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How Long Before You Named Them / The Importance of Naming

Jun 15, 2008

    1. I've had my first doll for almost two weeks now and he still has no name. So, what was the longest time you waited before deciding on a name for a doll? Furthermore, how important do you think it is to name a doll as soon as possible?

      Personally I feel like my boy's lack of a name is hurting my ability to bond with him quickly. I love him, but I feel like I can't get so attached because I feel bad that I haven't decided on a name. Everytime I look at names, none really click.

      So what are your opinions?

      Edit: A few people have asked, so I'd like to say that I did end up deciding on a name a little after a month. My mom kept calling him James (one of the possible names) and it just stuck, though it felt odd calling him that for about a week. ^.^ I love reading all of your posts!
    2. I chose my boy's name about 2 weeks before I bought him?
      For me I wanted like everything to be prepared for him before he came >u<

      Maybe think of like sounds you like in a name? OuO
      That's what I did for Takeru and then yeh I just stumbled across his name XD
    3. Before I chose what mold he/she was going to be. Their characters of a story around my dolls. Sometimes I realize that another person is necessary to fill a gap in the story. So, first I create the character or the name, and then I decide what mold (s)he's going to be.

      I can imagine that not having decided for a name can hurt the 'bondingprocess'. Like the doll's just another CP EL or something. On the other hand, perhaps it'll come to you, but you just need to give it a little time.
    4. I usually have a list of names..and I think on em..usually its one or two weeks before I name em. My DZ BB July sat a month without a name..so I guess it just depends.
    5. I'm totally in the same boat as you are. @__@ *sigh* It's really sad...I've had my boy since last August, and I still haven't come up with the perfect English name for him. I've made lists, played with names, looked up names...it's just none of the literally thousands of names I went through are "right". Whenever I think I've found the right one, my head comes up with more reasons why it's not good enough. I think it might just be that I'm too picky, but I really want his name to be special so I'm not going to force myself to choose a name just because he doesn't have one yet. He does have a Chinese name (thankfully), which I picked out a month before he came though, so I call him by that name at home. *_* But I really want him to have an English name as well. >_< I have a feeling it'll take a while before I find the "perfect" name, but I'm still looking! :)

      As for the bonding issue, I understand. I kept feeling bad about his lack of a name, too, and I didn't really have his personality/background mapped out before he came. I had a few ideas, but like the names, they just didn't click when I finally met him in person. A few months ago, I told my cousin (in a very anguished tone), "AUGH. I really don't know who he is!", and she advised that I start writing bits and pieces of information about his character and reassured me that I'll be able to piece it all together once it's actually on paper. It's actually helped a lot. X3 I've loved my boy from the instant I saw him, but I feel even closer to him now that I've sort of figured things out. XD

      Good luck with finding the perfect name! It'll take some time (if you're super picky like I am @_@), but I'm sure that when you do find find it, you'll be happy that you didn't just rush things and choose a name you don't feel 100% happy with! :aheartbea
    6. My Elfdoll Red was here for two weeks before he got a name. And I'd had him on layaway for four months. :lol:

      I didn't want to name him Gabriel, but it just... suited him. Kind of. Well, he wanted it. And he was going to beat me if I didn't give it to him...!

      So now Gabe is home. :)
    7. In my case most of the names came with the sudden idea of characters of a same series even before the second resin order, when I 'recognized them' at once and first sight at Luts. Their names were already given by the original author of the manga, fact that, far from helping it, meant and means the bonding process even stronger. Was it all? Not for all of them. My MNF are charas who appeared through my resin crew own story, so created by my own. Names of both came really easyly, what was great, but also strange, as I thought it would take longer. I guess they did because I felt I knew enough by then about them, (The necessary) although not that much.

      However, I think every case is different. Some people gets a chara in mind, with a solid personality, name and who knows which more details, and other people feel the call of a doll by itself and the story, so the info, begins in other way since that moment and takes time from that different point to start.

      Besides the sounds, you can try by meanings of things related to him. Sometimes that helps. I remember it took us hours and hours, to a friend of mine and me, to find out her first resin chara's name, but that process is also a way to know about him, so you're on the right way. ^_~
    8. Some, I get their names before I buy them. Some, like my DZ Xi, he probably didn;t have any names for about a week or three. I just walked down the street, and played with names on my tongue and finally settled for (an odd) one, Elder, after Sir Thomas Elder one of the historical figures in Australia.

