shortly after I ordered, and it helped give me something to do while I was waiting for Hikaru to arrive.
    9. Hmm I'm not sure. I've been a doll collector all my life but I only found out about Dollfie's around 3 years ago. I loved them but I thought they were waaaay too expensive. I used to love looking at pictures of them but then I saw a custom Lishe and I knew she was mine. I'd say no longer than a month before I caved lol
    10. joined DOA in 2005 and didnt order until 2008!!
      I was inactive for a looong time though
    11. I first saw a bjd when my friend got one about four years ago. I droolled over a few different ones and saw the ebay pics of DZ Shoyo, and fell in love. However, I couldn't justify spending the money. When I transferred to my new college, I met a girl (kaida) who already had bjds. In November 2007, after I was sure I had a secure job, she was with me as I bought my Shoyo! :D I still have the same job and my family has grown a bit since then.
    12. It's been maybe a year since I fell in love with the dolls, but I never really showed that great of an interest in them until a few months ago. Then I was like "Well, I"m 14 and have no money. I'm going to have to wait until I grow up until I can get one"

      A week after I made that dicision, I had ordered my DOC Homme Ivan. o____o Seriously, I always decide something and do the exact opposite. Like I'll say "I'm going to grow out my bangs" and cut them short that very day. XD But honestly, I'm extreeeemely happy I'm getting Daichi and really truly can't wait. *A*

      I've only been on DoA for like... maybe a month. XD I felt I really really needed to get a looot more info on the dolls before I got my own, and I actually did learn a lot. I'll be sticking around here for a looong long time, though, because there's always something new to learn, and plus, it's great being around so many people that share the same interest as me!!
    13. Wow! That's a really long time! I'm like that, I've been thinking about this for years. :lol:

      I think it's a bit harder to be active when you haven't got a doll yet, isn't it? But I've found that everyone's actually quite nice to those of us who are saving up and don't own any yet. <3
    14. It took me about 9 months after finding out about dolls before I got mine. That's because I had to save up money. During that time I had changed my mind twice about which doll I wanted. Now I'm glad I waited.
    15. I found out about ABJD in...2001, I think? Maybe 2000. Anyway, I held out for a long time, first collecting and customizing the 1/6 scale plastic Dollfie line because I couldn't bring myself to spend "that much money" on one of the big resin dolls. This was back when "Den of Angels" was still a Yahoo Group. At that time, I was mostly active on the "The Lunar Ark" Yahoo Group, since I wasn't buying the big dolls, but I was a member of the Yahoo-based DoA, mostly as a lurker.

      I broke down and got my first ABJD in 2003 (closely followed by my second, and then third), and haven't looked back. And I'd definitely consider myself "active" in the hobby and on several of the forums.

      EDIT: Notably, I was one of those who was not fond of dolls when I was younger, except in that I liked to customize my friends' Barbies by re-arranging and swapping their body parts. This predilection has (obviously) carried through into my ABJD collecting. However, when I was around nine years old, I attempted to construct my own 1:1 scale marionette out of wood, and the structure I used was ball-jointed (and almost identical to that of many of the older/more primitive ABJD designs), even though I had never seen any kind of ball-jointed doll before, either in person or in photos.
    16. I first found BJDs in 2005. I found DoA early on but didn't join until 2007 though I researched dolls actively in those two years, too.

      And two months after joining DoA I got my first doll from the Marketplace^^ I like to lurk but I think I was a moderatly active member from the moment I joined :)
    17. A good three years. XDD;;
      I found out about BJDs back around late 2005, and spent three years researching/rationalizing getting one before plunking down the money to get my first in late 2008.

      Needless to say, he's still the lone solitary member of my doll family as it is. XDD;;
      Hopefully that will change someday... once I find ways of getting my own income. >__>;;
    18. About 6 months from when I joined the forum to when I ordered my first doll. Got interested in July 2007, joined DoA in August, ordered my first girl in December from Luts.

      I was a pretty active member before I got my first doll. I was always looking in the galleries and the Maketplaces, seeing who was who and what was what.
    19. I thinks I saw my first BJD's about 3 years ago but it was just in passing at a stand in a con. It wasn't till about a year and half ago when my sister got her first bjd and I got to hold it that I gained more intrest.

      I then started looking and researching the dolls. It was about 2-3 months ago that I joined Den of dolls for even research. Now I'm waiting for my first doll. :aheartbea
    20. I bought my first about one year after I found out about it (well, still with limited knowledge).

      I did not join DOA until I got my first doll (I did not find DOA until then)