      Others, I just gave them the names that came to mind upon thinking of them. Granted, I'm not too picky. I have names like Elan, Honey, Jade, Summer, Grail and Falcon. Then again, names don't have to be so mystical or awesome as long as they fit
    9. well my boy's name was decided on about a year before ordering him , I wanted to make one of my oldest rp chars into a bjd so his name was all set.

      but the idea someone gave to go with the meanig of a name is a good one :)
    10. when you refer to your doll, do you just call it 'my doll' or 'the doll'? it's a bit like that when you've got a pet...you sometimes say "i need to remember to feed 'the dog' tonight" or "make sure you clean the cat's litter tray."

      once you give your doll a name, it makes it easier to bond, i think. although i had set names before i recieved my dolls, i realised that the personalities i had chosen for them were very different. some people do it the other way around. what kind of personality does your doll have?

      who knows, maybe in time your doll will choose a name for itself.
    11. I had her name and personality chosen years (yes, years) before I bought her. Isabella was a character in my head that I wanted to create. I was just saving up for FCS before I could do it.
    12. I named all my boys before they came home to me. :)

      All were instantaneous. Well... except for Aitarou. He went through at least three names (in the span of a week) before I decided Aitarou was the perfect choice. I can hardly remember what they were anymore though.
    13. My MSD didn't have a name when I got her. I was just putting her together and I was trying to decide if I just wanted to call her Sakura (her mold name) or something else. She went a couple days where I cycled through names for her, but while I was doing all this I was also reading 'Good Omens' and I looked at her and thought she kinda looks like how I imagine Anathema Device....maybe as a little girl, but....and it kinda stuck. Mostly I just call her Thema.

      Carmine got his name on accident before I even ordered him >_>;; I mistyped his mold name (Camine) and it became a bit of a joke amoung us as my friend kept mistyping Ducan as Duncan. We were playing around with the idea of getting them as partners and we hadn't really picked out names so we just kept referring to them as 'Carmine and Duncan' and it stuck >_>;; I can't really picture him as anything else though.

      I have two others I already have names for, but only because I am getting the dolls to base on characters of mine that already exist. The others I want are all a mystery until they show up and I see what sort of name suits them.

      I would say keep looking around at names online. Maybe pick a nationality and skim through and see if any catch your eye. Or think about book characters you like the names of and maybe change it a bit. I know the bonding can be hard without a name >_>;; I have to name my car or I don't feel really bonded to it either and my current car was nameless for a moth...it was sad cause I drove it, but didn't really like it until I gave it a name and learned it could yell at me in French....
    14. They are inanimate objects...they won't grow up warped because they don't have names, because they don't grow up at all. ;) However, I do think naming the doll does help you with the attachment necessary for keeping it in the house.
      Don't stress, look at books, movies, baby name sites... you'll find one you like. :)
    15. My first was named before she came home, but I spend many hours thinking on it. When Syxx came home it was different as I had thought of a name for him but he did not want to be called that. It was a few days before Syxx really stuck. :)

      I would suggest looking around naming website and picking a letter or nationality you like and then just scrolling through them. Thats how I named Livi!
    16. keiko-chan of course your boy has a name. He just haven't told you yet. I'm sure he'll let you know when he's ready. :)

    17. I had my doll over a month before I chose a name (holly) only that name didnt suit her so after some research I found out her mould name (fei) means red or scarlet in chinese so she got a new name Scarlet and it seems to fit her just right.
    18. Kefri was named from her online sales pic on ebay.
      Kryss took a few days.

      Opallo was named when I got him

      Rat was meant to be Ronyn, which is his official name but he preferes 'Rat' sigh.

      Feather and Flame took MONTHS and yes it did take a while to bond, Feather I needed to fiddle with her hair and eyes first before it stuck, and Flame I'm still not sure about. Don't worry about getting a name immediately, it'll come, some name themselves really quick, others just take a little longer.
    19. All my dolls were named long before they came to me.
      It never took me more than week after ordering to get proper names for each of them.
      Maybe it's because I look for a name that would suit each doll and has a meaning to me. Each of my doll has some kind of meaning .. so I just spent some time finding it.. it never takes long.
    20. Two of my dolls I named before I bought them. One I named when she got here. I was very indecisive about what to name her. I wanted to name her Gabrielle, Danielle, Arielle, something like that. I ended up naming her Rachel though, which wasn't even on my list. Go figure...